Top Ten Best Madonna Movies

The Top Ten

1 Who's That Girl

Loved it! It was not only hilarious but who doesn't love a nice romantic movie with lots of action! I certainly do

Madonna is so cute and funny in it and it's a real feel good movie. Ignore the critics on this one!

One of the craziest movie I have ever seen, I really liked it

Great film love it watched it love it loads 10 out of 10

2 Body of Evidence

Madonna - sex goddess, young chick all Time, lips ^^ mole,

It's clear why everyone likes this movie

The ultimate pin up sex goddess perfection

Makes anyone feel horny

a cool film. I do like it

3 A League of Their Own

Love it. Nostalgic and quite sad! Madonnas performance was witty and believable!

This and Dick Tracy are her only good movies (that I saw)

All the Way Madonna!

So sweet...nice movie And She is perfect in 50s style

4 Dick Tracy

Would to see Madonnas sexual film

5 Truth Or Dare
6 Dangerous Game

her acting was perfect. She's not bad actress. She had bad roles.

Madonna showed professionally brilliant acting here. The whole film was very underrated. Madonna rocks

Critics were so good at Venice Cinemas Festival when it was screened for the first time

Most critics think she can act in this flick

7 Evita

Come on... this was her moment to shine on screen. And it worked.

Definitely one of her greatest performances. This was the one time that critics actually admitted to her performance being strong. Best Actress Winner!

She win a golden globe please...

This picture is the best musical in the 90's.

8 The Next Best Thing

Love this movie except for her fake accent that she lapses into occasionally

9 Desperately Seeking Susan

! I love this movie and also the Soundtrack

It is a really good movie with a real special style

Madonna is the best

Love this movie! Always have! Always Will!

10 Bloodhounds of Broadway

The Contenders

11 Swept Away

Nobody gave this movie a fair chance. I actually think it is one of Madonna's stronger acting performances. Some of this movie is hilarious and witty, and some of it is actually quite emotional and thought-provoking.

I love Madonna, I love her songs, and sexual moves

Panned by the critics, a good Madonna performing and good comedy/drama

I enjoyed the movie and every time I watch it I cry at the end

12 A Certain Sacrifice
13 Four Rooms
14 Shanghai Surprise
15 Shadows and Fog
16 Blue In the Face
17 Girl 6
18 Vision Quest

Absolutely brilliant coming-of-age film based in Spokane, Washington, focusing on two main characters: Loudon, a medical student and College Wrestler, and Carla, who becomes the new tenant at Loudon's shared residency.

Madonna performs two songs for this film: the raw, gyrating "Gambler" and the beautiful ballad "Crazy For You" as a nightclub singer. This is halfway through the film itself.

The film is romantic without being slushy and pathetic. Very underrated. 9/10

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