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61 Tatsurou (Mucc)
62 Keita Tachibana

Hidden gem.

63 Satoshi (Girugamesh)

Aaw.. Why you forgot bout him?! T-T I know that Popgamesh is... Whatever but he have so adorable voice

64 Kishō Taniyama

I love the group Granrodeo I always have ever since I heard their song "Rose hip bullet" and the opening to "kuroko no basket" Multiple of their songs fill up my i-pod. Then There is Uta no prince sama where he sings as one of the main characters and my life was complete when he was in the group with all the other beautiful singers. His voice is great and in his songs diffidently without a doubt have heart that he puts into it. He is one of my favorite all time signers!

65 Ike (Spyair)

Sexiest voice ever! I was so surprised when I saw he wasn't in the top 10!

Ike has a very powerful voice. He sounds great during lives too. He's amazing!

Kinda surprise when I didn't see his name.
Nice and husky voice

He is the best : )

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66 Itaya Tusk Tasuku
67 Kazutoshi Sakurai

The voice is sweet, when I hear it, I feel relax, it is my style

68 Takuya Kimura

Notable member in SMAP. His song "sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana" is one of the hits. He is an actor too. He is notable for his movie "Bushi no ichibun". He acted in many T.V. series like Engine, Mr Brain etc

69 Kouki (D=Out)
70 Takahiro (Exile)
71 Arimura Ryutaro (Plastic Tree)

His voice is awesome! His lyrics are pretty deep and this man really need more attention!

72 Kazuya Yoshii
73 Kimeru

His voice is just breath-taking, and the amount of energy he puts into each one of his concerts is absolutely amazing!

He cares for his fans and loves to receive fan-letters.

74 Ken Kitamura
75 Shota Shimizu

Shimizu's voice is so soft, really can make my heart so in peace when I heart it...

76 Miku (An Cafe)
77 Yuichi Nakamaru

His voice just make me melt.. Love his voice

78 Ryoichi Endo

The voice of space!
Pure perfection.
He was born with the most wonderful voice.
Ex-Soft Ballet vocalist, who is now in the band "ENDS"

79 Demon Kakka Demon Kakka Demon Kakka, previously known as Demon Kogure, is a Japanese musician, entertainer, journalist and sumo commentator. He is the frontman of the heavy metal band Seikima-II, and is known for always working entirely in character.

Listen to "Arashi no yokan" -- so beautiful!

80 Kazuhara Ryuto (GENERATIONS) V 2 Comments
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