Best Malls / Shopping Centers

Which mall do you think is best? I know there's a lot of Canadian Malls in here, but they deserve to be here. Trust Me.

The Top Ten

1 Mall of America

It is so fun, the mall and shops are great but the amusement park just makes it 20 times better. I LOVE THE MALL OF AMERICA!

It has a roller coster in it!

Mall of America: owned by Canadians... - bkweigel

2 West Edmonton Mall

I agree me too and I would stay at the hotel thare if I visited edmonton along with Calgary and Banaff and jasper national parks.

I want to visit there so badly! They have 5 McDonalds, A huge Waterpark, A Roller Coaster and a big hotel! - Adamshane1999

3 Arizona Mills
4 Rodeo Drive
5 Eaton Centre
6 Dubai Mall
7 Sawgrass Mills
8 Vaughn Mills
9 Coop Italy
10 South China Mall

The Contenders

11 Lakeside Shopping Centre
12 Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace

This should be number 1. They have lots of cool shops, restaurants, and fountains. The decor is the best part!

This is my favorite shopping place because of its wide range of luxury and high quality stores, the always friendly service, and the sheer elegance of the marble floors and Roman theme. This is definitely a must-see (even if you don't buy anything) when you're down in Vegas.

13 Fashion Show Mall

With a building of jaw-dropping beauty and exquisite architecture, this is one of many Jewels found in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have stores ranging from cheap to expensive, average to luxury. Every store here will have you leaving with a smile, and such a beautiful view to see while leaving.

14 Pacific Fair Shopping Centre
15 Rhodes Shopping Centre
16 Houston Galleria
17 Crown Center
18 Tesco
19 The Mall - Romford Brewery
20 Pavilions Shopping Centre Ireland
21 Park Meadows Mall
22 Square One Mall
23 Opry Mills
24 Westfield Sydney
25 Trafford Centre

Luxurious place to shop at, one of the best in Britain, the architecture is stunning, the restaurants are great, all on 3 levels, really convenient, close to Manchester, all good.

26 East Hills Mall

I get my boots and pants - Maddox121

27 Westfield Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida
28 Cumberland Mall
29 Miracle Mile Shops

There's a huge pole dancer statue in the middle of the mall!

30 New Century Global Center
31 Town Center Mall
32 North Point Mall
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