Best Male Vocalist In Punk Rock Bands

Do you like punk Rock? well here are some of the gratest male punk rock singers of all time.

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61 Pete Wentz Pete Wentz Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III (born June 5, 1979)is an American musician. He is best known for being the bassist, lyricist, and backing vocalist for the American rock band Fall Out Boy. Before Fall Out Boy's inception in 2001, Wentz was a fixture of the Chicago hardcore scene and was notably the lead more.

I'm sorry, what? Pete Wentz doesn't sing. He's the bassist in Fall Out Boy. - HappyMouse111

I love Pete Wentz, he is amazing

Whoever voted this is an idiot

62 Joakim Thåström (Ebba Grön)

Swedish band, not well known outside of the borders, it's a shame really that he sings swedish. Otherwise they would be big, trust me.

63 Wattie Buchan (The Exploited)
64 Ben Weasel
65 Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup)

Seriously? How is Jaret not higher on this list?!

66 Hugh Cornwell
67 Dan Andriano
68 Fixx Raven (Mind Blank)

A vocalist come from a Pop Punk / Rock band are called Mind Blank from Malaysia. A Hyper vocalist on the stage! He's Showmanship very power on the stage. He's idol is Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Deryck Whibley (Sum 41), Tom Delonge (Blink 182), Sam (Bunkface) & many more. He's age is 21 years old this year.

A vocalist from a Pop Punk / Rock band from Malaysia. He's have a good tone & vocal. He's very hyper on the stage. He's showmanship are the best while he's on the stage. - fixxraven

69 Brendon Urie (Panic! at the Disco) Brendon Urie (Panic! at the Disco) Brendon Boyd Urie, more commonly known as Brendon Urie, was born April 12, 1987, in St. George, Utah. He is an American singer, songwriter, musician and multi-instrumentalist. He is best own as the lead singer of the American pop-rock band Panic! At The Disco. He is the only original remaining member. more.

He has such an amazing voice! I just wanna listen to him sing all day! He adds emotion and theatrics in his singing, and the lyrics sound genuine and heart felt. His voice is just unique and perfect and I can't get enough! And shouts out to Brendon and his new wife, Sarah! They got married April 28, 2013! Congratulations!

Gerard Way is a close second, but Brendon has a smoother voice that sounds beautiful. Brendon's voice isn't meant for screaming in songs and Gerard Way sounds great when he screams. That's the difference between Brendon and Gerard. They both sound amazing, but in different ways.

Brendon can sing like an angel. His voice is the best ever in my opinion. It's such a sweet sound and his vocal range is through the roof! He has incredibly clear pronunciation and that just adds flavour to the songs. Easy #1.


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70 Tony Sly (No Use for a Name)

R.I. P Tony, your deep song never forget from my life cause you are the legend - andika

71 Mick Jones
72 Craig Mabbitt
73 Richard Hell (Richard Hell and the Voidoids)
74 Colin Wolf

Colin wolf, former casualties vocals.

75 Morrissey (The Smiths) Morrissey  (The Smiths) Steven Patrick Morrissey (born 22 May, 1959), known as Morrissey, is an English singer, songwriter and author, rose to prominence as the lead singer of The Smiths, an indie rock band - which was active from 1982 to 1987 . Since then, Morrissey has had a solo career making the top ten of the UK singles more.
76 Joe Queer (The Queers)
77 Kody Templeman
78 Charlie Harper

Charlie is a living punk legend!

79 Dirk Jora
80 Grant Hart

It's not funny anymore, pink turns to blue, don't wanna know if you are lonely and more.

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