I love this series so much. I can't even express how much I love this series. Both the manga and the anime were simply... BRILLIANT! Outstanding in every way imaginable. It was the first manga I ever read, and it still remains my absolute favorite, no matter how many mangas I read, with Death Note ranking in 2nd place. But I think the reason this manga spoke to me so deeply was that it really MADE me WANT to be a mangaka. I've always loved drawing, and I'd always wanted to be an artist when I grew up, and when I read I could totally relate! It was like falling in love for the first time, it was so beautiful for me. This series should be in first place, the fact that it's in 11th is just ridiculous. This is honestly the only manga or anime that has ever made me cry tears of joy, that's how great it was. The final episode of the anime was so amazing that it brought me to tears! I had to pause it halfway through multiple times to wipe the tears away because I was crying so much that I ...more

Bakuman is an absolute joy to read. Anyone with an interest in manga or comics should read it. It twists the process of making manga into an actual manga! Great characters, great fun, and it even shows there is a dark side to the manga industry as the uncle actually died from the workload of producing manga! Great that there is both a writer and artist featured. Great concept. Great read. Pick it up people, does not disappoint. I found it totally randomly at my local library.

it's got a really interesting plot, and which other manga has a combination like that of bakuman, it ahould be in the top ten

I LOVED THIS MANGA. It was the first manga I ever read, and SO ridiculously inspiring that it made me want to be a mangaka, too. I cannot believe that this is only 10th. It should be in the top 3, in my opinion. This manga is absolutely amazing, and I loved the artwork and plot. 5 stars.

This is my favorite manga ever. It is perfect. The plotting, pacing, and art all go together wonderfully. All the characters are described ina detailed manner and projected well. Brought to you by the people of Death Note.

Awesome! Bakuman is better than Death Note which I have read many times. It was difficult to stop reading. The plot and characters were very interesting. I love the art too. My new favorite manga! It's both funny and emotional.

It showcases just how intriguing, fun and intense a comic book/manga can be without any fighting or action at all. A coming of age, reaching for your dream story. With a bit of romance thrown in. Not to mention, the stunning artwork.

Incredible manga that teaches us in a powerful yet realistic way never to give up pursuing our dreams, throughout a touching and very uncommon plot! Highly emotional and definitely one of the best manga ever!

It gives a completely different vibe from other mangas. It just captivates the reader because of the uniqueness of it. Definitely the best manga/anime series I've yet to set my eyes upon!

The raw emotion and pure hope that comes from the characters are genius. I cried so many tears of happiness at the end of this manga that I am forced to give it my no. 1 spot.

LOVE IT! I followed it from end to the beginning. Although there's no fighting or violence the determination of all the characters make up more then enough for this.

I can't say that it's the best, necessarily... I think Death Note is the best. However, Bakuman is my favorite and I wouldn't feel right if I didn't give it my vote.

Incredible piece of art. By far one of the best love stories in manga, and it really does inspire you to chase your dreams. Would read again, and again, and again, and again.

I really love this series I watch the anime every times it omes out I hope it continue longer than season 3... This series gave me a lot of idea about my manga my manga is not officially out yet but I'm making some I wanna be the greatest mangaka in the worl... No universe that s my dream or I could say I will be the greatest mangaka ever please continue this series...

I just love this manga. Reason? Every episodes are interesting. From the very start to the end. It will make you read more.

I normally don't re-watch or re-read anything... But I've seen this one twice already and read the manga thrice... I just love this series so damn much.

I started this manga after all the volumes were out and it had finished. Well for starters I couldn't put it down for a non mainstream manga like one piece and Naruto it's still very very intresting with the anticipation and all that it was over all one of the best manga I have ever read.

This is so great because it just explains life, to me, that's just as good as pirates finding the greatest treasure or ninja's fighting.

A modern manga. Interesting, pleasant and with a decent final that makes everyone satisfied. Even though the story final itself is pretty predictable, it's fun to see the how. With surprises, quizz, craziness and impulses the characters entertain you. It's a marvelous story.

This is the greatest, the characters are mind blowing! It is a guide book to any manga artist for sure. Find something better.

It is the only manga where I cried at the ending. Do to happiness though! My #1 favorite manga. I recommend it to everybody.

I have watched only the anime and I absolutely loved it but I can guess that the manga will be even more awesome.

This series is just amazing, it explains so much about the manga creative process and has a gripping plot. The art is pretty good and there are a lot of funny moments in the series that made me laugh out loud. Also I believe it is amazing because the writer, Tsugumi Ohba, came up with plenty of interesting ideas for manga for the characters in this series to be creating. I wish some of them were actual series...

It is an amazing manga it tells the real life of manga artists this book can be ranked in top ten mangas

That manga make me cheerful when I read it. And the best thing is non fantasy "realistic" so I enjoy every single page and it have so many text bubbles -I don't know- the characters are lovely and funny I recommend that manga MUST read, go and buy it N enjoy!