Best Male Vocalist In Punk Rock Bands

Do you like punk Rock? well here are some of the gratest male punk rock singers of all time.

The Top Ten Best Male Vocalist In Punk Rock Bands

1 Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) Billie Joe Armstrong is an American musician, singer, songwriter and actor who is best known as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter, and guitarist of the punk rock band Green Day, which he co-founded with Mike Dirnt.

Finally, a #1 that should be number one! Though when it comes to best punk rock band, I prefer the Offspring... Green Day is not far behind. However, Billie Joe Armstrong is a far better vocalist than Dexter Holland of the Offspring. I'd say Dexter is more consistent (the dude never ages! He's sounded the same since they started in the 80's! ), but Billie Joe's vocals are better than they ever have been, even at 40. He has a hell of a range and brings a different texture to every song.

This amazing man has inspired many people, he has helped a lot of people through rough times and teaches us really to not care and do as we please. He is different than other punk singers nowadays which all have the same boring tone to they're voices. Where as Billie Joe has a huge range and can really sing any song. His voice is getting even better with age. I have a huge amount of respect for Green Day they were the first rock band I listened to and ever got into. They will always be first for me I owe them a lot so Billie Joe really deserves this, keep voting everyone!

Macys day parade, good riddance and 21 guns just to name a few of this angel's vocal masterpieces

Definitely the best, and one of the top vocalist ever in my opinion, only surpassed by other great vocalists such as Freddy Mercury. - SirSheep

2 Iggy Pop James Newell Osterberg, Jr., known professionally as Iggy Pop, is an American singer-songwriter, musician and actor.

Shame to punk that Iggy Pop is only here

Yeah, just listen to Search and Destroy's last half minute... how could Billie Joe Armstrong beat that? NOWAY...

Here comes Jonny Yen again

Sadly he can't be place 1, 3 and 4 - waldo

A lot of these people on this list like billie joe armstrong rnnie radke and kellin quinn are higher then the legend himself I can't be anymore ebarrassed to ever hangout with these morons

3 Jello Biafra Eric Reed Boucher, better known by his professional name Jello Biafra, is a American singer who is the former lead singer and songwriter for the San Francisco punk rock band Dead Kennedys.

Love his voice. Sounds so insane. Listen to the song Forest Fire and you'll see what I mean. And My Chemical Romance, Yellowcard, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Sum 41, The Cure, Simple Plan, Jimmy Eat World, The Offspring, and Blink-182 are NOT punk. The Dead Kenedys, Black Flag, the Sex Pistols, the Stooges/Iggy Pop, The Clash, Minor Threat, Rancid, NOFX, The Ramones, MC5, The Misfits, and The Kinks are punk. Don't put any of the former bands in with any of these.

He has a very specific voice. It's raw and powerful, and it goes along with an amazingly understated technique. Even if we don't take into consideration anything else besides his vocal abilities, in my opinion, Jello should be in first place.

His voice sounds just like his name: Jello. Its awesome.

Jello is a God on the stage. How the Hell is Billy Joe Armstrong up there and not the King, Jello himself?

4 Joey Ramone (Ramones) Jeffrey Ross Hyman, professionally known by Joey Ramone, was an American musician and singer-songwriter, lead vocalist of the punk-rock band The Ramones.

I'm completely ashamed that my generation seems to think that complaining about your first world problems is punk.
Punk is an attitude not a look, and most of these pop rock bands talk about things that punk rock stood against.
My Chemical romance, simple plan, Green Day, Blink 182, fall out boy, sum 41 ARE NOT PUNK!
Iggy and the stooges, the clash, dead kennedys, the Ramones, minor threat, black flag, and crass all deserve to be hear.

