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141 Alex Gaskarth
142 Cedric Bixler Zavala
143 H.P. Baxxter

Frontman of Scooter for 20 years and still going strong, his energy and power on stage is awesome and always whips the crowd into a frenzy! TURN UP THAT BLASTER, AND HEAR THE SCREAM OF BAXXTER!

144 Simon Le Bon

The lack of Simon disturbs me.

145 Ian Brown V 1 Comment
146 Tom Delonge Tom Delonge Thomas Matthew "Tom" DeLonge, Jr., is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and film producer. He was born in Poway, California on December 13, 1975 . When he was in high school at age 15, he got expelled for drinking at a basketball game . He also used to play the more.

For those who think Mark is the frontman, Tom is really the frontman, he created the band, he was the one that asked Mark to join his band. This is a fact. Don't get me wrong, I love Mark Hoppus, but he isn't the actual frontman, Tom is, so he should not be on the list. He is still very important to the band though. - AnimeDrawer

147 John Fogerty
148 Frank Zappa Frank Zappa Frank Vincent Zappa was an American musician, songwriter, composer, record producer, actor and filmmaker.
149 Alec Empire
150 Warrel Dane (Nevermore)
151 Constantine Maroulis

My Favorite Frontman Who Leads ''Pray For The Soul Of Betty'' So Wicked Awesome!!!!!!

152 Kevin Cronin V 1 Comment
153 Motoyuki Otsuka
154 Justin Hawkins

severely underrated and better than at least half of the top ten on this list

155 Russell Allen (Symphony X) Russell Allen (Symphony X)

if youve ever seen these guys live, youd understand. - deadgrass27

156 Little Richard Little Richard Richard Wayne Penniman, known by his stage name, Little Richard, is an American musician, singer and songwriter.
157 Jerry Lee Lewis
158 Mony
159 David Draiman (Disturbed) David Draiman (Disturbed) David Michael Draiman is an American songwriter and the vocalist for the band Disturbed as well as for the band Device.

I love metal so of course draiman is one of my favorite front men of all time. Go to a Disturbed concert, and He will be yours too!

160 Anthony Green

A lot of people may not know him if you only listen to the radio. Anthony Green blows all the modern frontmen on this list away. Go to a Circa Survive show and you will come away amazed. He is not only fun to watch but he also has a great voice and rarely has an off night. He is also a great person.

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