Freddie Mercury (Queen)

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Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara, 5th September 1946 - 24th November 1991) was a Zanzibari-born British singer of Indian descent, songwriter and record producer, known as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the British rock band Queen. He also became known for his flamboyant stage persona and four-octave more.


Best ever front man by a mile. I saw U2 and Pink Floyd, and they were good. Freddie mercury just loved performing 110%, and was super-human in some ways.

I have seen lots of other bands, and some of the singers are great at singing, but none in my opinion have it all.

He could convey huge amounts of energy to the audience, just incredible.

The greatest frontman ever without any competition, the way he controlled an audience of 100,000 at Live Aid and then again at a concert in Wembley, his voice was one of the most unique in the history of music, the greatest rock singer ever and in my opinion the greatest voice ever, he is what all frontmen should be measured against and all fall in comparison to

Freddie was clearly the best of all. His vocals were termendous; the way he connected to his audience; was unbelievable. No one today can shine his shoes!

Freddie is the Best I have ever heard. I am captivated by his talent and his presence as a performer on stage, a truly dedicated musician who loved his audiences and you can tell that he loved the way his audiences loved him. His fantastic smiles as he performs shows his unique personality and his love for what he is able to do for his fans.

Freddie Mercury is a rock legend. He can do anything with his voice including opera. Not mock opera, real opera. I heard him singing it on YouTube. It's mind blowing. Aside from that, he sings in block harmonies and key chord changes that most other singers can't duplicate. He sang on camera, two months before dying of Aids. I dare any other singer to do that!

I just started back on my Rock Band following. Freddie Mercury is the best. He throws his arms at the crowd and they throw there's back. His voice is truly amazing, his humming is Amplifying, he's just enjoyable to watch. Oh, and songs are truly Rock and Roll, QUEEN!

Live Aid, and the American equivalent, is possibly the greatest gathering of music talent ever. Freddie Mercury, along with the rest of Queen, blew the competition away. Best live performance ever...and most if Queen's live performances were of that standard. Thanks Freddie.

The most beautiful voice of all times. Queen is my favorite band forever. Nobody of those - Leto, Valo or ever Hyde - can't be compared with His voice! So, He's the best! God Save the Queen! 1

Best ever. His performances give you chills. He knows what he is doing. He is the best and also had a beautiful soul. A loving person and onstage was confident and a performer. A true artist, vocalist and musician. Everything. Freddie. Forever.

There will never be another Rock & Roll Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician/ Showman plus 24-7 (Larger than Life) Personality ever again like Freddie Mercury. He was a once in a lifetime combination of Talent, Energy, Drive, Self Confidence & Self Doubt all rolled into one Extra Ordinary Man, who had the inigmatic ability (through his Music) to use his Musical Genius to touch the world with the introspection of the Contradictions that WERE Freddie Mercury. He was like a Shooting Star, who's lifespan is cut short by the sheer force of his journey. He was a Soul never to be repeated & the world is a lesser place without him!

The greatest frontman who has walked the Earth, period. Being a prolific songwriter who was not scared to explore different music genres, Freddie Mercury just stands higher on the latter than anyone else. His feats include singing with opera diva, Moncerat Caballe, for which he wrote a full opera album! As if this wasn't enough, Freddie sang both Moncerat's and his parts in the songs and then sent them to her for approval... Mercury's stage presence was second to none, which was officially recognized and documented in history after Queen's performance on the '85 Live Aid. His ability to command a crowd have been compared to that of the late Nazzi leader, Adolf Hitler, but in a positive way! Some of the most memorable songs Freddie wrote include Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are The Champions - both having been voted best song ever written in various polls. Even though Mercury passed in 1999, his music keeps inspiring new generations of fans and musicians to this day - a true testament to ...more

Freddie was the best. Really too bad he's gone from us. I love him so much. I tutor a four year old. And I get paid. And I'm saving up for a shirt with Freddie on it. I love him forever!

Freddie Mercury was definitely the best showman ever. The way he could hold an audience in the palm of his hand of over 300,000 is amazing. Long live Freddie - KillerQueen

No voice will ever come close to his, the way he connected with the audience was also unparalleled.

Four-octave vocal range, mesmerizing stage presence, incomparable songwriting skill, influential musical style, utterly theatrical stage show... Freddie has no peer.

Freddie Mercury was a true legend. His voice took all your troubles in the world out and took you into the performance he was giving when Queen played. No one like him. - Donut

The one and only! Love everything he did as a group with Queen and as a solo artist. His voice was amazing, beyond comparison. I listen to Queen on a daily basis, they were all a talented group of musicians, writers, composers and with Freddie as their frontman that made them the best. Love you always Freddie!

RIP Freddie! Voice, stage presence. I would give up every concert I have ever seen to have been to one Queen concert. No one compares.

There are other great front men, but no one else has ever such a powerful voice. He's also a great piano player, song writer, and composer.

The truth is, I don't think he wanted to be considered that. He was, indeed, but Queen has said numerous times they wanted to each be just a quarter of the band.

Can anyone find a man who was a better singer than him? I know I can't. The most amazing voice ever. I love him so much. He deserves to be so much further up this list. Like Number 1.

The greatest singer, frontmen, musical artist of all time. We miss you so much Freddie.

Best singer/songwriter/composer ever. Just look at the Live Aid 1985 in youtube.

The best live performance of all time was Queen on Live Aid. They stole the hall show.

He had it all, the voice, the charisma, the talent. The gold standard of musicians in a league of his own!