Top 10 Best Magic Sites On the Web

These are, in my opinion, the 10 best magic sites on the web based on honesty and quality of service, goods and customer support.

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This site has evolved into more than just a video download site. I subscribed to the newsletter and while I haven't actually had a newsletter for over a year, the site is still updated with new material and tricks quite frequently. I did get an email from Austin, the magician who runs it, saying that he was working on major updates to modernize it and make it more user-friendly. I think it is a great site because it is honest and even if it still looks out of date, packed full of amazing magic info. Definitely worth checking out and explore - there are some serious gems hidden away in there.

Excellent tutorials explaining how to do all kinds of cool tricks (over 250 and new ones added all the time)- instantly downloadable and 100% safe. fantastic site and the value for money factor is good to, with a subscription deal that works out at $1.99 per trick, it can't be beat.

I bought a few downloads through this site and they gave me one free! The tutorials were all totally excellent. But also it looks like the site is growing and there's loads of free stuff and info if you want to take magic maybe more seriously. cool site. recommend it.

This isn't as slick but there are loads of great instructions for free.. nice site run by a real magician.

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2 Dude That's Cool Magic

Okay, it's a mouthful but the range and quality of goods on offer here is first class and the customer support is good too. takes second place because you have to get your stuff through the post. I like to get my stuff instantly!

Great magic shop.. The staff are awesome and very helpful and talk about speedy delivery - wow it's fast!

Good and really cool magic site

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3 Marvin's Magic

This is marvin Berglass's own shop and sells a good range of stuff. especially good supplier of 'kits' for kids.

I buy its stuff and a lot of things

4 Penguin Magic

Great tricks and service!



Just the best magic website out there enough said!
- Anton R

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Another one based in the UK has an astonishing range of materials available and will post internationally.

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7 Emagictricks

If you're looking to build up a repertoire of tricks based on the traditional gimmicks, then you should find everything here.

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8 Ellusionist

I have been using these guys since my early teens. I suggest how to perform street magic for starters.

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9 Mighty Magic Tricks

this is a good site based in the US.

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basically he's flogging his 'magic kit' but it looks good at the price!

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11 Nikhils Magic Shop

Very Cool Products attractive Price and quality magic Tricks, I ordered Three times and got everything perfect

I like the people, the tricks and the price

Great place for Buying Magic Trick

12 Magic Geek Inc

Best magic website out there


This is davbid blaine's website and is worth a visit if you want to find out more about him.


this is exactly what it says it is - a list of classic magic routines and their descriptions. Its a good, free resource with lots of tricks but you do have to like reading...

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I like the free tricks

Awesome and everything is free
range of pub tricks to closeup and stage
and all free

16 Maxello Magic

Original, funny magic to a LOW PRICE!

Fast shipping and a lot of discounted products every month.

Fast. Original magic.
Cheap prices!

17 Rebel Magic

A modern, new website featuring the greatest magic tricks in the world.

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It has an amazing selection of tricks for an incredible price!

20 Hocus Pocus

Great Service and Great Daily Deals. Paul will help you with all your material needs.

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