Okay I'm sorry but what is wrong with you people? Most of these people aren't even punk! I mean the people who should be in the top are, you know, actual punk people like Joey Ramone, Johnny Rotten, Joe Strummer, and how about the fact that the person dubbed as the punk singer didn't even make it onto this list (yes I can only be talking about Kathleen Hanna)

Sad sad sad... other fans comment what the good think about their favorite is but Ramones fans are starting again with "everything but Ramones isn't punk" truly sad

How can Joey be no 5. Not only the best punk voice/ front man of all time, but in the top three rock voices of all time with Jim Morrison and Bon Scott ( in my opinion)

5 Sam (Bunkface)

My music is honest music, for the world, for revolution, for peace. - SAM(Bunkface)

I never seen any rock vocallist as influential as sam in asia. In his best, he would make the crowd go crazy and amaze them with his charisma and energy. He has a good future to go big in the future. He is Asia's answer to billie joe Armstrong

Sam is one of the most charismatic vocallist in Asia. Very energetic, able to control the crowd to his will and writes extraordinary catchy punk songs.

SAM is the most wanted PUNK ROCKERS in Asia! He got talented as vocalist & guitarist... All of BUNKFACE song he made it on it own... The world should listen he's song like 'SILLY LILLY', 'BUNK NOT DEAD', 'Hollywood JUST DIED' & 'THE INSIDER'!

6 Milo Aukerman (Descendents)

Milo hands down is the best there is I aspire to have his skill one day

His voice is that of a god. His high notes make birds cry for they know they cannot hit such a divine note. His low notes shake the ocean floor.

Milo Aukerman's work with the Descendents essentially defined modern day Pop Punk.

He's great. Deserves better than thirty-two.

7 Gerard Way Gerard Arthur Way is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and comic book writer who was the lead vocalist and co-founder of the American alternative rock band My Chemical Romance from its formation in September 2001 until its split in March 2013. His debut solo album Hesitant Alien was released more.

I just can't get over how beautiful his voice is, he is one of the best singers and is the lead of my fave band.

Unique voice, amazing talent, you can see how far he had achieved from My Chemical Romance to now

As much as I love My Chemical Romance (trust me, My Chemical Romance has been with me longer than I can remember... ) and his solo music (he's my favorite singer) Gerard Way does not sing Punk Rock music.

Okay so My Chemical Romance are my fave band in joint with Green Day I really can't choose. This man has done a lot for me. his voice is consistently good all the time! His voice was best in black parade. But whoever got the idea that he is punk is just no listen to their music and you will understand.

8 Lux Interior (The Cramps)

Why was he not on the list? like at alll? he should be top ten for just sheer weirdness

9 Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) John Joseph Lydon, also known by his former stage name Johnny Rotten, is an English singer, songwriter, and musician.

Certainly one of the best and one of the inventors of the style. We'd had garage bands that yelled like banshees, but he really did seem to be a banshee. He just let loose with a torrent of emotion, and with that quivering voice that was a window into a crazed mind. Nothing like it. Well, maybe Jello Biafra or Joe Strummer, but no doubt Johnny Rotten and those others set a standard for throwing it all out there. I like that the young people are still finding punk bands they like and vocalists who they want to hear tear it up.

The Fact that he is not even in top ten scares me about how many people a ruining the legends of punk. None of the bands in the top ten are punk, Blink 182 is the the biggest pop posers ever. Green Day is an over rated over produces pop band that never should of happened. Ramones are alright more rock then punk, and The rest of these band are just another excuss for stuck up moody emos to brag about how they are original for not listening to pop.

Punk is Dead.

What the hell is wrong with these people. We're supposed to be voting for best punk singer. THAT'S PUNK! Not some jumped up Americans who wear more make up David Bowie during his Ziggy days.
Only, and I mean only, other choice is Joey Ramone, God rest his soul.

Johny Rotten, the King of punk. His lyrics are amazing and his voice is ludicrously powerful! His vocals are actually punishing in a good way. The amount of aggression in his vocals are all too real because Johnny Rotten came from the streets as a poor working class lad. His vocals exilarate like no other because it's the perfect dichotomy of raw power and melody. Blend that together with a genius mind and you have John Lydon. - shawnwalker

10 Greg Graffin Gregory Walter Graffin is an American punk rock singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, college lecturer, and author.

