Best Madonna Remixes

While Madonna fans show so much love and support of her albums and original versions of her songs, there are also the great remixes that shouldn't be forgotten. Which are your favorite remixes of Madonna songs?

The Top Ten

1 Don't Cry for Me Argentina (Miami Mix)

Brilliant idea to remix the Andrew Lloyd Webber ballad to make it ready for the clubs and radio everywhere. This remix is one of the greatest.

2 Beautiful Stranger (Calderone Radio Mix)

I loved the techno club spin on this version. I might even like it a little better than the original album version.

3 Erotica (You Thrill Me/Confessions Tour version)

Loved what this mix did for this song. They eliminated the spoken verses and replaced with actual melody, giving the song a whole new feel but keeping the classic chorus. Brilliant remix.

4 Secret (Junior's Lucious Mix)

A lot of people don't realize that this is the song that started the trend of remixing slower mainstream songs into dance remixes for the clubs. A trail-blazer!

5 American Life (Oakenfold Downtempo Mix)

This is one of the few remixes I actually prefer over the original version. This version just gave a little more energy and body to the sound of the song. It took what was good about the original and just made it bigger.

6 Like a Prayer (Sticky and Sweet Version)

I loved this fast-paced techno remix for this song. Again, brought a new energy to a classic.

7 What It Feels Like for a Girl (Above and Beyond Mix)

Again, this remix brings a new intensity to a slower song. This was the version they used in the music video. My only complaint is that the mix does not feature all the verses.

8 Nothing Fails (Nevins Mix)

I love that this remix gave the original version (which I also love) a completely new feel and new energy. It put a whole new spin on it, giving this folksy choir-infused ballad a new electronic rock edge. Love it.

9 Music (Calderone Mix)

This remix brings a whole new intesity to this song. It sounds amazing pumped up on loud speakers.

10 Like a Virgin (Confessions Tour Version)

By far, my favorite version of this song!

The Contenders

11 Nobody knows me (Reinvention remix)
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