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21 B1A4

B1A4 daebak like forever!... With their new song; Baby I'm Sorry, they look much hotter&better. When they are on stage, they look charismatic but off the stage, they are the funniest&cutest guys ever. Support B1A4 all the way they are the best&their new album; Ignition... Be The One, All For One..

The most approachable, lovely, friendly oppa GROUP. The love and appreciation they show their fans is amazing and their songs never fail to bring a smile to my face. BANAS UNITE! Let's continue to support them!

They are just the dorks that makes you smile when your having a bad day. I have been in the kpop world for about 8 years now, meaning I have witness so many great boy groups, however ever since I saw these guys I knew that they were a unique group.

B1A4 is the best!

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22 Winner

Even that still they haven't debut they are very funny and talent

I think Winner is amazing and should have more fans than IKON, because Winner had to go through hard times and itś sad how they get very little attention.

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23 Beast V 2 Comments
24 BtoB

I fell in love with them the moment I heard them and if you ever watch their MTV series, you'll fall in love with each member as well! They are so talented and the only reason they aren't as well known is simply because they're new. ALL MY SUPPORT! GO BTOB!

BtoB fighting! They are so adorable and cute, but that's not the point, each of them are very talented and each of them have their own ability. I don't know much about their personality, but singing such kind of song make me see more about them. You can fix the hearts of people with your music that other celebrities can't do.

They are simply amazing, their song was and will always be one of my favourite FAVOURITE korean songs. The boys are so underrated. They are all so talented and they are all hilarious! Their dances are mostly really powerful too! I just don't get why they aren't more famous my brain can't process it

They're really talented. they deserve more popularity.

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25 Topp Dogg

Topp Dogg is pure cuteness and talent. Nice choreography, outfits and great songs.

Love them!

Topp dogg was the first kpop group liked strangely I looked at many top 10 kpop male groups but none of them where that interesting and that's when I found topp dogg I have only been a kpop fun for 2 weeks so far,counting from the time I found topp dogg. I will never stop loving these guys.

I literally have the Topp Dogg logo tattooed on my wrist. Like permanently. I love them so much you don't understand.


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26 Boyfriend

They are the group with mixture of handsome and cute... BOYFRIEND IS THE BEST

Boyfriend is the cutest group ever. They captivated my heart in just a look. They are the best Rookie group of 2011. They have the best songs and the best fans. Bestfriend loves Boyfriend Forever! Boyfriend Fighting ^_^

I love all of there members

Boyfriend hwaiting!

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27 A-Prince

I love there song and they are cute, handsome

28 Seventeen

They are very young and creative, they make their own music, rap, choreography, lyrics, background, and can work as a team. Looking at their One Fine Day videos or Seventeen Project shows their caring, happy, silly, and idol worthy personalities. They think of each other as families and have their own special identity in this group of thirteen boys. They only debuted about last year and they are already making their mark. Being super young and handsome isn't the only thing that makes them popular. Hopefully one day they will be as popular as the good Ole super junior and make their talents useful.

One of the FUNNEST groups I've ever seen, and also the most creative and talented. Their relationships with each other all look like they're genuine, and they never fail to show that even in their dances. I love it when they make other dance versions of their songs and also do funny part switches. They're just... Fun! And honestly, I thought I'd never get more obsessed with them over BTS or EXO. These guys definitely have a future ahead of them. SVT FIGHTING!

I've never seen any groups with such good manners. They never let us down, like seriously, their performance is so lit, and every time they perform, they change their dance and performance. They're so talented yet so hard working. They always think of fans first, and they never fail to impress us.

13 cute and hot boys dancing to amazing music. What else do you want?
All 13 are visuals who are very sexy on stage and very childish and adorable otherwise. I love all of them. It’s so tough to pick a bias. All 13 are bias wreckers.
They write their own lyrics, compose their music and set the choreography. I am in love.

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29 2AM

2AM vocals are indefinitely beautiful. These boys are beyond talented. Changmin, proves that he is 2AM's main vocal. He has a unique voice and is capable of advanced breathing techniques, enabling him to sing a variety of songs, especially trot. Changmin is recognized repeatedly, through the broadcast of Immortal Song 2 and other instances when he sang. Jo Kwon holds the title of leader and the responsibility is evident. Having to train for 8 years, he has the most experience compared to any other idol. Those 8 years were not spent in vain as his beautiful and soothing voice rings across the world. Though his voice is rather high, he is capable of singing other genres of music rather than only ballad, as proven in the debut of his solo album. His voice is soothing and gentle. Seulong is the tallest of the group. Despite his strong/large appearance, he has a falsetto range that puts girls to shame. His voice is charming and takes on some of the highest notes in 2AM's songs. His ...more

30 Nu'est

I Love Nu'est, they may be new.. But they are my number one. And then U-KISS would be my second :D yes, Nu'est may be new, have very little songs, but they bring the best in me, and everyone who listens to them. I do believe they should be top ten, instead of top twenty

They have the best songs ever. I especially liked Face. The best thing about them is that they are new and they aren't that popular yet.


