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Berserk, also known as Sword-Wind Chronicle Berserk, is a Japanese anime television series that aired from 1997 to 1998. An adaptation of the manga Berserk, it comprises 25 half-hour episodes produced by Oriental Light and Magic and first aired on Nippon TV.


I am not shocked to see that Berserk isn't number 1 because in terms of popularity, One Piece and everything else above Berserk is more popular and have been read by most people. I now give advise to you all who haven't read Berserk... READ IT! You will see why this is considered by many and most critics to be the greatest manga ever created. This manga is so brilliant in story telling, writing, characters, art, and pacing that it could also be considered one of the greatest fiction works of all time. The dialogue is breath taking, and the chemistry between the characters so believable and touching that it eventually builds up to what is probably the most horrific betrayal scene ever written or drawn on paper. I've read it so many times and it still sends shivers down my spine. If you like manga, you owe it to yourself to read this masterpiece. An experience you will never forget. - metalmaiden

Berserk is just a better manga. The only reason that the big three are up there is because they gained great popularity when they were actually good, but now that it's already hit its highest point the fanboys stay more loyal to mediocre story lines than they could ever do so for their soulmate. People who read that sort of manga will find that they reuse the successful arcs as a mean to regain the popularity they once had. Anyway, the point is that bigger population of fans= Increase in outsiders of anime and manga being introduced to that particular manga. It ends up being an ugly and stupid cycle. I agree with both Berserk and Death Note entering the top ten, but am disappointed to see that. Lot of manga or anime fans have blindly chosen other cliche manga over less popular but intricate manga. Berserk should be higher than it is because of how unique it is. If you've watched the anime than I highly recommend this manga as it compliments and completes what the anime has to offer. I ...more

Berserk is the first Manga I read. Since I have read many Manga of many kinds and sadly even the best of those is little more than a shade of the masterpiece that is Berserk. Even other great series like Vinland Saga, Zetman, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemists and even Akira only manage to capture a few facets of what Berserk does. Even though Berserk began in the 80's it has art that is superior to almost anything seen today. Berserk has everything, an amazing plot, philosophy, iconic characters, emotional moments both enchanting and horrific. Berserk takes you on a journey like no other Manga ever has. It is a story that is as deep and dark as it is epic and wondrous. I have read Berserk many times and every time I pick up on subtle nuances that I missed before. I can't say enough good things about this series, there is no other like it, it is the model that all should aspire to. Berserk's only major flaw is that it takes way too long to come out. It's like The Song of Ice and Fire of ...more

Beserk... where to begin? When you read manga, you develop a shield, I like to call this the shield of innocence, because you're probably used to reading Naruto, and Bleach and one-peace and you think these are by far the greatest undisputed works of art ever created. But when you come across something like beserk, you read through the first three-four volumes, you either put it down and say, "Good grief, this is much too tragic for my liking..." and continue reading Shonen manga, or, like many of us, you continue reading, and continue to discover as the pages unfold each level of utterly disturbing, yet enthralling story developments, from learning about Guts past, to learning about how much this manga doesn't hold back at all! This manga has the nuts to delve into situations and issues that no other manga would do in fear of putting off the reader. This is at its most base level one of the greatest works of fiction ever created. The characters are believable, the bonds they share ...more

As I delve into this manga I delve in the darkness of the human psyche.

Never in my entire life I have read something so rich as berserk. The ambient is a unruly, cruel, dark world where only steel rules. Then we met guts, an anti-hero who is born in a grotesque way in this world. He mets other, deep and stunning humans and creatures. We see him fight on either gorgeous, Stunning, or Dark places. As the story progresses we get to see this world being combined with another, magic filled world. And then we explore this true darkness with him, and even the few good things that meant to him are taken away.

Even so he continues, he pushes on, he becomes a beast.

