Best Madonna Non-Singles


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1 Till Death Do Us Part

This has always been one of my favorite Madonna songs and I think it deserves to be dusted off and revisited. I would love for her to perform this one someday.

2 Sky Fits Heaven
3 Push

This song differs from other songs on "Confession On A Dance Floor" album and I think it could have been a big hit - Irina2932

4 Gang Bang
5 Beautiful Scars
6 Paradise (Not for Me)
7 Where's the Party

Another great dance/party track from Madonna - Irina2932

8 Heartbeat

Madonna should have made it a single - best song from 'Hard Candy' - Irina2932

9 Joan of Arc
10 Waiting

Awesome track from Erotica - Irina2932

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11 Promise to Try

A heartfelt song full of sorrow, about the loss of her mother at the age of 5. With heartbreaking lyrics like "Little girl / don't you forget her face / laughing away / your tears / when she was the one / who felt all the pain" "Don't let memories play games with your mind / she's a faded smile frozen in time / I'm still hanging on but I'm doing it wrong" "Can't kiss her goodbye / but I promise to try", you can tell that this song comes straight from the heart. Her most personal, and sad song, is arguably her best.

12 Forbidden Love (Bedtime Stories)

It's my favourite, but from Confessions on a Dancefloor.

One of the greatest ballads from Madge - Irina2932

13 Masterpiece

Definitely the greatest track from MDNA - Irina2932

14 X-Static Process
15 Devil Pray
16 Pretender

It is really a perfect bubblegum-like song, especially the instrumental & backing vocal. I wish it would be a huge hit or in the film. Pretender is an amazing song from Madonna.

17 Words
18 Thief of Hearts
19 Runaway Lover

Always one of my favorites from music

Should have been a single - Irina2932

20 Spanish Eyes
21 Love Spent

I Love it. Could have been a Major Hit.

22 Easy Ride

Beautiful song from her underrated 9th album - American Life!

23 In This Life
24 I'm Addicted

One of a few songs on MDNA that shined. This is an innovative, forward-thinking dance floor banger. It would have been a major hit in the clubs at least. - theOpinionatedOne

25 Isaac
26 Skin
27 More

Very well performed track. Madonna's voice sounds great - Irina2932

28 Survival
29 I Know It
30 Cry Baby
31 How High
32 Something to Remember
33 Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
34 I Deserve It
35 I Want You
36 Falling Free
37 Dance 2night
38 Where Life Begins
39 Secret Garden
40 Why's It So Hard
41 Like It or Not
42 Let It Will Be
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1. Till Death Do Us Part
2. Beautiful Scars
3. Gang Bang
1. Till Death Do Us Part
2. Isaac
3. Thief of Hearts
1. Push
2. Heartbeat
3. Where's the Party


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