Best Major (Baseball Anime Series) Characters

Best of major the baseball anime series characters from gono honda shigeno's childhood days 1st season up to the recent ones.

The Top Ten

1 Goro Honda Shigeno

Hey can you please change that name honda is shigeno goro not gono :P

the main character, best baseball player, boyfriend of kaoru shimizu - ronluna


2 Toshiya Sato

best rival and best friend of gono honda shigeno, boyfriend of ayane - ronluna

Because toshiya sato is handsome

3 Shizuka Saotome

pretty coach of kaido, sister of - ronluna

4 Mayamura

The man who can't be move

5 Kaoru Shimizu

childhood friend and girlfriend of gono honda shigeno, coach of woman softball team - ronluna

6 Joe Gibson
7 Taiga Shimizu

younger brother of kaoru shimizu, an ace player and he got guts and determination but easily lost motivation once he can't do it - ronluna

8 Joe Gibson Jr.

great rival and become good friend of goro - ronluna

9 Daisuke Komori

childhood friend, at mifune - ronluna

10 Yoshitaka Yamane

ex-bully, he joined again the baseball team with gono honda shigeno, daisuke komori and others at mifune - ronluna

The Contenders

11 Ayane

girlfriend of toshiya sato - ronluna

12 Hideki Shigeno

current father of gono honda shigeno - ronluna

13 Takeshi Saotome

elder brother of taizou and shizuka saotome, just like Yoshiharu Honda, he died while playing baseball - ronluna

14 Miho Satou

pretty childhood friend of gono shigeno honda - ronluna

15 Kuramoto
16 Momoko Hoshino

shes the teacher of gono honda shigeno and now as a foster mother of him - ronluna

17 Taizou Saotome

one of the brothers of shizuka saotome, who is an instructor of kaido and therapist - ronluna

18 Masataka Oobayashi

tall friend of daisuke komori and teammate of yamane, gono, etc in mifune - ronluna

19 Kuroko
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