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1 Like a Virgin Like a Virgin

One of the most beautiful album covers from Madonna.. Young Madonna is so beautiful and charming - Irina2932

2 Something to Remember Something to Remember

Madonna looks beautiful and so romantic here - Irina2932

3 Bedtime Stories Bedtime Stories

On this cover Madge is as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe - Irina2932

I prefer the upside down version.

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4 Ray of Light Ray of Light

I love the artistic side of her album covers, but they so rarely have a straight-forward normal shot of just her. This cover I thought captured both the beauty while keeping that artistic side.

The new Madonna... Spiritual, intelligent, caring, mother, reflective, mature, true queen. The album cover says it all. Madonna looks like a goddess!

5 True Blue True Blue

Very cool and stylish for that time. Madonna was true innovator. I love that short haircut - Irina2932

I didn't like the album so much, but the cover is the best.

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6 Confessions on a Dance Floor Confessions on a Dance Floor

I like that it makes Madonna look very youthful and lively plus it suits the whole idea of 80s dance so nice cover art

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7 Like a Prayer Like a Prayer

Provocative and controversial - real Madonna here - Irina2932


I think this album cover actually has an interesting meaning to it. This album as a whole symbolized breaking something down to the basics and rebuilding it (whether that is a relationship or one's self) = hence the whole idea of DNA. The segments in the album cover I think are meant to symbolize the breaking up of something that seems perfect and rebuilding it piece by piece. Kind of brilliant.

I agree, the MDNA cover art is brilliant! It symbolizes the struggle of rebuilding something from scratch after it is torn apart, just like the journey of the album does.

10 Rebel Heart Rebel Heart

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11 Erotica Erotica

A bit simple but still great - Irina2932

12 Remixed & Revisited Remixed & Revisited

Kind of weird but still very nice - Irina2932

13 Music Music

Many people started wearing hats when this album came out - Irina2932

14 American Life American Life
15 Madonna Madonna
16 I'm Breathless I'm Breathless
17 Celebration Celebration
18 You Can Dance You Can Dance
19 The Immaculate Collection The Immaculate Collection
20 Evita Evita
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1. Like a Virgin
2. Ray of Light
3. Something to Remember
1. Like a Virgin
2. Something to Remember
3. Bedtime Stories



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