When Greg Graffin is number twenty-five one a punk list, you know punk is dying, if not already dead and rolling in its grave. He has one of the best voices. By far.

Not only a gentleman and a scholar, he has a voice like no one else, with lyrics like no one else, and is the number one singer on this list, tied only with Jello and Tim.

Extremely intelligent lyrics, catchy melodies and the perfect edge for a punk band. How many bands say that bad religion was one of their influences? Shame... bad religion = underrated.

He's a genius and a great singer.

The Contenders

11 H.R. (Bad Brains)

NO ONE had a voice like H.R. 's Listen to the song 'I' by Bad Brains if you are unconvinced. He was the first to incorporate rasta themes and opera into punk.

12 Glenn Danzig Glenn Danzig is an American singer, songwriter, and musician from Lodi, New Jersey. He is the founder of the bands Misfits, Samhain and Danzig. He owns the Evilive record label as well as Verotik, an adult-oriented comic book publishing company.

Really? Just, really? Most of the "guys" listed aren't even really punk. They're just people glorified by scene kids who are confused about what punk really is. You want punk? Go listen to The Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, etc.

His vocals in Misfits are simply amazing. Way over the top in an almost lounge act kind of way, which is a perfect vehicle for showcasing that voice. I've been getting his songs stuck in my head a lot lately, which is great, until you realize you've been singing out loud about... about stuff you wouldn't sing about unless the vocals were awesome and raw.

In my opinion glenn is one of the best punk vocalist. His voice is fantastic just awesome. He's is a legendary man famous punk rock singer and songwriter, Misfits leader and founder, which was best (horror) punk rock band.

How the hell is Glenn Danzig not higher up on this list!? The Misfits, The Ramones, DK's, Black Flag are real punk! Not this emo pop bull!

13 Mark Hoppus (Blink-182) Mark Allan Hoppus is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and television personality best known as the bassist and co-lead vocalist for the pop punk band Blink-182. Born in Ridgecrest, California, Hoppus spent his childhood moving back and forth between his mother and father's more.

Nobody in punk rock music sounds like mark. Every single one of them has a whiny, nasally voice. Mark sings with a beautifully full voice, while still sounding like a man, not a little bitch (tom delonge)

I love blink though!

Really awesome, but I think Tom deserves to be higher than him. But Mark has a really nice voice, I used to hate it. But as I started listening to his songs more, he is really good at singing. His voice and Tom's voice perfectly suit the band. He should be number 3.

He is just the best ever, no one can make better music than him and Tom

I kept craving Mark's voice.

14 Tom Delonge (Blink-182) Thomas Matthew "Tom" DeLonge, Jr., is an American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and film producer. He was born in Poway, California on December 13, 1975. When he was in high school at age 15, he got expelled for drinking at a basketball game. He also used to play the trumpet, more.

He is pretty good live, even though he fails some performances, at least he isn't autotuned and at some point, he made a high note and it sounded really good. He can play the guitar live and his riffs are really catchy and have rhythm to it. He knows how to entertain his crowd unlike many artists by putting out some really funny humor. He is a nice, chill guy in real life, and chatty and talkative as well. I heard Blink's most recent song, and it was not very good, which just further proves that Tom was really the master behind Blink 182. His song writing skills are amazing and poetic. He even wrote plenty of books, produces movies, owns companies, makes music, seriously, how much does this guy do? He is really talented and hardworking. As much as I love Mark and Travis, I didn't like what they said about Tom on the Rolling Stones. Tom is the creator of Blink 182 and helped advance punk, things without their original creator aren't as good, and it is true, this happened many times. I ...more

He is better than what people say he is. He made a really good high note in his Stay Together For The Kids performance. Am I the only one who actually thinks he sounds decent live? I have heard far worse live, trust me, I have heard pop singers that let playback do all the work and sing very little. At least Tom actually sings and does not lip sync, and his voice is good for someone who is in punk.

