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Bleach is a Japanese anime series based on Tite Kubo's manga of the same name. Bleach adapts the first 54 volumes of Tite Kubo's manga series of the same name. In addition, 4 anime-original arcs were broadcast in-between and during the adaptations of original arcs of the manga. more.


Most people play favorites on voting so bleach here is down but on all on going manga, I do think that bleach the best. Well, people have different tastes, but I say that bleach's story is much deeper than naruto's or one piece's that's why most people can't get the full essence of its story. I'm not over rating it but it's the truth. Although my favorite is bleach, but I can't deny that naruto is still the first because it's well balance. Naruto's story isn't hard to cope up with and it's interesting. While bleach's story, as I said earlier is more for an adult and people might find it hard to cope up with. But if you are able to get its essence then you'll find it as the best on going manga (only applicable if you prefer uniformly organized structure of literature).. Third is one piece, because if you are an adventure lover, you'll like it. But because of its childish plot/story you can even skip a few hundreds of episodes/chapters and still cope up with the story... Well, it's not ...more

The art is amazing! It doesn't just portray the protagonist as a person with all the natural talent at the beginning, so it makes it all the better to watch his progress! Aside from the fighting and all the other action, there is an amazing emotional storyline to it as well! Addictive!

This is a manga/anime that would have you at the edge of your sit every time you are reading/watching it. It would have you thinking about the mysteries involved withing the plot and the characters. Ichigo may seem a bit too powerful, but if you notice, he goes through a lot of training in order to unleash his powers, or even learn how to use/control them, which makes the characters more realistic within the manga story, of course.

Please! Bleach should be the first one or the second. Look around you and see how popular this series is. I can't believe they put fairy tail out there. I know it's good but it has NO competition with THE BLEACH! It's one of the most, MOST POPULAR MANGA'S OUT THERE! Though it's popularity has decreased in Japan a little but it still holds the position of the MOST LOVED MANGA IN THE WHOLE WORLD. It has a real plot with amazing characters (except orihime). It's not another bull happy to lucky crap. It has AWESOME fights not pansy one! This is a joke to put inon the 7th rank

This is the bet manga ever! All the characters have such unique history and situation in the books! I love how the character's personalities seem to basically make up a lot of the story line. I love Tite Kubo's art to death too! It's so amazing and I'd say almost abstract. I love this series more than anything. Literally. It's so addictive and wonderfully easy to get obsessed with it!

My first and my best! I also like that it is very long. It isn't like Death Note which is very good but also very short. Bleach has like 500 chapters already which is awesome. The main character is also very good and isn't that all powerful, he gets beaten down plenty of times! Just the main arc is so big and complex that I like it even more!


I love bleach its just so good and its not because it was my first manga or anything, I have read tons of mangas before and this one is the most addictive, there is such a variety of characters in it that there is always someone to whom you can relate yourself to its one of THE best and it should be the best!

Bleach is far from something "Original", or "new" but it's a master piece of simplicity, the art is good, the best thing is that there are always new amazing characters coming from other worlds or from the past, this has such a "refresh" effect, we always want to follow the story without getting bored.

Bleach's characters are reasonable people with pasts that other people can relate to. It's plot is awesome!
I love Bleach!
Ichigo tries really hard throughout the whole series and is an amazing hero!
The art is pure awesome and the fillers are actually really good unlike Naruto's! Additionally, the fights are awesome and the way little comedy moments are put into the storyline are pure genuis!

Bleach is only the second manga series I've ever read and when my friend kept pushing me to read it I didn't think it would be good but then I read the first 5 episodes and was hooked it's a good balance awesome kick butt swords and powers but it has a good amount of romance and life and can trigger all kinds of emotions such as comedy suspense exhilaration wonder anger sadness betrayal happiness surprise and awe. It is a perfect seires for just about anyone.

Bleach is great! Of course Ichigo is way too powerful but sometimes it makes it interesting. Also, the characters are great and its pretty fun, serious, and sad at the same time! Bleach was to be among the top threes at least. The fights are awesome! BLEACH FOR THE VOTE!

Yes, Bleach is truly a legend. It has always been in the 2nd place after Naruto. Even though as the anime stopped people have forgotten about Bleach which is a really terrible news. Hopefully it will get back on top and shine again!

Bleach is a pretty epic manga. I really love the latest arc. Every week you get a new, enticing, sweet and short chapter. Even with the very short amount of content in every chapter, whatever happened in that chapter has you hyped for the next week. Things have been unpredictable and some stuff deemed as plot holes are starting to fall into place. KENPACHI WENT SHIKAI GUYS! Enough said.

I am so glad this is in the top 10, I started to read it and now I just can not stop! People say Naruto's the best but in my opinion this is way better. The characters are inspiring and the plot is so interesting I would definitely recommend this!

Bleach should at least be fourth. I believe Bleach had the best story & ending out of ANY manga I have easily read after Ichigo lost his shinigami powers. But why has it lost so much popularity? Because they should DEFINITELY have stopped there. Why did they continue? Why? The story now is interesting but rather sickens me compared to how downgraded it became from the original plot. - graylier

This last bleach arc is turning out to be epic. You get to see a lot of the captains get epic battles and the war has you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.

Bleach has an epic storyline, of a normal highschool guy turning into a legendary death god. You can't not like something that sounds like that...

How the hell did a manga such as Bleach end up on rank 7?! Bleach deserves a better place than this! It should be at the very least on the top five or something. Vote harder people! For Ichigo's sake!

I think bleach has done a commendable job as a manga. The latest arc has got some serious twists and unexpected turns that just keeps you hyped. It is a real epic in my opinion.

The fights are especially awesome. I loved ichigo vs ulquiorra where ichigo loses complete control to his hollow side

Bleach has a great plot. The characters are well developed. Not only is it a great action manga it also has quite a few funny moments. The art is also amazing!

It's Bleach! What more can you say? The fighting is incredible and imaginative, the characters are interesting to downright thrilling, the story's addicting, and the artwork is amazing.
If you haven't read this, do so. It deserves to be in the top three, right alongside Fullmetal Alchemist and One Piece.

It's the best I have watched in terms of character description with some mind boggling twists and turns in the storyline

The story line of this manga is just heart-gripping. The main characters are realistic and humorous, and the artwork is beautiful. I love how the "nakamas" can withstand so many hardship yet still stick together and support each other. I'd give this series a absolute 10/10