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1 Like a Virgin

One of the most beautiful album covers from Madonna.. Young Madonna is so beautiful and charming - Irina2932

2 Something to Remember

Madonna looks beautiful and so romantic here - Irina2932

3 Bedtime Stories

On this cover Madge is as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe - Irina2932

I prefer the upside down version.

Never heard it laugh out loud

4 Ray of Light

I love the artistic side of her album covers, but they so rarely have a straight-forward normal shot of just her. This cover I thought captured both the beauty while keeping that artistic side.

The new Madonna... Spiritual, intelligent, caring, mother, reflective, mature, true queen. The album cover says it all. Madonna looks like a goddess!

5 True Blue

Very cool and stylish for that time. Madonna was true innovator. I love that short haircut - Irina2932

She looks so sexy and charming

I didn't like the album so much, but the cover is the best.

This should be number 1

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6 Confessions on a Dance Floor

I like that it makes Madonna look very youthful and lively plus it suits the whole idea of 80s dance so nice cover art

I like it, even red hair worked - Irina2932

7 Like a Prayer

Provocative and controversial - real Madonna here - Irina2932


I think this album cover actually has an interesting meaning to it. This album as a whole symbolized breaking something down to the basics and rebuilding it (whether that is a relationship or one's self) = hence the whole idea of DNA. The segments in the album cover I think are meant to symbolize the breaking up of something that seems perfect and rebuilding it piece by piece. Kind of brilliant.

I agree, the MDNA cover art is brilliant! It symbolizes the struggle of rebuilding something from scratch after it is torn apart, just like the journey of the album does.

9 GHV2
10 Erotica

A bit simple but still great - Irina2932

I think this cover is pure art and should've been on higher place.

The Contenders

11 Rebel Heart

The deluxe version cover is so awesome! - Brxtney

Pure art

12 Remixed & Revisited

Kind of weird but still very nice - Irina2932

13 Music

Many people started wearing hats when this album came out - Irina2932

14 American Life
15 Madonna
16 Celebration
17 The Immaculate Collection


18 I'm Breathless
19 You Can Dance
20 Hard Candy
21 Evita
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