For people who think Tom can't sing, just hear his cover on Dancing With Myself, he sounds so amazing that it is insane. He has a really high range and one of the most punk rock voices ever. Should be higher. His raspy, high pitched vocals just sound awesome, he kicks butt, that's for sure.

Tom can't sing to save his life... But that's what makes him so awesome and that's what punk rock is all about.

15 Dave Vanian (The Damned)

What the hell, almost none of the people on this list are punk. And I can't believe I'm the only one to vote for Dave Vanian. You people disappoint me.

I gave my vote for Dave, but I'm think that is a great shame that there is no Malcolm Owen (The Ruts) on the list...

16 Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) Alexander William "Alex" Gaskarth is an English-American musician, singer, songwriter, podcast host and actor.

I think Alex Gaskarth should be number one! He writes beautiful and inspiring lyrics and has a great voice to sing them. I'll always love him! All Time Low is the best band ever.

He's the reason I listen to music! Amazing voice, incredible ability to write such amazing and empowering songs! ATL will always be my favorite band of all time (low)!

Alex is amazing and even better live. Before him I never really appreciated how men can have such amazing voices

Alex is an amazing vocalist who deserves way more recognition than get usually tends to get. He is so talented

17 Dexter Holland (The Offspring) Bryan Keith "Dexter" Holland is an American musician and molecular biology graduate student, best known as the singer, rhythm guitarist, and primary songwriter for the punk rock band The Offspring.

Dexter has long been my favorite singer. He has incredible range and can hold notes for prolonged periods of time, as evidenced in the backing vocals in Offspring albums. His ability to sing songs of differing genres showcases the broad range of his ability. He also never disappoints in lyrics that pull on your heart strings, make you chuckle, or make you think. He's retained much of his ability to hit high notes at live shows, even at 50 years old.

Best In my opinion, even from early years his TSOL like voice, than he started to create his own style in Ignition Grunge type song in Dirty Magic and LAPD, were SMASH was what propelled his success with grunge type singing in Gotta Get Away, his High range in Something to Believe in, than Ixnay he showed his best work in songs like Gone Away, Amazed etc... There is so much I wanna say but most people already know, I am a big fan, and I hope he get recognized for his talent not just singing but his song writing, He Sings great Punk Rock Song and Grunge Rock Songs and Pop Punk Songs, that explaines his talent as a musician. One of the most underrated vocalist in my opion, diserves more recognition than he gets.

Amazing Singer, he can do it all, Punk, Rock, POP Punk, Alternative and he is still sounding great, if you don't believe me? Go check out the Ignition Anniversary shows on youtube, than you will see how great he sounds, expecially for a guy in his mid 40s, songs like Dirty Magic, Gotta Get Away Gone Away, Pay The Man, Race Against Myself, A lot Like Me etc... But its just my opinion.

I think it's really harder to sing some song from The Offspring like Why don't you get a job, Pay the man, Hammerhead... Than other punk band (Green Day, Blink 182). He is best punk singer ever in high notes and on the other hand he can be sucesfull in low notes. His vocal range is excellent.

18 Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag and Off!)

One of the true fronts of the hardchore scene, with his straight off a cliff raw vocal drive and lyrics anyone frustrated with modern day life can relate too.Makes it impossible to dismiss Keith Morris as anything but a legend

19 Justin Sane (Anti-Flag)
20 Tim McIlrath (Rise Against) Timothy James "Tim" McIlrath is an American punk rock musician. He is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist, songwriter and co-founder of the American punk rock band Rise Against.

Tim's voice is unlike any other in a top punk band that uniqueness and the fact his voice is so powerful and pure means he should at least be in the top 5

This really should be #1! The versatility of his voice is astonishing! And don't even get me started on the lyrics he writes!

