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41 Astro

Astro is a work in progress group. Even though I bias Astro, I feel that they should go through the different phases and change their wardrobe a little bit. Besides Bigbang, Astro brought me into the K-POP fandom world. Other people would say BTS, Exo, Got7, but for me its Astro.

Astro is probably one of the best boy bands I know of. They have a cute charm and happy aura to each one of them... And they are like family to each other-- not to mention that they're cute dorks :) Astro may have just started their career but already- they've been worldwide loved and they always keep their fans updated. They also treat their fans like family as well, each member has a cute way of expressing their love for their fans.

This great combination of young flower bpys makes it the best..

They are so perfect for me...

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Wow I just knew now that nct dream is a punch of teenagers I watched chewing gum and that is exactly what I thought about they are teenagers but I never believed that a company would make a teenagers group never ever and now I am surprised that in their debut they manged to perform that well I am not a fan but good job nct dream

Rising stars in the making

I like nct dream they just debut it yestrday and they all young which most of them in my age you never see a boy group that is young they are 13 14 16 17 non of them is 20 a boy group they young becouse they have talent I want to be one of kpop girl group 18 I am good dancer rap singing I am going to be in youtube they are all mean to nct ream they say they are young that not it they have talent and ilike their song so please like them thanks.

I love these boys. They deserve so much better. They work so hard, Especially Haechan and Mark. NCT Dream fighting!

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43 Boys Generally Asian

BGA is a starter group but their songs are still really good.

44 iKON

They haven't debuted but they are very hard-working and talented. They're already popular and they deserve it

I think they're very good singers and rappers when I listened to their songs they were very awesome to listen too.

I like their songs airplane, my type, apology, rhythm ta, anthem.

Thney are such a unique band and since I tend to like hip-hop a lot bobby and B.I. make me enjoy their rap skills and all the members have great voices there isn't one member that I feel like they don't have talent its amazing to see such a talented band which even the leader writes their own songs and even gives it to others for example WINNER and Blackpink

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45 NCT-U V 1 Comment
46 Day6

This band of boys is awesome. Guys, they are under JYP entertainment. GOT7 FANS. TWICE FANS. Watch jaw on asc his voice is heavenly

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47 Up10tion

Up10tion is fairly new but their debut amazed me with their choreography and how together they are in every thing. They are incredibly strong in music and I wish they would get more recognition. Up10tion fighting!

I like this group it is so funny and fun

I wached this the up10tion it is so funny and I like this show and I listen the song too the song they are sing is little bad of it

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48 Romeo

I don't know the this group but I never see this show of boy group

Because they member is super handsome

They're all first I thoughg this group was bored..I don't even check their song ue
After I saw their making comeback I feel like they're 100% Talented..All of their songs are great and awesome..
The TARGET song make me freak out
They're loving each other like siblings

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49 KNK

These boys have just started out and are truly one of my favorites. Knock is an amazing introduction and after watching a few videos, I've concluded its easy to fall for them.

They've gotten pretty popular after debuting

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50 JJCC (Double JC)

This guys are the best they are amazing!

I love JJCC yes even though they may be new and rn of course they don't have as much fans as I said they're still pretty new plus they do have a lot of over sea fans but either way idc I LOVE THEM! jjcc fighting!

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I absolutely love them for their "UNIQ"ue songs and their ability to change from super sexy steamy moves to a cute maknae-y dance! (ex. watch EOEO then watch UNIQ Happy New Year) I also love their playful personalities when not performing (their let's dance videos show this)

52 LC9

There awesome with trend dance

I love ji hyo and eden and king

53 Madtown

Madtown are the best kpop boy band after BTS!

They have all the talent...really Love them!

Why #63? They are awesome!

I wached the mad town the v app it is very good and I like the nambers but I don't know who I like this boy group

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54 Big Byung

I don't know who that group is

OH MY GOD Jackson he has two groups GOT7 and BIG BYUNG :/

Who are they? did they copy their name from Big Bang?

Okkk I take that back...

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55 24K

24k is the most underrated kpop group in the industry. They really deserve a lot more credit then they already receive. I mean they just came out with their new album "Super Fly" and it is amazing! You can check out the MV on YouTube. The song is something that I have never really heard in kpop, it's like hip hop and dub-step, and not to mention the drop is sick. So please check them out, they need love too. Also, do not make the excuse that they are nobody's or they are not famous because they are not from the "Big 3". Remember to become somebody you must first understand what it is like to be a nobody.

To be honest, it takes me AWHILE to get used to a song/music video of kpop because I listen to rap all the time. My response to a lot of them is "why...just why." Super Fly is probably the closest I've heard a kpop song come to a rap song ever and I give them props to that. It's also a mv that my friends won't turn off after 2 seconds because they think it's stupid/uncomfortable. They are also pretty good at being better badasses than the other kpop boy bands so yep.

Eurgh, nearly as bad as ze a. One member is copying BTS's V and is failing to do so. Plus their music sucks. Oh well, at least their dance is good.

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56 NCT 127

They hella fine and sexy mofo Taeyong

Nct 127 I like them spically fire truck is nice keep working guys I want to meet you guys in real life came to sydney please oppas work hard fighting srangeah oppa nct 127 forever fighting

57 Boys Republic

Boys republic is amazing. Everything about them. From looks to musicality. They are perfect.

First Kpop band I ever really got into. They are amazing and deserve so much more recognition!

I saw this one of the Korean show and I don't know who I like this one

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58 Speed

I think they are the most underrated artists even, they are so talented and their dances are amazing

The block b zico had a bother I think I have no clue but he just like the little bother I think

In my opinion they are better than BTS.BTS did a cover of "Don't Tease me"

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59 B.I.G

B.i.g I like the song hello is in every langue and I like you guys I want to merry you guys oppa figthing oppas work hard love you guys srangeah

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60 My Name

I wached the my name the show it is so funny and fun I like the show but I don't know who I like this boy group

Lots of hug and kisses, love JunQ and Insoo. Amazing talented group!

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