Big Bang


Big Bang is one of the most popular Kpop bands ever! They really are the kings! (which is why their light stick is a signature crown) They have such a unique style when singing and their trend setters in Korea! The band consists of 5 members: G-Dragon, the leader (known for his fashion and style), Taeyang, the lead singer (known for his vocals and dance moves), Seungri, the youngest one in the band (known for his amazing dance skills), TOP, the main rapper (known for his rapping/beat boxing), and Daesung, another vocal singer whose really funny (known for his show life). Unlike most bands, Big Bang actually writes and composes their own songs (G-Dragon usually composes them). Not to mention, all the band members are practically brothers and are loved by so many fans. VIP FOREVER 3333

They are absolutely amazing. They have such a variety when it comes to their songs that they satisfy all of my musical cravings, be it rap, hip hop, R&B, pop etc... Their voices are so unique, so it's very easy to tell them apart vocally which makes each member important. I find other bands that have many members, some of them get lost and makes you wonder why they are part of the band. Because of the differences in their vocals, they create surprising mixes of different tones, like when top and taeyang sing together, you have a deep sexy rap tone mixed with a smooth soft R&B tone, it blows my mind! I think Big Bang is the best hands down, I've yet to come across another band that I enjoy as much as them.

BIGBANG has this style about them that makes me keep coming back for more. Every song is new and interesting and all the members are just plain charismatic if you've ever watched any of their interviews or parodies. BIGBANG were the guys who got me started with K-pop and I will forever owe that to them! My all time favorite (and the first I ever heard) is Fantastic Baby. It brightens my mood and makes me want to dance and sing along each and every time I hear it. Any song that never gets old, that always inspires you, that immediately perks your interest, is the mark of a true artist and BIGBANG has these qualities in spades.

I hope I can see them on tour this summer!
V.I.P. for the win!

Every member is so unique, they all have their own characteristics which make them special. TOP has his deep sexy voice and cool image yet deep inside he is really playful and thoughtful *faints* Daesung is the funnisest guy EVER! He has the cutest eye smile *dies* Seungri, ah the big maknae, he is so mature, sexy but childish?! Hhaha... Gdragon, OMGG he is so unique, I love his voice, fashion style 9maybe not his seaweed hair) I'm sorry, but the rest of him is perfect. Taeyang, I love his voice, and once again, maybe not the mickeymouse hair, I SORRY! HOWEVER, This group equals perfection. I love their songs, especially Lies, Haru Haru

Amongst all the male groups out there, there is just something distinctive about Big Bang that makes them stand out and top the rest. Whether it be in talent, style, stage performance... They own it all. They may not be the best looking group, but they make it up in their music and originality - and in the end, that is what counts.
Their popularity extends out of Korea as well, and its only going to continue to spread. Already, they have topped charts in Japan, Taiwan, and even USA's very own, Billboard. On top of that, they have been recognized as a top name in Europe, having won the "World-Wide Act" award in the MTV EMAs and nominated for the upcoming MTV Italy's "Best Fan".

They are just fantastics. They create there own style and there music is awesome. Not only are they creative but they also have there own originality which I think that the other uprising bands lack. I like the fact that they don't just treat each other as fellow member but as a brother. I think that if they were american they would probably be more famous than justin beiber and one direction

Big Bang was what got me into kpop and I have been a V.I.P since. Each one of them are completely different and yet come together to form the perfect group. Even if you are new to them, as soon as you lean their names, there is no such thing as mistaking one for another.

Of course they can be a little weird at times, but hey who isn't? The tend to use a lot of metaphors that aren't really common but you get used to it really quickly. It also kinda teaches you to think a little differently. But quirky songs aren't the only things they make. They also make a few heartbreaking songs and one that get you pumped. Take 'Haru Haru' for an example. Normally, I'm stone cold, but this video actually made me feel like crying. 'Lies' is another one you can take for example. Remember, there are also things like 'We Like to Party' are pretty good too.

