Best Malcolm In the Middle Characters

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1 Hal

Awesome because he is not afraid to look like and idiot in front of everyone. You have to respect his bravery.

How the heck is Dewey in first place? He is the most obnoxious kid I have ever seen. Hal is just plain hilarious, and he should be number 1. - EmperorAguila

Should be number one. He really loves his boys and doesn't mind embarrassing himself in public and should be on top 5 best dads in T.V. shows

You mean Walter White. Haha - thisismyonlyvoice

2 Dewey

I love Dewey. I could watch four hours worth of Dewey clips and still not be born. - icecreammanjb

He should've gotten his own show!

Dewey is hilarious and comes up with the best plans. How is he first on the worst list? Dewey is always #1!

Dewey is cute, and he is more funny in the first seasons, when he is young. I will always remember "Poopy poopy poopy poo" Hilarius and so cute!

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3 Reese
4 Malcolm

Ok, how is Malcolm not #1? His actor gives the best performance and his "I'm just done with life" attitude is HILARIOUS! This show wouldn't have lasted 3 seasons without Malcolm. Imagine, "Dewey on the End", a show about a 5 year old that gets beat up by his 12 year old brother. Hilarious. Malcolm deserves the #1 spot, hands down.

He is so cute! If he didn't have blue eyes, I would have the biggest crush on him.

Malcolm is what holds the show together

Malcolm and Reese should be #1 and #2

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5 Francis

He's so flipping adorable

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6 Stevie Kenarban
7 Lois
8 Jamie
9 Craig Feldspar
10 Piama Tananahaakna

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11 Lloyd

How could he possibly have been voted at all?

12 Abe
13 Ida Welker
14 Dabney
15 Cynthia Sanders
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