Tim McIlrath compared to Billie Joe Armstrong? The Green Day vocalist has a flat tone and range while Tim on the other hand can actually change notes during a song

Tim mcilrath isn't in the top ten?!
This is a joke, a bad joke, right?

21 Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) Patrick Martin Stumph, known professionally as Patrick Vaughn Stump, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor and music critic, best known as the lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist and composer of Fall Out Boy, an American rock band from Wilmette, Illinois.

This list is awful. Patrick Stump is an incredible singer and should honestly be top 10 on this list, although I guess I it makes sense if you don't consider FOB punk. I'm sure Billie Joe or either Blink dude would admit in a heartbeat that Patrick Stump is a significantly better vocalist. To add to how ridiculous this list is, the bassist Pete Wentz is above Stump.


How is he not top 3 at least! His vocal is amazing! And his range is top notch. No other person on this list can hit those lies then immediately hit high notes like Patrick.

Patrick Stump is one of the greatest rock vocalists of all time! Shame on the people for not putting him higher on the list. Despicable.

22 Deryck Whibley (Sum 41) Deryck Jason Whibley (Born March 21, 1980) is a Canadian musician, best known as the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, songwriter and producer of the punk rock band Sum 41. He has made 7 studio albums with Sum 41 to date.

His vocal range is amazing, and he has an extremely rare voice. He deserves to be on top 5.

What? Deryck has such a passion when he sings. He fills the words with his feelings. Sum 41 wouldn't be so perfect without him!

His voice is amazing for all low and high notes

He deserves to be at least #5!

23 Nick Blinko
24 Henry Rollins Henry Lawrence Garfield, better known by his stage name Henry Rollins, is an American musician, actor, writer, television and radio host, and comedian.

Not even for his singing ability, just the amount of passion and aggression he puts in his lyrics.

This list is a complete mess. 12 year old girls voting. PUNK IS DEAD!

One of the only REAL Punk vocalists in the top 25.

A legend in punk

25 Brendon Urie (Panic! at the Disco) Brendon Boyd Urie, more commonly known as Brendon Urie, was born April 12, 1987, in St. George, Utah. He is an American singer, songwriter, musician and multi-instrumentalist. He is best own as the lead singer of the American pop-rock band Panic! At The Disco. He is the only original remaining member. more.

He has such an amazing voice! I just wanna listen to him sing all day! He adds emotion and theatrics in his singing, and the lyrics sound genuine and heart felt. His voice is just unique and perfect and I can't get enough! And shouts out to Brendon and his new wife, Sarah! They got married April 28, 2013! Congratulations!

Gerard Way is a close second, but Brendon has a smoother voice that sounds beautiful. Brendon's voice isn't meant for screaming in songs and Gerard Way sounds great when he screams. That's the difference between Brendon and Gerard. They both sound amazing, but in different ways.

Brendon can sing like an angel. His voice is the best ever in my opinion. It's such a sweet sound and his vocal range is through the roof! He has incredibly clear pronunciation and that just adds flavour to the songs. Easy #1.

Brendon Urie has the most beautiful voice! To me, he has the widest voice range! I absolutely love it

26 Joe Strummer (The Clash) John Graham Mellor, known by his stage name Joe Strummer, was a British musician, singer, actor and songwriter who was the co-founder, lyricist, rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist of the Clash.

This list is a joke. A sad, sad joke. Joe Strummer is basically, in a sense, the very definition of Punk Music. While the Pistols and Ramones had sparked the revolutionary musical war by lighting the fire, The Clash had not only kept it lit, but most definitely made the genre and punk cause burn the brightest it ever has been.

I think Strummer's voice is really cool, just full of passion and anger. Johnny Rotten should also be on this list. The Clash and the Pistols are two real punk bands, Simple Plan and Green Day shouldn't be on here.

