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1 Celebration

She has too many essential songs to have a complete compilation, but this one comes the closest. This one packs the most punch. There are still some hits that I think should be added here: Causing a Commotion, Angel, I'll Remember, This Used to Be My Playground, You'll See.

Collection of her greatest hits from 3 decades plus 3 new songs. "Celebration" (album version) is my favorite - Irina2932

Three songs at one disc version I would trade (Holiday, Borderline, Vogue) for the missing Angel, Cherish & Sorry.

2 Immaculate Collection

For that time it was the Bomb. Great album - Irina2932

3 Something to Remember

Easy choice. Her best songs are her ballads in my opinion. - theOpinionatedOne

Very unique compilation of her ballads - Irina2932

4 Madonna: GHV2
5 Pre Madonna

Pre-Madonna is a collection of demos by Madonna. The album was released in 1997 - Irina2932

6 You Can Dance
7 Remixed & Revisited

Madonna's second remix compilation - Irina2932

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