Best Madonna Pop Songs


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1 Gambler

Another criminally under-rated Pop treat from maddy and another rarity to find on any greatest hit... just purely simple and catchy - georgegoony

Love it! Madonna with a rock edge. Definitely the little sister to "Burning Up"!

2 Like a Prayer

based on her concerts, this is top of my list. This is superb live, although her recent twists on la isla bonita are also superb. even though it's not up there with my fave songs of hers

A very club oriented mix that was included on her "greatest hits" from fans requests... this mix is only next to the " OH MY God 7 " mix " - georgegoony

Vogue and into the groove are dance! So yeah, Like a prayer

3 Vogue

Madonna goes pop-club and adds to her many hits... was originally a b-side - georgegoony

a fantastic song and amazing video. all my heart to Vogue


4 Into the Groove

AAAAAHHHHH... a delicious 80s "summer pop song", the fun in the sun of "1985" - georgegoony

5 Express Yourself

not to be confused with the more club oriented 7 '' mix by "shep pettibone"
released as a single mix in "Canada" & "Great Britian" - georgegoony



6 Ray of Light

this song had to grow on me (a spore song) was at the time very different and had a "New Electronica" feel to it, that and the vocals were a little out there...
the song is not as jolting as it was at first... I have relaxed to it over time - georgegoony

This song is very infectious, and the music video is just - W-O-W! - TheSudhanva

Ray of light is the best song ever for partys clubs or just listening to when your down it is perfect for anytime any person anyone

7 Holiday

When I first heard it I wasn't very sure if this was Madonna or a girl group from the sixties, it really has that spirit, again Madonna would visit this trend on the like a virgin album - georgegoony

8 Spotlight

I so agree about this song. Spotlight should have been released as a single. It was only introduced as a single in Japan and Australia but never had wide international release. Why? It's one of the best Dance/Pop tracks I've ever heard - Irina2932

A very criminally under-looked pop song by Madonna from her "you can dance album"... very tasty 80s pop - georgegoony

9 Causing a Commotion

best song

I think people forget how big of hit this song was. It went all the way to #2 on the Hot 100 chart. Such a great song, but I think it sometimes gets forgotten because it didn't have a video. One of my very favorites from the 80s.

One of my personal favorites and a very underrated song by maddy, wished madonna had did this song justice and included a hit video, could of had a bigger hit if a video was made : / - georgegoony

10 Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Soulpower Radio Remix Edit)

Originally released off of the "like a virgin" album and included on the " Something to remember " album... love the original but the soulpower mix with original vocals(thank GOD! ) blows the album version out of the stars

album versions are somewhat very slow, new version more funky/RnB'ish - georgegoony

The Contenders

11 Die Another Day
12 Stay

My second favourite from the Like a Virgin album after Dress You Up. I don't know why she didn't release this at the time and even now I never tire of it. Saying that, there aren't many Madonna songs I tire of.

Totally agree, an awesome slice of 80s pop with a kiss of the sixties, maddy at her pinnacle

13 Like a Virgin
14 Papa Don't Preach
15 Hung Up
16 Isaac
17 Girl Gone Wild
18 Bad Girl

No one does yearning as well as Madonna! And it has one of the best videos ever made for a song! - BlueSilver

19 Open Your Heart (7 '' Radio mix)

More delicious 80s pop from "Madonna" and "Patrick Leonard" would only wish Madonna would revisit the chemistry between herself, Mr. Leonard and/or Steven bray...

a very controversal pop song because of the video which was banned in some countries or it's little airplay in others... even today the idea of an older woman with a child at a "peek-a-boo nudie club" might be a bit strange and unacceptable if released for the first time... - georgegoony

20 Hollywood
21 Sorry
22 Jump
23 Erotica
24 Impressive Instant
25 Nobody Knows Me
26 Give It 2 Me
27 Give Me All Your Luvin
28 I Love New York
29 Get Together
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