Attack on Titan


One of the best manga. This will thrill you from your head to toes. The suspense and emotions it gives to the readers is unmeasurable. The author of this manga is a real genius. This manga gives you so much surprises and twist and turns. So addicting, you will crave for more after every chapter ends. This should be at top 5.

One of the best manga I've ever read and I've read a lot of manga (try out Monster, supremely unknown, but insanely good psychological thriller and one of the best averagely reviewed manga ever). Apparently everyone loved it until it became popular, and now everyone hates it. Regardless, good is good, and this is certainly good. The themes, the world, and the story are very polished and nearly perfect. The only qualm I have about this manga are the characters, and though they're not as developed or polished as I would like, they are still likable and interesting; all mangas have their own flaw, but a manga is not liked because it is flawless, it is liked despite its flaws.

At first I do agree the manga is lacking in quality but once we get into the clash of the titans arc (season 2 now) there are some badass as hell art at the most epic moments, and this becomes steadily consistent over the political arc that follows and when we reach the Shinganshina Arc, the quality is just fantastic. The story of Attack on Titan is untouchable by other manga in my opinion, and just about all its characters are superb if people would just give them a chance and consider things from the character's view. Simply amazing, deserves top spot. Only been running for 8 years as well whilst all the others have been going on for way longer.

I'd be willing to die for this anime, so long as I could sit and read the manga and watch the anime for eternity. The cliffhangers kill you at the end of each episode and book, but its worth it. There are a lot of character deaths, but the plot is amazing! There's also a lot of bloodshed and its really violent. On a scale of 1 to 10, the violence would be at 10, the emotions would be at 8, and the suspense would be at 10. You should watch this anime ASAP, seriously.

Best new ongoing series in years! Awesome concept - and the story and art more than live up to it.

Warning though: this book will introduce characters, make you love them, then immediately brutally kill them! Prepare to get your heart ripped apart!

I have read several manga and watched many anime, I found attack on Titan to be one of the least engaging, with the poorest amount of charachter development I've ever seen. Yes there is a ton of action, but you hardly get to know anyone before they die and for the first however many chapters the plot goes as far as running from monsters and Erin turns into a Titan. Then that's it for so long. Not funny, not sad, not complex, only partially engaging. Why it gets so much hype I will never understand, ever. The author needs a lesson from the writers of ONE PIECE ( best manga/anime I've ever seen), Full metal alchemist, Fairytail, death note, inuyasha, heck even yugi oh. All of them are better.

Needs to be recognized, totally awesome and great story line that grips you right from the start. The anime is getting spread everywhere and is soon to catch up within the top 100 if not 50, really worth reading!

I really wish I hadn't read this as soon as I could because it's hard to find many manga series as good as this one.

The characters are so well developed and wonderful. Relationships are so well built. It's story I'd just so stunning and hard to put down.

I really enjoyed this one.

Attack On Titan is one of the best quality for shonen manga to be coming out these days. I have read every manga issue and watched every anime episode. As the series goes on, it doesn't waver in quality one bit, like some manga/anime do. The plotline is one of the best I have seen since I read Death Note, except this isn't some nerds sitting around in a room waiting for one of those nerds to write a name into some notebook. ATTACK ON TITAN FOR LIFE!

The best I have ever seen or read! I also highly recommend the anime and the Junior High Anime and Manga. So awesome, and you can truly tell how much the characters are into battling Titans. I don't think people with a weak stomach should read this though. There is a lot of blood!

The world and plot of this manga is outstanding. It's truly a fight for the sake of humanity. I highly recommend reading this manga or watching the anime, even if you're not a fan of gore and stuff. The plot and fight for humanity is highly impressive.

Attack on Titan has a typical shounen storyline: Eren swearing to avenge his dead mother and his journey against very formidable opponents. The series is captivating and DEFIANTLY does NOT deserve to be places at 94!

This manga is awesome! It shouldn't be so low. It should be in the top ten. It's characters and their feelings are portrayed very well. The arcs are amazing. People who haven't read/seen it yet should read/see it right now!

Well I am on chapter 98, the latest and believe me, I can't guess what's going on. The density in the story is too high. It is one of the best creation I've seen whether it be anime/movie/anything. Strongly recommended.

The dynamics between the characters and their history together makes you care about them. It is so good and there is always that surprise you never expected to happen and it happens.

Almost the best manga ever... If only he followed George R.R. Martin's idea of killing off the main character and letting us worry about who will die or survive.

I love this manga. The anime is also amazing! It's cool how it seems so realistic, yet not real. Everything is explained 'scientifically' and seems believable. You should definitely read the manga! There is definitely blood and gore, but it's gruesome in a beautiful way. The plot is perfect, maybe a few holes, but truly amazing in all.

Such deepness...I wish it was not monthly... - Tia-Harribel

Despair (n) = to lose all hope.

You want to add this in your vocabulary while watching this piece of art. Classic shounen with deep emotional touches but always straight-forward and meaningful. no one in here really has to convince you to watch this masterpiece.

At the end, you WILL watch it.

Highly recommended

Damn nice manga. So intense and gripping, I can't tear my eyes away from the screen. At least needs to be top 10.

This manga is the best. Every characters stand out, epic fight scene, proper character development, the story isn't dragged. Truly my favorite manga

To cool! The truth is actually I kind of scary to watch but I cannot stop watch it and then now I love it. The story is cool.

My friend recommended this anime to me, and I'm glad she did. As soon as I finished the anime I began collecting the manga right away.

Simply amazing, I can't even count how many times, I was getting goosebumps

I am in love with this series. Watched season 1 in one sitting. It is a complete package. Bonus: Perfect OST ever!