Although they are new they are really good. I think they should be on this list just because of how great their music is. I think they will get better and better. I really liked their song that just came out, no more dream. Its really catchy and makes you want to hear more from them. I'm looking forward to hearing more songs by them.

I think BTS is a great band who really understands the hardships of life and express it in a amazing way. The choreography is amazing which has inspired many people to do covers and perform them. They are a creative bunch with not only funny but also lovable side. BTS are role models of many people and it is important to acknowledge their hard work. Yes, there are many people that don't like kpop but I think that is fine. BTS the first group I ever listened to in kpop and they were amazing. Thanks to their game shows and music recommendations I have listen to other kpop bands. BTS you make me laugh and smile everyday. Thank for living and existing. BTS FIGHTING!

Amazing boys who never keep you bored; your time isn't wasted, nor is your money. They produce great music, charismatic performances, treat their fans well, keep the public updated, have hilarious personalities, keep their brotherhood strong, ALL THE WHILE enjoying themselves and always smiling. They are such hard workers and they never fail to impress. I'm so happy for their success, but really, all I can ask for is for them to continue to love what they're doing, not just for the fame and fortune, but just for the joy of it!

BTS is amazing because their music isn't just the stereotypical, k-pop song about love. They have songs that are true to who THEY are. They have very inspiring songs (Dope, Not Today, Fire, etc.), as well as sad, emotional, or depressing songs (I Need U, Young Forever, Spring Day). They don't just make random love songs that virtually have no meaning-- they actually WRITE their own songs, with lyrics meaningful to them. They have also worked SO hard to get to where they are now. When they first started out, no one liked them, they were called "K-pop trash", and they had to literally ASK people to come to their concerts -- for FREE. And their personalities - each person is unique and vital to the group. They all have great senses of humor and are the brightest rays of sunshine! Also, their talent - from being able to sing amAZINGLY well, to their phenomenal dance skills- is undoubtedly evident. They're such a tight knit group of caring brothers, the sweetest, most caring people ever. ...more

All of the members in BTS are hardworking and determined. They work so hard and deserve to be recognized for it. Each and every one of them make BTS what it is and it wouldn't be the same if one were missing. I enjoy listening to their music and lyrics and their fan service is just great. The amount of time that they put to satisfy their fans is admirable as is their closeness towards each other and fans. When I discovered them, it took me less than two weeks to watch every video and show they were ever in. I fell in love with each and every one and I don't regret the countless nights that I stayed up to watch their videos again and again. BTS fighting and stay sincere and honest in what you do! oh, and park jimin is just the cutest!

Literally. This group is different, diverse and amazing at making excellent music, fun, up-beat and also relatable songs to our daily struggles. And they are one of the rare groups (dare I say maybe only) who openly criticize society and how unjust it is and the emotional problems that comes with it. These boys are absolutely amazing. All of them have different individual personalities that support each other in such a peculiar but beautiful ways. These boys have a beautiful bond that cannot be shaken. And their personalities are adorkable and they are humble and respectful. With all these bands that are debuting, its rare finding those that have their own spark and BTS definitely have their own spark; especially after coming from a company where it's not recognized at all. These adorkable idiots literally came from the bottom and fought to be heard. I'm just so proud of them. Plus they're engaging with their fans, what more do you need?

Goodness. Bts is the best Kpop Band in all Kpop history. Woth only being active for 2 years, they have gained as much popularity as BigBang or Exo. They also have a huge global fanbase and have won many awards. They also write their own music and produce and that is so amazing. Bts also has songs that appeal to the audience and they are to die for. Bts also has the best members in the whole world, they are all so talented and have so much charisma! Lastly, there Dedication! They practice so hard for dances and they put extra effort than other Kpop bands. They also love to keep in touch with their fans even though they have gained ultimate popularity. I LOVE BTS

BTS is one of the most talented and original groups in the industry. Almost all popular groups do not have a lasting theme or style throughout their music but BTS maintains their signature style without boring their fans with the same exact songs over and over again. This is one of the few groups that truly excels in rap, making a lot of their songs unique. Their choreography never fails to amaze and the quality of their music rings through each comeback. BTS is truly one of the most original and talented groups in Korea and they definitely deserve to be in this list.

BTS should be at least in the Top 5. Why? Because they're the most playful, talented, and happiest group! The song Just One Day, Boy In love, and No More Dream is very catchy. That you want to hear more from the. Aside from their songs, they also have great dance practices, their choreography is spectacular and extraordinary. In YouTube, their video diaries and other personal videos are great and funny! Especially when they prank someone in their group!