I have seen most of the top 10 manga, which including the top 6. None of them are even close to Berserk in a overall scale. One piece might be the best sho nian(youngster) manga, but Berserk definitely still beat it with the art, and character telling. It's so emotionally, beautifully and yet, tragically perform. Berserk tells a great detail of characters with no bull at all, it is pack of information in every dialog and the drawing. Maybe I will say battle angle Alita is close to berserk, but it remains the best manga of all time! True masterpiece.

Emotional, dark, gripping, and epic. Berserk is manga that stands above and beyond many. A tale of one man's struggle against not only the shadows and fate but also himself. Its story not only draws its readers into its world of heros, magic, and monsters but also makes them question things about their own lives and humanity itself. With amazing characters and a form of storytelling lost over time Berserk is one of a kind.

How is this #9 and fairy tail is #4 not that there's anything wrong with fairy tail, but berserk has won multiple awards and is widely recognized by most critics and reviewers to be one of if not the best manga ever written. The art is brilliant and highly complex, the story is deep, and the characters are very well developed. The only real weakness berserk has is it's infrequent releases that really limits it's popularity, but if it had the same exposure as the big three it would far outshine them.

I've just been re-reading the arc involving Farnese and her world. The thing that I love the most about this manga, aside from the incredibly detailed art, the mind-blowing battle scenes, the over the top violence, and the heart-wrenching back-stabbing story is the way how every single character in the main cast, even the ones that seem more like background characters, is so well fleshed out. Their back stories and places in the plot really makes it feel like there aren't really isn't any background cast, just another lead role in an already brilliant cast of players. Though it does, unfortunately, take a while for new chapters to come out, I will continue to read, re-read, and enjoy this amazing manga right to the bitter end.

A deep long and intricately planned storyline of a lone warrior, the ambitious goals of a young general and the friendship, dependance and enmity that surround the two are what give the incredibly well choreographed, wonderfully drawn battles an scenes so much power. Each character has his unique appeal, unmistakable design even of their faces. The story is gritty, dark and the author fears not to make sacrifices of likable characters when they are necessary, but this just makes Guts' struggles have more impact and inspire more hope. This is more an epic tragedy combined with dark high fantasy than just a manga.

Sorry but berserk is the best manga so far, but being +18 and highly contains blood and tragedy which makes berserk unpopular with kids(to think most of manga fans are kids) and even worse that it come out one a month. Berserk have the best art and story. Characters are well designed and balanced. I recommend berserk to many people and berserk became most of their favorite manga, you should check it. Its truly awesome.

Berserk is a must read, everything about this manga is just amazing, the characters are the most fleshed out in any manga/anime I have read, the art is just beautiful. Kentaro miura who is the witter and illustrator started berserk in 1990 and the manga series is still going and with every book released the quality it always top notch, if you like violent manga you well love berserk from the start the gore train starts rolling, I could type about the story but even the smallest thing can spoil the whole golden age arc, if what I have typed has made you want to read this all I can say is watch the anime first then read the manga as there is some things in the manga that is cut to fit a time frame but also the anime does have a proper ending if you doing under stand what I mean, your gonna have to watch the anime then read the manga from start to finish.

I got so addicted to Berserk when I first started reading, that I read through the entire manga, saw all the anime episodes, and all of the movies in my summer vacation to France. Making my fantastic 2 week long vacation at an old French castle/mansion with a swing pool and so on, basically disappear and flushed down the toilet. But it was worth it.

And to all you clueless fools who still haven't read Berserk yet, and whine about bleach, Naruto, one piece, deathnote, hunter x hunter being best. (I have seen and read them all) Get yourself a life by reading Berserk, nothing even compares to this masterpiece of a manga!

Berserk is UNIQUE. It doesn't have that cliche "friendship is awesome" crap or has a main character that surprisingly makes the bad guy the good guy. The main character isn't an idiot that cries when he/she kills something. There isn't really "good guys" or "bad guys" in Berserk. Of course there are some but the main ones are gray. That's why I like this manga. It isn't some bull about goodie vs baddie. Trust me you love this.

