Best Managers in MLB

List of the 10 best managers in Major League Baseball

The Top Ten

1 Joe Torre - Dodgers

He proved by making it to the playoffs that the yankees needed him more than he needed the yankees. Now the yankees are sitting at home watching the playoffs - Chris-1

Also a great baseball player.

Why doesn't Stratomatic make a player card for Joe Torre in their Hall of Fame sets? I'm just putting that out there.

2 Tony Larussa - Cardinals V 1 Comment
3 Ozzie Guillen - White Sox

whenever somebodys slacking
he slaps right back into the game - Rocky5

V 2 Comments
4 Connie Mack - Athletics
5 John McGraw - Giants
6 Casey Stengel - Yankees
7 Terry Francona - Red Sox

Ozzie Guillen is not the best, not near it. Francona is consistent, and won with a team that perpetually sucked. - Cbatower

8 Joe McCarthy - Yankees
9 Walter Alston - Dodgers
10 Sparky Anderson - Tigers

The Contenders

11 Clint Hurdle - Rockies
12 Ron Gardenhire - Twins
13 Jim Leyland - Indians
14 Mike Scocia - Angels
15 Lou Pinella - Cubs

I mostly like him during his years with the Mariners. That's where he built up his reputation as not only a great manager, but a fiery one as well. When arguing with umpires he's been known to throw bases, pour dirt all over home plate, and kick his hat quite far. - HALOOOOOOOO

He gave the Mariners their big 1995 season, to which I had season tickets! I was able to meet him personally, and he doesn't seem much like the hard manager he is on the field, but he's a really nice guy! - mstaxrud1100

16 Charlie Manuel - Phillies/ Indians

Totally turned around the phillies - Jman2021

17 Ned Yost - Brewers
18 Joe Maddon - Rays
19 Willie Randolph - Mets
20 Eric Wedge - Mariners

This guy is the best manager ever! He's bringing the M's up from the ashes! Just look how far they've come! Still a long way to go, but they're just a young team, so GO ERIC WEDGE AND THE MARINERS! - mstaxrud1100

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1. John McGraw - Giants
2. Casey Stengel - Yankees
3. Connie Mack - Athletics



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