BTS are an amazing and diverse group of individuals mature and serious when they're needed to be but mainly their adorable and colourfully expressive selves which is why they're so endearing and loved. They appeal to so many audiences, there is something for every niche market within BTS and that's what make them so special, nothing truly malicious can be said about them as ever member is sincere, admirable, hard working and considerate (really cute too which is always a plus). All members are incredible and inspirational in their dedication to producing excellent and catchy music as well as staying grounded in consistently interacting with fans and remaining humble despite their ever growing fame. BTS are a formidable dancing, rapping and singing ensemble, even though each member may struggle in varying aspects they all continue to train hard to improve which I admire massively and is one of the reasons I love them. I'm not a massive kpop fan but through listening to and following ...more

BTS is honestly an amazing group, not only because they are all very good looking, or how popular they are. It's how they pour all of their emotions, thoughts, etc into their songs. I can tell they love us ARMYS so so much. The term idol is not good enough to describe them. Artist is a better word. To be honest, some groups out there are very manufactured. (i'm not going to name any) For example, some people just join an entertainment company without knowing how to sing, dance or rap. They didn't even have talent from the start. Therefore, I think BTS will last a very long time and will make a difference in the kpop industry.

Bts is the best group I've ever seen till and wish that its same for me in the future, they are so hardworking and so serious about the musics that they make it doesn't just have good musics but powerful lyrics and you can always relate to it. the best part is they make there own music and lyrics and not to miss they are the best dancing boy group they have bang on choreography. I love the fact that they have so lovely and playful personality and they love each other like family they also show there affection to all there fans by always thanking them first and giving them the credit for there success. They make so mature songs which shows there sincerity to music industry.

BTS is the best kpop for me, They should, at least, belong to the top 5. Why? Their debut song has received much attention fit for a popular boy group. Not only that, every time they make a comeback, they get even better than the last time. They compose their own songs and their tracks are crafted with their own style and the story of their life towards their dream of becoming an artist. They are not only powerful, passionate and emotional dancers, but they are also hardworking and determined artists,

BTS has extremely diverse music and concepts with very powerful lyrics. Each member is extra with vivacious and dorky personalities. Their choreography is captivating along with an amazing stage-presence. They all respect each other and constantly interact with fans. Not to mention they're all so talented- this group is full of strong vocals, wonderful dancers, great rappers and they even compose their own music. I would say they definitely fit the ideal male group. - circusvienn

They're looks are perfect. But they're music makes me fall in love. I watch videos of them everyday and in those videos I feel so attached because they're so REAL. I can also see that they love they're fans. They all love music and they're dreams are getting bigger and bigger. I love bts so much.

BTS is a really amazing and talented group. They have worked really hard. Their songs are addicting and the members are the best. You can never really get bored with them. Their personalities are lovable and they have a new comeback every few months ( unlike son other groups that have a comeback every 2 years )

Their music is not all about love songs. They actually send important messages and they mostly write their own lyrics with some guidance. They show who they are, what they want, and what their goals are. They're not afraid to speak their mind through their songs. Their personalities are lovable and they are genuinely hard working people. They literally started from the bottom and now they're here, peaking in popularity.

Great music, Performances, choreography, personalities, and just pure talent. These 7 boys make you fall hard. Never regret joining this fandom with these dorky boys. Even though I came to kpop through other boy bands, Bts now owns my heart and I will be leaving with bts as well (:::.

Collectively, they are a group with charisma and authenticity to their fans and have the sincerity in producing great contents. Individually, they are multi-talented and genuine in showing and improving their talents. I am also glad that they remain to be humble despite their huge success globally. This is the the first and perhaps, the only Kpop group that I can support because of their talents and sincerity.

BTS is really the best boy group I know. Compared to the SM entertainment the big hit entertainment is much smaller but I am so proud of Bts since they didn't just become famous because of the entertainment itself, but because they worked so hard for it. Their songs are all just so inspiring and beautiful, not only the music, but also the powerful moves in the choreography make them show their hard work. Every member shows their love and gratitude to their fans and always try to smile and give them a feeling of warmth. I'm also very grateful to have found these talented and amazing boys.

Powerful music,lyrics and performance. They are serious when needed to be and aren't afraid of showing their true colors and what's really going on in their mind. I seriously fell in love with these boys for how much work they put in everything they do, they really give their all in everything. Mad support from Lebanon I really wish them all the more success and I know their future will be so bright. #army

They write and produce so much of their own music and it always has a message or meaning in it. Most kpop boy groups don't do this and often just stick to the one idea of singing about love.

Bts has the best music. They write their own music so I feel as if they are showing their true selves and really telling us how they feel through music. I love them so much and they are so talented and definitely handsome. I would really love to see them live. They are the best group and and ARMY of fans that love them, We love you too BTS!

Compared to these other groups BTS is the only one I can say I LOVE ALL THEIR SONGS. I also really like them because they are not full of themselves like a certain 12 member group and they really have great bonds with each other which is the reason I didn't pick BIG BANG because I feel that sometimes their is tension within group. Finally BTS is number one by poll results for 2016.

Their music just moves your soul. Whether is rock or soul or anything these boys make my day better with just a smile. In my opinion they are the Best male idol group out there! They have such a beautiful and diverse sound and I love them. We are ARMY's and I'm proud to say that.