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41 Castle

Even though I think this song comes close to house music. It still should be higher on the list

I thought Can't Hold Us was their best song. I was so wrong.

Why this song wasn't added to the list? This is the best party/funny song I've ever listned to and for me it's much much better than 'And we danced'

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42 And We Danced

Big. Long. Pick. Strong

I am OBSESSED with this song, his voice just sounds completely different than it normally does and I just LOVE this song!

This Song is flippin AWESOME! Not as cool as Thrift Shop I Admit but still give it a shot... My best friend's cousin wasn't kidding: Macklmore is cool...


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43 Welcome to the Culture

Pretty Awesome Song! I like this song

44 Arrows
45 I Said Hey
46 City Don't Sleep
47 Church

An inspiring song for those of us who are struggling with religion and spirituality.

48 Kings
49 As Soon as I Wake Up V 1 Comment
50 Bush Song
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