Got 7


How can you not, their beautiful, besides some are saying it's just because they aren't from Korea, but that's the case for a lot of K-Pop groups. They have fun but come together really easily and work hard, I love to see them progress and have fun. Plus tumbling.

Got 7 has always tried their best for their fans and for their dreams. They have all faced difficulties but still did not give up. They are away from their parents and they must be extremely missing them. I rate got 7 for their hard work and for always showing us their positive sides, and for making me realise my dreams. I hope this is enough for their rate. I LOVE GOT 7

Got 7 should be in the top ten cause their not only handsome but they are talented group of young men and they have proved to us that they are deserving to be in the top 10 I mean their songs HARD CARRY, FLY, GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, A AND JUST RIGHT PERSUADED MY BROTHER THAT KPOP IS AMAZING EVEN THE BOYS IN OUR ROOM THEY HAD A LAST SONG SYNDROME

Wow thank you for including Got7 in your Top 10. They might not be really popular in Korea but they are one of the biggest groups internationally. These boys are talented and they really got potential but sadly, they're an underrated group. They are becoming better and better in making music as long as they get the freedom from it. If Jyp could've just hired better rap coaches or trained some of the members to make music then maybe Got7 would be MORE talented as they are now. So far, JB, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Mark are good composers and lyricists. Jackson has a nice voice too and he can seriously be a vocalist, but he needs a lil bit more of training. All in all, I like them. They may not be the best, but they are really hardworking and they are humble as always.

Got7 is a super interest group to get into because they are so talented, funny and have a very supportive fan base. They work very hard and are a very popular group, just after debuting in 2014! Got7 is unique in so many ways as well. Their concepts change often, but they always do AMAZING. They have members from different places like, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the US. I hope you become an IGOT7, if you haven't already, because they are a great boy group...

They are more popular with international fans because of the AmeriThaiKong trio, but they deserve more credit. Over the years they have came out with many different kinds of music in different genres, improved their dancing and singing, and have such amazing personalities. Once you watch their videos, you get addicted. They are funny, cute, loud, surprising, and have a great group dynamic- which is important in an idol group.

They are just amazing! They have a lot of potential overflowing with outstanding vocal, rapping and dancing skills. They are the BEST LIVE PERFORMERS! However people have still not noticed and acknowledged them. They deserve to be Number 1.

Even though they only had their debut at the start of the year they have become on of my favourite groups and I can just tell they are going to go far, I mean they have already been on Weekly idol

GOT7 got it all, talent, looks, social skills, attitude, name it! They can do anything! Once you listened to them or watched them, you'll surely get addicted. You won't be able to stop. They are also very funny when they're guesting in different variety shows, especially Jackson. I hope they would get more popular even though they are really popular now. They should and can be number one in the future because they deserve it. They're very hardworking! So if I we're you, let's support them and be and IGOT7/Aghase!

What is their to say such talented boys who need more recognition in Korea. At times they don't seem like the best because of bad behavior but other than that they are sweet hearts including Jackson. He worries about all his fans always telling them to stay healthy and never get sick. He buys them food when they're waiting for him outside for such a long time. Jackson always takes time to write in English, Chinese, and Korean when writing something on Instagram. But not just Jackson is a great person the rest of the members as well Mark and Jackson have very great skills when it involves martial arts flips which look so great when they are put into there dancing. They best dancers in GOT7 are BamBam and Yugyeom they are so amazing its hard not be be impressed by there dancing skills when u see them but Junior and JB don't stay behind they are great dancers as well I got to see that in the drama Dream High which they both acted in before being in GOT7. Youngjae in my opinion is the ...more

Got7 are hilarious in their own way. They are great in Martial arts. Their songs are great too, it is so catchy, specially the 'Girls girls girls' I can't help but to always listen to their songs.

I really like Got7. They have talent. If they know what their doing they can make really good progress. Their not just pretty faces.

Don't think of my vote as biased... I am a pure sone (AND I WILL NEVER CHANGE) and I personally think this rookie is deserving to be number one... After debuting, they were already known worldwide... Just like a boy version of Girls Generation and a mini- 2PM and mini-2AM... I am also looking forward to Winner... But whatever... Fighting!

I like their songs and the special tricks of martial dances that they could do. It is amazing and entertaining.
I admitted their ain't the best top 20 group in Korea but I am always feeling excited about their new songs and how would they perform it perfectly. They are good.

I think they're going to be awesome

I totally love bts but next to them comes got7 these guys are hilarious. Lol, if you are in a bad mood just watch jackson's funny moments

AGREE their looks are like to die for. They barely have to try on their songs because they got the looks.

Got7 can be so underrated sometimes... They are all amazing and so talented.

I love everything about them. They are the best in everything

Got7 has been my favorite ever since they came out. They are all so handsome...they also have very much talent!

This group is insanely talented. I love each member equally due to their fun and loveable personalities!

I vote got7 because when they perform on stage there like perform buy being cool

Got7 are very talented group they are so inspirational to other people

The members are really silly and so adorable. Their songs are amazing and so addicting

Got7 are one of the most popular rookies this year. I personally think they're amazing.