They also have they're own separate works as well. Taeyang has made several songs with G-Dragon and same with the rest of the members. ...more

I don't care what anyone says. Big Bang are the best. They're the KINGS of Kpop. They're the ones who brought Kpop to another whole level. I love all their songs. I love their musicality and originality in their music. They know how to have fun on stage. They don't unnecessarily worry about their images and are themselves. They don't care what others say anbout them. They have built their place in the Kpop music industry. If you listen to their songs from their debut days and now, you will see how much they improved. I'm so proud to be a VIP. I love all of them to death, but GD is my husband. I just love him so much. he's a good rapper, leader, and producer. I think TOP is the most handsome in Kpop. His rap is so good. Taeyang is sexy and his voice is number one for me. Seungri is so funny and caring. Daesung is an angel. He is so nice and his voice is heaven. They are different- a good different.

V.I. P Forever, these 5 men are just so talented, adorable, cute and original. I really love them and I truly believe that they are the "Kings of Kpop" for their music. Their personalities are also really cute and lively and each of them is a beacon of pure talent.

Their music is amazing! Not only are the members extremely good looking, but they all have great personalities and create such good music! My bias is TOP! Of course, TOP is TOP! Their style is revolutionary and their characters shines through on stage

They always shows up with fresh concept, meaningful songs.. Every time different not like some KPOP boy band that came out with cliche concept every time... I can see that they becomes mature for every albums and act over the top compare to their age, very talented.

I'm a proud VIP because they MAKE THEIR OWN MUSIC! Other bands don't, because they 1) are too lazy to do so, or 2) don't have talent. It's just a mixture of both. They brought in crazy hairstyles and fashion with even more awesome music everyone can enjoy. Their songs are all original and beautiful, with them singing/rapping from the bottom of their hearts. VIP forever! Also a Blackjack!

Honestly big bang should be 1st their group is just fab and they're all have talented members plus they've all released albums unlike super junior. Big Bang is way more famous worldwide they already reached 100 million views on YouTube on ' fantastic baby ' while super junior never so I don't see why Big Bang comes 2nd

V.I.P. forever. They are all different, but so interesting in the same time. GD is a really great composer, Taeyang one of the best dancers of Korea, T.O.P. has a incredible voice, Daesung is so cute and Seungri is so funny!

By far the most revolutionary band to come out of South Korea. They don't follow the norm, they create their own trends. Maybe not as significant as MJ, but what Big Bang is doing in South Korea alone is just as big as what MJ did in North America.

A group made of pure talent and charisma. Five young men, who have the know-hows, how to do it, and they do it good. They are almost perfect, but their fails make them even more perfect and cuter... Proud to be a VIP, because they definitely made my life nicer and better :D...

There is no word to describe how talented they are just... BIGBANG are the only perfect person left on universe... There music is just too amazing that my mom, aunty n bro love n support them,

What I like is they have different style and character, that make BigBang so different with typically Korean group. Their music video always different each time, so artsy, high couture fashion, and epic scene. I always falling in love with them. They all good singer, not just put the handsomeness on music.

Big Bang has that uniqueness that no body else has. They have originality and they have the most fans not only in Korea, but nationwide. Their is truly no other group such as Big Bang- I'm just stating a fact that's all.

They are the best! No other group will ever be as amazing as BIG BANG is! They are the kings of kpop because of their unique style and all of their talented members!

Perfect for Big Bang and for me they is the best boy band in the world the one and only VIP I hope Big Bang Big Bang become number 1 in the world and have a more amazing songs again

Big Bang always and forever!
Love that all songs in Big Bang album sound awesome and they are not all the same thing.
V.I. P forever and always

Big bang is the best and I am not saying that because I am a fan but this is the true I was not a k-pop fan but I saw bigbang and their performance is unbelievable they rely know how to make people get so exited

Big Bang is amazing! Their songs are some of the best Korean songs I've heard, and I've heard a lot

Bigbang is pure amazing! They are fantastic as a group but can do so well on their own because they are true musicians who know how to work together and alone