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101 Seth (Moi dix Mois)
102 Hiromi Go
103 Kamakari Kenta
104 Shibutani Subaru

He has a wonderful voice. when he sings in Kanjani, I know suddenly which word he sings.

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105 Kenichi Suzumura

I already knew about his voice acting but not about his singing. When I heard the ending for "Heavens memo pad" was sung by him I instantly became a fan. Then he became a voice actor for "Uta no prince sama" which now has my favorite singers/ band members of all time.

106 Hiro Shimono

I didn't become a fan of his singing until I watched the anime "Uta no prince sama" and well now I love his voice and just everything about him. His singing career is not that big and has really just started due to his singing of this anime. I have bought many CD's and I have downloaded most of his songs and I make sure to listen to his beautiful voice everyday and it makes me feel so happy when I hear it!

107 Juka / Shaura (Moi dix Mois)

Moi dix Mois
Hizaki grace project
VII Sense

108 Masatoshi Ono
109 Hiro Takahashi
110 Katori Shingo (SMAP)

Who isn't gonna enjoy listening to Katori Shingo right?

111 KG
112 Tomohisa Sako
113 Ryosuke Kojima

Awesome and beautiful! One song and I was hooked! I can't believe he's not on here! (Or I'm blind and missed it, if so sorry! ) He needs more attention!

114 Kawashima Mirai
115 Hiroomi Tosaka
116 Chinen Yuri
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