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41 Koshi Inaba

Laugh out loud look at all the other votes. Seems like most of the voters here are new to the Japanese music scene.

I bet they don't even know that Inaba is always in the top 5 best male vocal in every magazine poll in Japan EVERY YEAR.

Why is he not first? He's like the best singer in the world.


42 Morrie

Toshi is overrated, the best male singer of Japan are MORRIE, KYO of D'ERLANGER, Sakurai Atsushi, hyde and Koshi Inaba. in Japanese rock, morrie is an idol of many bands. - ronluna

I just can´┐Ż't believe he isn't on the first places! Morrie's voice is unique, powerful and versatile with the rare ability to really connect with the audience on the emotional level.

morrie is kiyoharu, sakurai atsushi, hyde, yasu's idol - ronluna

43 Bentley Jones (Lee Brotherton)

he may not be Japanese but he sings it AND ENGLISH and he's British his voice is pure angel - christianorlandomontes-moctezu

44 Takura (UVERworld)

His voice is just amazing!
I love UVERworld ever since the 2nd opening song of Bleach!
And the live are so good, he never lip sync and his voice is so perfect
He deserves to be in top 10

Takuya's voice is so special and amazing...
And his voice is so rare...
And then Uverworld's songs are so amazing...
I want to go to Japan and want to watch their stage show...
Uverworld Banbare...

45 Maya (LM.C) V 15 Comments
46 Ryuichi Kawamura

What is there to say? His voice is amazing, there aren't many people that are able to put so much emotions in to a song with his/her voice as Ryuichi. I will never forget the 2 times I've been able to see Luna Sea live. I mean Ryuichis voice is so powerful and live.. It's just pure happiness. His voice is one of a kind for sure.

Ryuichi is not only has unique voice, but have got so much talented. His live performances are always excellent and brilliance, especially in Luna Sea.

His singing never fail! Even he had sung for 2 hours his voice still keep so well!

47 Kiyoharu
48 Motohiro Hata

Love his songs. Example synchro. This is for those who don't like Japanese Rock

I hope enjoy his songs just the way I like them.

Hope you guy will love his songs

I love him so much

Hata Motohiro is by far the best Japanese singer I've ever heard. I love his songs, and he's got a soothing, yet strong voice and makes great use of it. Make sure to check out his work and thank me later... (^-^)/~

49 Miyano Mamoru

I absolutely love his voice as a signer and as a voice actor. I found out about him through his voice acting but once I looked up his singing I fell in love with it on the spot. I am amazed by his opening pieces for the anime "Uta no prince sama" and all of his other songs!

WHY! Why can't he can't be number 1!?!?

He is the best I don't know why he is not the first!

He's the best! He must be in the first position!

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50 Shin (Vivid)

He got a really beautiful singing voice. I love his voice since I first got to hear his song. I really love everything especially his Falsetto. At first before ViViD debuted, I thougt it would be funny if he do the rap, but he actually done a really good job with Take Off. I think he is one of my most respected vocalist.

Yay...way to go shin...i will always support you and I love the song REAL so much...thank you

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51 Futoshi (Aqua Timez)
52 Keisuke Kuwata
53 Tatsuya Mitsumura (Nico Touches the Walls) V 2 Comments
54 Miura Daichi

Golden kid-mad talent! His live performances speak for themselves!

Huge fan of miura daichi!

What 57th? Needs to be higher. He has a great voice and dancing skills.

His performance heals my soul

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55 Tetsuya Ogawa Tetsuya Ogawa
56 Kyosuke Himuro (Boowy)
57 Teru (GLAY)

No other vocalists has such a powerful and cheerful voice like him. The first time I listened to Glay's songs like Winter Again, Beloved, However etc... All my stress disappeared and they make me "in love" with them. They're just more than great!

58 Piko

PIKO needs more attention!
Because he voices characters and is proud to be a trap singer.

WHY I PIKO AT 58!? NOW I'M MAD! PIKO IS BEST SINGER! One reason I like him is because I can relate to him. I am a ryoseirui, literally meaning both voice types, like PIKO and Sekihan. And not to mention, Binbougami Ga! Was an awesome anime, and they used Make My Day as the opening!

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59 Anis (MONORAL)
60 Koike Teppei
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