Berserk goes deep in story immersing you from the start with rich quality story of a brutal world and the characters that are introduced become a almost a part of family to the protagonist... After the tragedy at the end of the golden arc, when Guts and Griffith have really been placed against one another... That is when the story takes upon an even greater meaning from a simple rise of an empire to a fantastic tale of betrayal, love, sacrifice, and the will to survive and fight like no other manga ever.

First 2-3 volumes are not very interesting but if you get (or start) at the golden age arc you're pretty sure to get hooked. The story is deep and caracters evolve very well as the story progresses. The art becomes quite amazing it later volumes. Even though there are some slower parts (combat heavy volumes are least interesting to me) this manga is an absolute must.

Guts. That's all I have to say about this manga. He is the toughest and top bad ass main character ever. He is my favorite character ever and never disappoint in who real he feels to the reader. Berserk has the right amount of intrigue, action, romance, comedy, tragedy and fantasy. Never overdoing it. The best manga ever.

This manga really treats some deep subjects and some dark subjects that are not often taken up in manga - and compared to literature, the artwork really adds a new, horrible, awesome dimension to it.

Though it shares some typical elements - E. G the hero with the 'can do' attitude - it really almost deconstructs these elements and in the very least treats them in a very unique manner.

If I could only ever read one manga, it would be this.

Berserk was the first manga I ever read, and so I was very worried about getting into the manga and the different art style compared to comics. But when I started reading the 1. volume I was hooked right from the start. It has one of the best storylines I ever experienced, I am just so happy I discovered this manga. The art is just amazing and it's impressive how much detail, effort and love was put into the drawings by Kentaro Miura, even more into the deep story which surprised me all the time and never became boring, always keeping me excited to read the next volume.And I'm not even through the whole story. I thank Miura for creating this masterpiece and even more for opening the world of manga to me. But I think it would be better to read the manga before watching the anime.

Raised from death to the battlefield this mercenary finds a purpose, companionship, and greatness. When most story arcs would wrap up happily Berserk takes it all away and gives us the Black Swordsman. No character has lost more and proven so resilient as Guts. Best mature manga. My favorite. Read this for ultimate story arc and incomparable action as well as the reckless heroism of its main character. It is called Berserk for good reason.

An awesome story both Thrilling and suspenseful.

The only downfall is the release schedule on this, It won't be finishing anytime soon.

--New movie coming out 2012, covering the entire golden age arc--

I think that berserk is the best manga ever made. The main character fights apostles, which are people who can transform to demons, and the way he is fighting, speaking and killing... He is shown to be more of a monster than the demonic monsters, because he is so cold blooded and brutal. The character and the whole manga itself is not the typical 'happy ending manga with a good guy winning against the bad guy', it is a manga with cruel and shocking moments and bad endings. Berserk is nothing for soft hearted people, and the story, the characters... the way it is drawn... it is just unbelievably astonishing.

Berserk has by far the deepest story to a Manga I have ever read, it's complex but not to the point of being confusing and annoying but just enough to where you get an understanding of the characters personality, it has a progressive storyline, with no filler as far as I'm concerned, every character has a personality, and so long as it continues to be this amazing I feel it should top any mainstream manga/anime out there.

This is no childrens story. Along with the nonstop action and amazing story line, it is also very philosophical. It is Kentaro Miura's view and his questions on life about good and evil, what "God" is made up of and if we go through life fated to do the things we do, destined... or if we have free will. This is a story about friendship, betrayal, how people and events shape us and make us feel the way we do... and so, SO much more. In terms of popularity, no this isn't the most popular, but that is because this isn't for the younger crowd. The story along with the art makes it mine and many others #1. For it to have been started in 1989 and published in 1990, and still be where it is at on this list, is a testament to just how amazing, and deep, this manga is.

The depth, complexity, and raw emotion found within every detail of the plot, every part of the characters is something that none of these others mangas on this list reach. Berserk by far the best manga to have ever been written.

I swear I could write my dissertation on it. If you want to read a masterpiece captured with breathtaking artwork and plot, then read berserk. You won't regret it.