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61 Alphabat

Very underrated group, sadly, I'm in love with them, they deserve more respect and love ♡

63 Touch V 2 Comments
64 Halo

I love Halo. They sound so sweet and funny. They are extremely cute and their voices are perfect. I just wish it was easier to find them on YouTube... The results usually come up as Beyonce. But besides that, they are amazing and funny and sweet. Every form of the words. I love Halo.

I like the halo I have the halo song is in my phone and I don't know who do I like this halo boy group

I have the halo the song in my phone and I don't know who do I like the halo boy group

65 SM*SH V 2 Comments
66 Bigflo V 2 Comments
67 A.Cian V 3 Comments
68 Hotshot
69 Bigstar V 1 Comment
70 Phantom V 1 Comment
71 High4

They are indeed really talented. For me, once I listen to their song, I cannot get away from it. I hope they become more popular.

I don't know this group dirty jam jam

V 1 Comment
72 Mr.Mr V 1 Comment
73 K-Much V 1 Comment
74 Legend V 1 Comment
75 B.I.G

B.i.g I like the song hello is in every langue and I like you guys I want to merry you guys oppa figthing oppas work hard love you guys srangeah

V 2 Comments
76 1punch V 3 Comments
77 MAP6 V 1 Comment
78 Led Apple

LED APPLE I think they are more deserving to be more popular than some bands. They have the "skill. " AND they're handsome too.

There were in Germany and I was at their concert. It was so awesome! They are so funny, their music is amazing and they are all pretty handsome!

Love ledapple there so awesome, every song released is amazing (hanbyul saranghae. X)

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79 2Bic

Amaze group WAY under-appreciated

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