Why on EARTH is the most amazing-est (in my opinion) singer in the world, Joe Strummer, at 25? Take a listen to a Clash song and just hear the passion that Joe puts in his music. Joe Strummer you will be dearly missed from this world. RIP

It's not that he had a drop dead amazing voice because he didn't he had passion for his lyrics and charisma

27 Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan) Pierre Charles Bouvier (Born May 9, 1979) is a French-Canadian musician and composer, best known as the vocalist and frontman for the pop-punk band Simple Plan.

He's just amazing

Simple Plan may not be as hardcore as some of these other bands but Pierre's voice makes up for that, he has a beautiful rasp in many of their songs.

Best is the only word

Oh he's the besti love it and he's so hot

28 Ryan Key (Yellowcard)
29 Tim Armstrong (Rancid)

The shear depth of music should put this man in the top 5. Check out Tim Timebomb and friends, Transplants, A poets life... etc

Another one who HASS to be in the top 3. Him being down here is an insult to any real punk rocker and anyone who has any damn idea what punk rock is.

His voice = orgasm

30 Jerry Only (The Misfits)
31 Fat Mike (NOFX)

What a joke, nofx not in the top ten punk artist.. Pfft what would you know people.. Idiots

HAHA, I don't even have to explain myself why.
This guy... This guy is a legend.

Simple plan in the top 10? You can't be serious.

How is Fat Mike NOT number one?

32 Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse) Ronald Joseph Radke is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, musician, and record producer born in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ronnie Radke has a very beautiful voice. I love his vocals. He should be Top 3 in this list.

33 Calum Hood (5 Seconds Of Summer)

You've got to be kidding me! Whoever put this dude on the list obviously didn't read the title correctly!

How the HELL is 5SOS pop punk or punk at all they're on par with One Direction

Haha what? No way, Callum Hood? You're joking right?


34 Mike Ness
35 Michael Clifford (5 Seconds Of Summer)

Not a bad singer, but he isn't in a punk rock band. - Kokopawley

Michael is awwsome..

My List :
1. Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)
2. Michael Clifford (5 Seconds Of Summer)
3. Deryck Whibley (Sum 41)
4. Calum Hood (5 Seconds Of Summer)
5. Davey Havok (AFI) - WillWords

36 Davey Havok (AFI)

This list is pathetic. I'm sorry but the people above davey havok on this list makes me sad for people who claim to know enough about music to even think they deserve a vote on a list like this. Davey havok is a legend. In my opinion he should be viewed at the highest regard. When any musician looks at him, you should feel like your looking at a legend of music, As if you were standing next to Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Paul McCartney etc. davey should be held to that regard. He is looked up to by so many musicians behind the curtains. So many look at AFI as true pioneers who have outlasted so many others. The bands been doing this for 20 years. Long live the god Davey and long live A Fire Inside

The art of drowning may be one of the most under appreciated, raw, brilliant, emotional masterpieces to ever come from their genre. In fact. It may be #1 on the list. Songs like "lost souls", "ever and a day", "Morningstar" & of course "THE DAYS OF THE PHOENIX" are songs you almost wish everyone in the world could hear at least once. So they could understand how brilliant young AFI was. They truly were brilliant. And they had no clue at the time what they had created would live on decades later as a record to never be forgotten.

Not many punk vocalist have this type of range with their voice. I mean he was even invited by Jerry Only to sing for the Misfits after Graves left but turned it down to stay loyal to AFI. And in case you don't think that AFI is punk here are some songs: totalimmortal, prayer position, I want a Mohawk, the boy who destroyed the world, catch a hot one, days of the phoenix, so many more I could name

Through our bleeding we are one

37 Joel Madden (Good Charlotte)

Yeah good charlotte is not has heavy as Green Day but his voice is perfect and distinct

38 Tim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World)

Jimmy don't Punk Rock.

39 Tomas Kalnoky (Streetlight Manifesto)

Streetlight manifesto has one of the strongest vocalists I've heard in any genre let alone punk. Each song is filled with tons of passion, as they should be.

