Yuya Matsushita


This man. Is amazing. He's beautiful, fabulous, and very nice! His voice is phenomenal; it lulls me into a daydream every time I listen. His dancing is fabulous, and he really knows how to put feeling into a song. I cry every time I hear Paradise, because well... He has simply mastered the art of meaning every word he sings. Without a doubt, he deserves to be the top male singer. I'll always love you Yuya darling!

The love of my life. Not literally, laugh out loud. He demonstrates everything a girl could think of her boyfriend. He's handsome, sweet, comical, and entertaining. Just looking at his face is enough. As a singer, he voice is soothing and nice. Songs like, Kimi E No Love Song, is just lovely. This song never fails to calm me down if I'm agitated or whatever. He even write his own songs which are just as lovely. Please vote for him! He is definitely worth your vote.

Matsushita Yuya-kun. What can I say... I fell in love with him when I saw his smooth dance moves. I think most people first discovered him in the Kuroshitsuji Musical. I wasn't really a fan Kuroshitsuju, but Yuya's beautiful voice and slick moves made the play wonderful. His voice is so unique, and he's got that Michael Jackson vibe in him. Well one of his favorite artists is MJ himself. From fast-paced songs to beautiful ballads, Yuya masters them all. Listen to his songs, especially the music videos with the incredible dance routines.

Hello, everybody! I'm Anastasia, I'm from Russia. I admire his dancing, voice and all his songs, especially "sono toki made no sayonara". I cried, when heard it for the first time. I was full of unforgettable feelings! Yuya have sweet voice. Hi is very handsome, and just good person!

I just love yuya matsushita.. I wonder if he already has a girlfriend.. I like him and I'm his biggest fan! He has a good personality, good voice and good looking. Even I never see him face to face but I think he's a cool person. Well, good luck for him and keep it up!

I am a Chinese, but yuya matsushita is my favorite singers, I like all of his songs and his dancing is also a great jumper. Also several of the drama played out, I like it very much. In the span of a few years spread throughout the national anthem. I hope that in the future also on the road to work. Yuya mstsushita filler bar. My love.

His singing reaches hearts, grabs souls, full of emotions, unique and pleasant to the ears. His dancing is no less great and to top it off, he has attractive features and good personality. Simply said, he is a talented young artist with full of potential and passion, good enough and definitely deserved to be called the 'Best Male Singer in Japan'

He is a very good singer, his voice is awesome and he dance perfectly =) His dances remember like MJ's dances. Love the song "You" has a very good lyric and the dance is awesome =). His CD's are very good donde because he uses slow and fast sings for do it more completely. Love his music! Amazing Yuya! :P

I just... I can't... There are no real words to DESCRIBE how amazing his voice is. He doesn't need crazy make up or outfits or insane backgrounds to make him like able. His songs look like they are just the most natural thing in the world to him, like he doesn't even have to try. Everything about his performance is honest and touches the audiences and that's the mark of a true performer!

You can really hear in his songs that Yuya puts his heart and soul into making each song. Even from a young age he's worked hard for his dreams and has made them happen. Not only is his natural talent amazing, he's constantly striving to become even better than before, constantly pushing limits. This is one singer/songwriter I am proud to stand behind.

I think he is a great singer, has a great style and he can dance like a god *-*
though his performance in the musicals "kuroshitsuji" is very awesome. :)
he's very cute and I think his greatest hit was paradise, with the text and the nice dance moves

I so love yuya matsushita. Love his song 4 Seasons and his version of Rock with You by Michael Jackson, he's a talented guy, he sings, dance and a good stage actor. Oh! And another thing I love it when he plays the role of Sebastian Michaelis in Kuroshitsuji

He has an amazing voice and is extremely talented. His dancing skill is amazing too, along with the acting skill. I love him so much after listening to "Bird" from Kuroshitsuji II ending song, and immediately searched for his other songs. And all of them are the best! Go Matsushita Yuya! Please vote for him!

I really love his songs especially his new song called SEE YOU. It's really amazing to hear him sing that. And don't forget abou Beautiful Girl too.. You can feel beautiful after hearing this song!

Oh ya, his dance skills really incredible.. I always can't breath whenever I see him dance.

Yuya really has a one of a kind voice, really if you listen to his songs you can hear his one of a kind pitch and tone. He sings, dances, acts and was Sebastian in the Kuroshitsuji musical, seriously what can't this guy do? Vote for Yuya-kun!

I always melt with his voice! I really like it! He is also an actor.
He played the lead character of the musical, Kuroshitsuji. Sebastian, his character was so cool! He got many fans then. I'd like to watch his Sevastian once again

Not only YUYA matsushita is the singer who I most like he sings well, the dance also jumps good extremely, the performing skill very is also good. His singing sound once let mine shock. Therefore I like him extremely extremely.

Yuya the the best person ever he is honest and humble and ridiculously cute and he puts 100% into everything he does and he is constantly working hard for his fans and his voice is just angelic and he honestly DESERVES much more credit

Hi, I'm including Matsushita Yuya Fans! I especially like his song "Kimi E No Love Song"... He has great talent. Acting and singing is as good. On each occasion he was always an interesting look. I like him... :)

I love Yuya so much. His dancing and singing are excellent. His personality is great and his stage presence is amazing. I think he makes the best faces too, especially when he's eating. I met a lot of good friends through Yuya.

He has a gift and a very rare one indeed. He has been striving all his life for these wonderful moments on stage. He is absolutely commited to what he is doing. Great dancer, singer and actor. I question what he can't do. Even though he is this far he continues to challenge himself and poors his heart out during his concerts. Honestly all his songs have an effect on me especially the ones he wrote himself. I and along with many others will continue to support him no matter what. May the best of luck be with you Yuya!

His music is truly inspiring and beautiful his songs like "Last Snow" and "Paradise" touch my heart and his wonderful dancing skills show where his inspiration came from and keeps us remembering the King of Pop

Stunningly beautiful voice to listen to. He puts so much emotion into his songs, and watching his live performances it comes across even more - not to mention his amazing talent in dancing and acting. Can't wait to see/hear more from him!

His voice is utterly gorgeous and I think he's amazingly talented. Every time I see him singing, dancing, acting I can tell how much he loves what he does. How much he treasures his job. Maybe it's just me and maybe I'm romanticizing but that just how it sounds to me.

I love his song Winter Sky. I listen to it for hours. I think he's better than any other singer out there. Today alone I've listened it 26 times. I hope that one day he will have a world tour. Yuya Matasushita is the best singer I know!