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1 Dimash Kudaibergen Dinmukhamed Kanatuly Kudaibergenov, commonly known as Dimash Kudaibergen (born May 24th, 1994) is a Kazakh singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Dimash is best known as a contestant of Chinese talent show "Singer 2017" where he was declared a runner-up. He is also known for possessing a wide more.

This young man seems to be a treasure for our world; not only with his amazing voice but also his character. So much work has gone into creating this astounding vocal range from what seems to me to be his natural baritone voice. All the best to him in his career and his life.

Dimash's voice is incredibly unique. The best singer ever. I'm impressed by his singing. Wow, I don't even know how to express my opinion about his singing and voice.. Incredible, brilliant, unusual, unique...It's just God's gift to the world.

Dimash is the only person to have consistently sent shivers through my body as I listen to his many songs. It's not just his vocal range that is impressive, it's the quality of his voice as he moves seamlessly through his range.

Best in the world, period. Don't take my word for it, watch some of his performances. Many other YouTubers and other people I know think he is the greatest vocalist/singer of all time, I agree. With his astounding performances in Opera 2, All By Myself, and SOS and some very emotional performances in Late Autumn and Sinful Passion to show for it. His range is 6 octaves, from a very low bass F2 to a high (almost sounding like a mouse squealing) D8. Dimash can whistle, do soprano, falsetto, bass, baritone, and more. Hands down the most versatile vocalist/singer of all time. Dimash is also quite the showman, his presence on the stage is felt, and he has lots of fun. One of the greatest showman ever. Also, Dimash only 26 years old, he still has a long way to go, I can't wait to see what he has in store for us in the future!

2 Babbu Maan

Maan saab the great

Babbu Maan Saab is the World's Best Writer, Music Director, Composer, Singer & Actor. I would like to say, he is a Best Artist in the World. He is living in Simplicity. I am proud to be a fan of Babbu Maan.

Top of the world

He is a legend

3 Hariharan Hariharan is an Indian playback singer who has sung for Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Gujarati and Rajasthani films, an established and foremost ghazal singer and composer, and one of the pioneers of Indian fusion music . In 2004, he was honoured with the Padma more.

He has got the most unique magical magnetic voice as well as fabulous unique singing styles...
He has got voice variations from the softest voice to bass voice...
He has recorded huge number of super hit songs in all of the best genres from North India to South India...
He has been the most trusted singer among the music maestros...
He is a Singing Icon...
He has associated with almost all the music legends. He is only the second Indian singer to sing a Sinhala song after Asha Bhonsle...

I'm Vinoth from Jaffna, Sri Lanka... Hari ji has an evergreen youthful singer...I'm a bigg fan of Hari ji... I have been listening his songs from every language and every genre since my young age... Everyday I listen to his songs... His voice is still awesome... He is actually a VERSATILE GENIUS... No one can replace him...

He has been one of the most acclaimed singers. His melody has been appreciated by the film fraternity. He is one of the most versatile and unique singer. His voice is very very sweet.

I'm listening to Hariharan's songs from various languages and genres for more than 25 years. His voice is still fresh and sweet. He is the BEST...

4 K. J. Yesudas Born 10 January 1940, at Fort Kohi more.

Listen Ahimsa Album by Yesudas. He sings in Sanskrit, English and Latin.
Yesudas sings all most all languages in the world. Greatest Classical and popular song singer. Greatest singer from India.

The Celestial singer Yesudas, he is the best male singer in Asia. God's Voice or God of Music. Living legend.

There is a mistake in Voting system. Yesudas is very down here? Why? Correct it

Best singer in the world

5 Mohit Chauhan

I love his voice. It's deep and has the right amount of huskiness. Added to that, he has a great technique. Just his voice is enough to express the emotions of the song.

The most versatile legendary

He should before 10 place...

Super singer in world

6 Eason Chan

He is a better singer than jay chou. His singing skills may be the best of the world.Also he is a emotional

He is the best singer in China

7 Farhad Mehrad

A perfect singer who covered "Yesterday when I was young"! He made me smile many times!

Greatest singer of all time

Farhad is amazing

Best of all time

8 Koji Tamaki

Karan sanghera

9 Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.

He the best for me even do I don't understand korean language but when he sang I feel the music deep in my heart...

His passion towards music and his silky tone of voice approached to the ears and hearts.

Kim Hyun Joong deserves to be in 1st place. He is the only one and the best ambassador of his country!

He is the best male singer for me...and I could go on and on listening to his music

10 Mohammad Rafi Mohammed Rafi was an Indian playback singer and one of the most popular singers of the Hindi film industry.

The Greatest singer in the world. It's a huge statement to make. Listen to his voice & the qualties he demonstrates in his songs & then compare him. His sweet voice, ability to adjust his voice to suit different actors. The variety of different types of songs he sings with great distinction. The ability to sing in loads of different languages. He is miles ahead of the rest. Just study & analyse his songs in detail & you won't be disappointed. A lot of his songs on the internet I have so far collected 1000+. The best singer in the world.

Godly voice. You get goosebumps when you listen to him. What a wonderful human being he was. Maestro and a legend.

Arguably best ever singer of India. Incomparable voice. No other Indian male singer even comes close.

