Sakurai Atsushi (BUCK TICK)


He's the best. He's the master. He's is the Lord. Sakurai Atsushi is the only one who can interpreting all the musical styles with a innate talent and professionalism, but not only that, he is the only singer and above all, he's a interpreter, that has varied vocally since its beginning in the music world until today.

You will never hear a BUCK-TICK's song that sounds equal like to another. They make music to express feelings. They do not seek recognition, or be the number 1 selling as do the other bands. If they are where they are is because they have earned, because they have talent.

That's why Sakurai Atsushi is the best male singer and the best INTERPRETER of all the world (with ISSAY from Der Zibet).


Can handle diverse vocal range: from melodic to harsh; deep growl to chilling whisper. Has managed to successfully adapt his voice and image to numerous musical styles: goth, rock, pop, industrial (e.G. schwein), experimental, electronic. Has reached out from Japan to work with international musicians: PIG, KMFDM, JG Thirlwell, Mission UK. Also, Sakurai Atsushi - despite being a very handsome man - has relied more on his voice, lyrics and costume to carry the emotion/sensuality of the song instead of flashing naked skin (e.G. no shirt).

Definitely the best singer in Japan and one of the best in the world! Love, pain, happiness, rawness whatever emotion is needed he is sure to deliver it. His variety, his creativity and his skill make him the best. The sound of his voice is unique. Even among a thousand others you'd recognize him immediately. He excels at everything he does. He never fails.

There are many good vocalists in this listing, but none have managed to stay a passionate musician in the same band for decades and show no sign of degrading their quality. Atsushi sounds as wonderful as he did years ago and has participated in many genres with ease. I've loved the sound of his voice since I was 12 (about to be 23) and since then it's been very calming and nostalgic to hear his (and but's music. ) Even if I go through phases with other music, I consistently return to Buck-Tick. I'm thankful they are still together and making their own label, so Atsushi's voice can continue to be enjoyed in new music.

His voice is truly mesmerizing, he has a unique voice and it suits the songs perfectly. And also he knows how to pronounce the words so you can hear every word he sings. I love it! And also I love to listen to his voice from the early records and compare it to the new ones, it's awesome that his voice has only become better with age and well that goes for his looks as well (but that goes without saying). I'm sold, Atsushi all the way!

My absolute favorite singer. His voice sends chills down my spine, but in a good way. Listening to his voice is very sexual, raw, emotional and real. He has an amazing range and has put in more time successfully than some of the newer artists on this list. Much respect & love.

It is obvious, he is a king of Japanese Rock. He is unique. His voice is sweet honey under the moon. He was the first one at a stage. Jrock of our days is made by BUCK-TICK anyway. The style of jrock's performance is made by him. He is a passion, sex, love, drug. He is a teacher of all young Japanese rock groups, such as the Gazette, MUCC. He is an idol for young jrock stars. He should be the first one in this list. Because it is true, and he has already deserved it.

Come on! He's creative when he write the songs and he helped to open the way to other artists. Besides, thanks to him I have a reason to learn Japanese and because of him I like Visual Kei and he's hot with capital "h"

On top of being a great singer with a velvety smooth voice, he pays a lot of attention to style and performing on stage. He's naturally blessed with good looks and with a mysterious aura about him that makes him captivating to look at. Most of the lyrics of Buck-Tick's songs are written by him, and they are extremely sensual telling about the struggles and darker sides of human lives. An artist in the true meaning of the word.

An amazing voice, excellent performances, an elegance like no other vocalist, along with Toshi of X Japan the best voices, no way to compare it with others, regardless of who wins, by far one of the best, a great inspiration to others vocalists even for some of the nominees.

The best singer! He is beautiful man, that has talent and experience. He is unique, handsome and very charismatic! The man how know how to make a dream to women... He is a devil man! As a vampire he knows how to bite, suck all your vitality, but only to make you enjoy the passion!

Atsushi Sakurai Is The Best! Cause he sing like a god! There's no one like Atsushi... He's Perfect! Incredible Talent & very sensual attitude. I Love Him So Much. I Think He Is The Best Singer in Japan. He's a magnificent Star! Beautiful, amazing, different. And his voice is UNIQUE.

Mr. Sakurai's voice is surely outstanding when thinking about Japanese singers. One might even think that his manner is actually non-Japanese so to speak. Colourful and very artistic, his voice always brings out new shades in the music and it's just so interesting to investigate the little details it adds to words and melody so that people who don't know the language can easily comprehend the general meaning of the song.

His voices is powerful and has a lot of tones... He is a great singer, when you hear his songs, yo can feel everything that he wants to pass on, I can´┐Ż't describe it with more words..

Amazing, one of the best singers in Japan. His voice is unique and belongs to an amazing band, 25 years to comply is clear that they are wonderful

Atsushi Sakurai's voice is mesmerizing, strong, distinct, passionate, sexy and beautiful - as is he. Buck Tick is a very professional tight band. Their live performances are just fantastic and even better than the recordings. Buck Tick is my favorite band and I wish I had known about them years ago. Had they performed here in the USA they'd have been huge! Much love for you all from Florida!

His voice is most beautiful and sensual voice ever Not only in Japan. He is the one and only who can touch my heart so deeply. He is sincere human, sexiest man and wonderful singer.

One of the best singers ever! After 25 years, he's still going strong! Really the entire band is awesome, they're not trying to be famous, they just making the music they love. And while I love the fact they're all about their music and not their looks, I would like to see a little skin!

He is awesome, what do you want me to say? His vocal skills are amazing! And after all this years, his voice is still delicious!

Atsushi is an amazing vocalist. He's one of a few artists who sound even better live than studio recording!

He is the BEST of THE BEST, His voice is very good and not fail in the concerts! And he can so sexy and clear

He is wonderful every time I see him. His voice is deep, enthralling, even hypnoses. His and his group concerts are always high-class performances.

I've never heard in this time a voice so great, but in Japan is a singer that can sing like an angel-demon...
His voice, his style... All about him is incredible... I have no doubt about it, and if you have a doubt, you have to hear his voice...

I did not like Jrock before, until that fated day when I first heard his lovely, sensual, deep, charismatic, soul-caressing, heart-warming, and timeless voice. He is one of the reasons why I am obsessed with Buck-Tick. I believe he is the best vocalist, compared to others mentioned here combined. His voice changed my life.

Buck-Tick is one of the bests bands in Japan; and Sakurai's voice is amazing! His style is unique!