Certainly a great vocalist, but I'd say he is out classed by outclassed by the likes of Fat Mike, Tim Armstrong and Greg Graffin. however if this were a contest of lyrics Kalnoky would be first by a landslide

Listen to his solo works Toh Kay

40 Spike Slawson

Possibly one of the most talented vocalists of our time. Look up live version of Mandy.

The Gimmes Rule.

The Gimme"s Rule.

Swinggin utters and me first

41 Benjamin Kowalewicz (Billy Talent)

Unique voice... Something special!

Such an amazing voice. So distinctive and unique, and his voice creates most of the passion contained in the songs. His and Iam D'sa's(guitarist) voices together make an almost sureal sound.

I agree, a very distinct Voice! That's what I love about him!...k, I love two things about Benjamin! His voice and handsome exterior! I'd love to meet him! ❤

42 Joey Cape (Lagwagon)

First off I thought this was best male vocalist in a punk band? Let's not recognize Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, The Cure and for god sakes Falling In Reverse? Really people lets give credit to one of punk rocks most underrated songwriters. Joey just brings the emotion in the most intelligent writing I've seen. That punk rock attitude mixed with heart break and down to earth observations. Joey has his political (No Little Pill), love (Violins), depressing (Never Stops), angry (Tragic Vision), humorous (Lazy) and just plain punk rock songs. Violins is the most simply relatable songs about love falling apart I've ever heard. The entire Resolve album is most open I've personally seen an artist dedicated to his best friend after he killed himself. Best songs No Little Pill, Minus, Lazy, Dancing The Collapse & May 16th.

Joey Cape is an amazing singer when you take into account the emotional aspect. Listen to Infectious or One More Song and that emotion just demands your attention.

43 Robert Smith (The Cure) Robert James Smith is an English singer, songwriter and musician. He is the lead singer, guitarist, lyricist and principal songwriter of the rock band The Cure. He is the band's only constant member since its formation in 1976.

If Cure isn't punk, then Joe Strummer's solo, Siouxsie, Joy Division, VU, X and all the other new/no/cold wave bands aren't too

I didn't think the cure was a punk band

44 Andy Biersack Andrew Dennis "Andy" Biersack, formerly known as Andy Six, is an American singer and pianist. He is the founder and lead vocalist for the American rock band Black Veil Brides, and is its only remaining original member.

He is perfect. His looks, his music, his voice, everything. He should be #1

Andy's vocals are beautiful. He puts so much emotion in his voice when he sings. He writes all of his lyrics, so he has a connection to his lyrics. He has saved many lives with just being there for his fans, He should be number 1 on this list.

I think his vocals are great an he really puts thought and emotion into what he is doing.I love him so much he is my all time favourite idol

Andy is a perfect singer who has so much of inspiration and emotions in his singing. He binds the audience with the song while singing. He is my idol. He and his band members has saved many lives. They are so awesome.

Long Live Black Veil Brides! <3

- Fallen Angel

45 Chris Cresswell (The Flatliners)
46 Luke Hemmings (5 Seconds Of Summer) Luke Hemmings (born July 16, 1996) is an Australian singer and guitarist. He is the lead vocalist for boy band 5 Seconds of Summer.

Luke Hemmings is a pop singer not punk rock. 5SOS is pop not rock - Kartman

He's the best! Should be #1

He's like the definition of perfection!

47 T. V. Smith (The Adverts)

One of the best punk lyricists, just listen to 'Clone Town' or 'Expensive being poor'. Best to see him live.

48 Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens)

Kellin Quinn's vocals are beautiful. His voice has saved many lives, including mine, I believe he should be Top 10.

Sounds like a girl

Dang you're the best bro! m/

He Voice Is Heaven Like They Are A Verry Amazing Band All Of Em
Kellins Voicr is UNIQUE babes

49 Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio/Blink-182)
50 Mike Herrera

Mike Herrera is one of the most underrated pop punk vocalists ever, along with Mark Hoppus (and they sang together on the MxPx songs "Wrecking Hotel Rooms" and "The Empire").

See him live... That is all.

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