Greatest RAFI SAHAB god of all singers. what stupid site and voting he is the best he should be number 1 singer of Asia idiots morons.

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11 Sonu Nigam Sonu Nigam is an Indian playback singer, live performer, host and actor. He sings in Hindi and Kannada language films.

In my opinion he is lord of music. His capabilities are limited by no boundry.
He is the only person for whom nothing is impossible. He is perfect in every skills.
He is actor, singer, musician, lyrics writer, comedian, stage performer, radio jockey & so on.
He can play almost all the instruments. He had performed in all countries.
He can mimic voice of anyone.
He can sing all types of songs.
Nobody is such versatile & talented as yet.

Nobody in this world is as handsome as him.
He gives respect to everyone & never cheat with work. He never do anything illegal.
He is so keen & curious to know all the things. He really works hard &hard but he never stressed out in his life. He is a healthy thinker. He is defined person.

I think his voice is solace to heart...I think the way he does justice with the lyrics, is highly commendable and hardly any singer of modern era does.
..he is above all, he brings the soul to the song. And he is extremely versatile singer...the way he changes his voice is beyond imagination...I am an ardent fan of his voice and his down to earth attitude...he is the god of singing to me

Sonu Nigam is one of the best singer in the whole world who can sing every song live...He is also known as "LORD OF CHORDS". No one can ever beat his versatility of his voice n such a sweet voice he has...

12 Jay Chou

Jay Chou is the best musician after 2000. No one can compare with him on the selling of the abulms.

The bets musician ever, I use my whole youth in his songs

The best male singer in Taiwan

Best Chinese male composer

13 Judika Sihotang

Such versatile singer. He can sing almost any genre, dangdut, blues, soul, rock, pop, jazz, wait wait.. Should I list all of it? We already know it right?
Vocal type: Tenor (Leggiero tenor)
Vocal Range: Bb2 - B5
Longest Note: (17s - Merry Christmas live)
Highest (Chest/Mixed): G5

Multi Platinum, etc. Just search in google.

High note voice... Runner up of Indonesian Idol 2 on 2005

Bravo and I like you

It the best voice

14 Udit Narayan

Voice full of youthful vibes. Great singer.

The world's most melodious voice. King of Thr world in Singing

One of most telented singer in Asia great singer

He's the best

15 Toshi Toshimitsu Deyama, known exclusively by his stage name Toshi, is a Japanese singer and songwriter. He is best known as lead vocalist and co-founder of the heavy metal band X Japan.

He is one of my Idol... Hope my vote will help him give more his best for his come back...

This is Toshi from X Japan, right? I love X Japan, and his voice is really cool

His voice is special, very perfect..

16 Ahmad Dhani

best singer

17 Jacky Cheung

He's God Of Singing! God Of Songs all his song is very great! And his voice is like miracle that god give directly to us. He's the real singer! The real god of singing

Has to be the king of C-pop

18 S. P. Balasubrahmanyam

I love
S.P songs in hindi language

19 Vijay Prakash
20 Dariush Eghbali

He is number one,not here

21 Yoshimasa Hosoya

He has a great and beautiful voice.

22 Hiroshi Kamayatsu
23 Atif Aslam Muhammad Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer and film actor. His movie debut was the 2011 social drama Bol.

I have no words to describe
The legent The beautiful The most amazing person in the world.
No one can take his plac
Yaar ager mein beth gai is bandy ko to mein pory book shaid likh
Love you. You are my ideal, soul everything

Even the lyrics are worst but this singer can make a common man feel the song by his unique and exceptonal voice.I have listened many singers around the world but no one has such a beautiful voice in this entire world.

He is, in no doubt, one of the best singers ever in the Asian history. Moreover his style and personality make him unique among the rest. He is uncomparable to anyone in

He is Best singer according to me. As a singer I know how to sing normally peopels sing same way. But atif aslam is diffrent singer. I personaly feel after mohammad rafi he is leader of songs. So he should be first.

24 Erik Santos

His amazing voice will conquer your heart and mind..If you hear his voice its like you're in his song's story movie..His looks and talent will capture your heart not to mention also his awesome heart

His voice has true emotion in it. That is why he is the King of Themesongs in the Philippines! Whenever we watch dramatic telenovelas on ABS-CBN, his voice is able to portray the appropriate, touching emotions for the shows.

Erik Santos has a voice like an angel from heaven!

He's truly a vocal power. He's one of the leading talents in the country and conquering Asia as well. Despite of being in top, he manage himself to remain humble. The King of Teleserye Themesongs and definitely the Prince of Pop!

Very down to earth sweet person. TOP IT OFF...VERY talented! Erik is also very humble and attentive to the fans. His concert is not only awesome but also interactive and extremely fun!

25 Zubeen Garg Zubeen Garg is an Indian singer, music director, composer, songwriter and actor. His contributions are mostly attributed in Assamese, Bengali and Bollywood. He has sung many songs in other languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Bodo, Karbi, Nepali, Bishnupriya Manipuri, more.

Please vote in both the page he is not only best singer in India he is best also all over the world.

He is the best in Asia. No one can even touch his voice... Zubeen the our hearthrobe

He is not a new comer. He is in top in many lists. Check out

His voice is unique and mind blowing. He is the best.

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