Best Madonna Non-Singles


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1 Till Death Do Us Part

This has always been one of my favorite Madonna songs and I think it deserves to be dusted off and revisited. I would love for her to perform this one someday.

2 Sky Fits Heaven
3 Push

This song differs from other songs on "Confession On A Dance Floor" album and I think it could have been a big hit - Irina2932

4 Gang Bang
5 Beautiful Scars
6 Paradise (Not for Me)
7 Where's the Party

Another great dance/party track from Madonna - Irina2932

8 Heartbeat

Madonna should have made it a single - best song from 'Hard Candy' - Irina2932

9 Joan of Arc
10 Promise to Try

A heartfelt song full of sorrow, about the loss of her mother at the age of 5. With heartbreaking lyrics like "Little girl / don't you forget her face / laughing away / your tears / when she was the one / who felt all the pain" "Don't let memories play games with your mind / she's a faded smile frozen in time / I'm still hanging on but I'm doing it wrong" "Can't kiss her goodbye / but I promise to try", you can tell that this song comes straight from the heart. Her most personal, and sad song, is arguably her best.

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? Skin

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11 Waiting

Awesome track from Erotica - Irina2932

12 Forbidden Love (Bedtime Stories)

It's my favourite, but from Confessions on a Dancefloor.

One of the greatest ballads from Madge - Irina2932

13 Masterpiece

Definitely the greatest track from MDNA - Irina2932

14 Devil Pray
15 Pretender

It is really a perfect bubblegum-like song, especially the instrumental & backing vocal. I wish it would be a huge hit or in the film. Pretender is an amazing song from Madonna.

16 X-Static Process
17 Words
18 Runaway Lover

Always one of my favorites from music

Should have been a single - Irina2932

19 Thief of Hearts
20 Spanish Eyes
21 Love Spent

I Love it. Could have been a Major Hit.

22 Easy Ride

Beautiful song from her underrated 9th album - American Life!

23 In This Life
24 I'm Addicted

One of a few songs on MDNA that shined. This is an innovative, forward-thinking dance floor banger. It would have been a major hit in the clubs at least. - theOpinionatedOne

25 More

Very well performed track. Madonna's voice sounds great - Irina2932

26 Survival
27 I Know It
28 Cry Baby
29 How High
30 Something to Remember
31 Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
32 I Deserve It
33 I Want You
34 Isaac
35 Falling Free
36 Dance 2night
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