Nu'est is a new music band, FACE AND I'M SORRY IS VERY GOOD BY NU'EST

I love Nu’est so much their music is amazing and is very catchy. The coriography is amazing that I want to learn it.

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31 Shinhwa

! They deserve to be one of the top ten! Have you ever even listened to This Love or Venus and don't get me started on Sniper or Scarface. Even though so many Korean groups have appeared and I've listened to so many amazing songs but in the end nothing beats Shinhwa. They're legends and they look so hot and manly even in their thirties ugh. Their voices are so unique and their dance moves are breathtaking and don't get me started on those amazing MVs! They are and will always stay my number one band. Always managing to make my heart skip a beat. They're the reason I even listen to Kpop or draw haha! Legends will always stay legends.

Legends will be legends. I'm anticipating more from the 1st generation original idols. They've certainly proved why they outlived their fellow idols back in the day. Loyalty, determination and perseverance goes a long way. They have their individual charms, but they just shine the brightest as six. 6-1=0

Legends will be legends... There's a reason why this group's been around for years and each member has contributed in their own way, to music and film. They won best Asian artist how many times?! All these current group base themselves on this one!

Shinhwa means "Legend" in Korean. That's my thoughts on the group in a nutshell. - PerfectImpulseX

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32 Monsta X

This rookie group is simply fantastic

Every song they ever released became my favourite.

They are amazing

ALL their songs are AMAZING! Love their voices! Also ALL their music videos are awesome! The choreography is so unique & u can literally see the work put into each video!
They are relatively new yes, but give them a try! You won’t regret it!

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33 Block B

They're so goofy and funny, and they make good music too. From romantic and slow to fast and badass, they have everything. Plus, they're good looking too! They stay as my favourite group forever, no one can replace them. Once you're in their fandom, you can't get out!

They are just plain addictive! They are the first Korean boy band that I have come to love and I am super obsessed! Kyung is definitely my favorite out of all of them. He is super smart and super adorable!

There hot in my opinion!

Please just check them out I mean... you will love them, they don't have as many fans as they deserve, I mean they are so cute and hmmem SEXY I mean elsldpkf

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34 Royal Pirates

I love their songs "Shout Out" and "Drawing the Line"!

Drawing the line is my fave from theirs. They're so cool and charismatic on variety shows/interviews. They are also handsome. I hope they becone popular soon. ♡ - LSJ_TK

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35 JJ Project

I really love these and still hoping a comeback from them

JJ PROJECT... one of my favorites during the year 2012... I just miss them.. I'll be happy and very glad if they will have a comeback at least for last time... Go guys! JB, Jr. fighting!

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36 C-clown

C-CLOWN's music is really catchy and the overall feel is really great! They're all super cute especially ROME♥! C-CLOWN fighting!

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37 ZE:A

They are all so awesome! Very funny group I just fell in love with them after hearing the beginning of The Day We Broke Up and watching the video was so uplifting! I love it all. It's sad that not many people recognize how talented they really are and they are all so good looking to laugh out loud my mom said the first time she saw them wow they all look so beautiful like Angels making them not attractive anymore ~~ I was surprised because she hardly pays any attention to my kpop stuff.

Awesome group, mixed variety of fun! Siwan, dongjun, kwanghee, heechul, junyoung, hyunshik, minwoo, taehyun

They have amazing actors in the group and they are so cute.

The worst group ever

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38 100%

To be honest, they deserve more. I like their songs...its nice. They are very talented. At the first time I heard 100% songs..beat. I was falling in love with them and start from that day I get to know them more. I always keep counting days wait for their comeback. 100%new song - better day keep playing in my mind and I keep playing that song again n again. so nice...I hope other people can see their talent..they have more potential to success in this platform..but I'm still get confused...why they are so underrate?...they deserve more...please give more attention to 100%

39 History

Such a great band I love their dancing skills as well I enjoy their music a lot I hope people recognized this talented band

A very underrated band. It is one of the best according to me!

I'm just obsessed with their new song "Psycho".

I love all their songs!

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