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Death Note is a Japanese television drama series based on the manga series of the same name by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The show is centered around Light Yagami a promising highschooler and aspiring detective with a strong sense of "justice".


This is by far the best manga ever... It completely breaks off the model popular shounen manga follow, which is having a character who blurs the line between man and beast yet is charismatic as protagonist(in simple, the lovable idiot), who is unnaturally strong/powerful, and faces off against even stronger enemies to decide the fate of the world/universe, who then beat the living pulp out of him; and when all hope of defeating him is lost somehow finds the strength to carry on and beats him after realizing he's got the fate of the people close to hiworld/universe on his back...

Don't get me wrong, I love all that kind of manga too, Goku was my childhood hero, I love naruto too, and fairytail cracks me up (sorry but definitely not One piece, haven't seen/read much but what I have has been ridiculously dumb, sorry).

Anyway you got to admit when it comes to quality Death Note by far surpasses any manga there is at the moment...

I've been depressed ever since I read it, cause I couldn't find another one like it. It was so clever and just simply awesome. The only match for it is Code Geass anime adaptation, and those two being actually only 2 anime/mangas of its kind, again make me grateful they exist and sad that there is no more such perfect stuff.

Downright creepy. But Light, the main character, is a very inspirational one, being a college dude, #1 in the country, with a special shinigami notebook called the Death Note, hence the name. He wants to create a utopian society by killing off all of the criminals, yet creates one of dystopia when his alter ego Kira goes mad with it.
Some nice stuff there, huh?

It's definitely Death Note.
I love-love-love this manga, the anime and also the additional novels are amazing. The manga is the best manga I've ever read (and I've read a lot - from Mystery to Comedy, to Romance, Horror, Slice of Life etc. ), and this is the best I've come across. There's not another one of this kind.

The story is simply amazing and super intelligent (it still blows my mind when I think about it). The two main characters, L Lawliet and Light Yagami, work against and together both at the same time and it is just SUPER THRILLING, and once you read it you'll either love L and hate Light or the other way round... you're really into this manga once you begin, and I swear: You can't stop with this Death Note obsession that'll start too soon.
The whole plot is just really worth reading and something different (you can kill people through writing their names in the special "Death Note" (but there are rules with which you can play, too, etc. ) yet ...more

This manga is just soon awesome! I personally greatly enjoyed reading this manga although I couldn't really agree to the ending of the story because my favorite manga character is light Yagami. But when I bought death note 13, I flipped over to the page where the authors of death note were being interviewed they said that their favorite character in death note is L. I can't believe it!

Possibly the most compelling plot ever written, this one nails you down from beginning to end. Only major defect is that, being so focused on narrative, the main characters -especially Light- are not really human, in having absolutely no feeling distracting them from their purposes. Besides this, a really cleverly structured manga, with no cheesy fights or superheroes, most probable western adults' favourite.

A great standard to judge a work of literature is to measure how many times you can reread the entire series and still be fascinated by how interesting every little detail is. No other manga carries this trait. Death Note is by far the best manga, and maybe even one of the best storylines experienced by mankind.

This story, this world will stay with you for as long as you live. The issues presented in this novel lie at the heart of human nature, and no matter how many times you go over it in your head or discuss it with others, chances are you'll never reach a definitive conclusion. It is a truly captivating manga.

I really loved the manga. I haven't even seen the anime, nor do I want to. The manga was so epic, the art, the thrill, the mystery, and maan, the suspense! I can't imagine it ending in less than 40 episodes when it kept me hooked for more than a 100 chapters! I really love how the story telling style and art blends so amazingly with the plot, considering its two separate people! Best manga for me EVER! P.S. If you read it, read Bakuman later. It feels like the side story of the making of death note. It's just too good to miss.

Honestly, how is the not number one?
Instead of the bloody, hand-to-hand combat, and guns and all of those other excessive things, this is a war of the wits. The battle of the brain. Once you start, you are completely unable to stop, if you're into that kind of thing. Even after majorly shocking and heartbreaking bomb-shell dropped in the middle of the series, you still want to finish, just to see how on earth there could possibly still be a binge-watching show.
I loved it.
Without a doubt, the best anime ever.

This manga is utterly compelling. With unique characters and a truly deep and thrilling plot line exploring the theme of justice and sin, this is definitely a well deserved third place. If you are a fan of nail-biting plot twists, contrasting and motivated protagonists then this manga is definitely for you!

Never will you ever see such an intense psychological battle between two (or arguably even more) characters. For starters, there's a megalomaniac going against a genius with a sweet obsession. Both characters are wonderfully developed and this manga undoubtedly deserves the first. Need I say more?

Didn't think I would enjoy Manga but was told about Deathnote and thought it sounded interesting. After reading/ watching it, I can't believe how good it is! The storyline is amazing and keeps you hooked from the very start. Would love to find something which could match this but doubt I could.

An obvious choice for those who want a little bit different manga.
You can not be lazy while reading this manga because you won't understand it at all, and you won't be able to figure out whos the real criminal! Psychologic thinking required!

Death note is a must see! The thrill from the start to the end comes. You can experience an unown and illegal satisfaction no one could ever live! The images are perfect, the ambiance is perfect. The suspense is perfect! Number 1 manga ever

I only got into Death Note at the beginning of my freshman year of high school, and after reading the first volume, I was hooked. It had a unique plot and unforgettable characters such as Light, L, Ryuk, Misa, Rem, and many, many more.

Delightfully complicated! Especially deduction by yagami light and L, also the concept of the actual "death note" is quite interesting and propagates an engaging story arc. Great series!

Death Note is, bar none, my absolute favorite manga. While it will never be number one due to its lack of popularity outside of the manga lovers of the world, it will always hold a special place in their hearts.

This is so amazing! This is the first manga that I have read that the protagonist is bad (controversially) and he dies in the end! This manga is so amazing how it's so controversial and I love how the story is about the antagonist (controversial! ) trying to beat the protagonist (controversiaall) instead of mainstream manga which is the other way around!

A great starter manga. It has an amazing story and keeps you at the edge of your seat. I read it over and over again and I still get the same feeling. It is a must-read manga and I recommend it to everyone who is willing to read manga.

What not number 1 impossible, this manga has it all killer artwork great story and kick a character development. This manga led to the revolution and the spark that give us good anime today. Not #1 this is madness

Too smart and brainy and so my no. 1 detective manga! L's job is finished by Near so the legend goes on. Hard to believe Light's that smart but Near's just wow! Ryuk is funny too! Though L's death was mourned very deeply...

Death Note was my second anime series, my first being Elfen Lied. Death Note is a story I can never get bored with. I'm always happy to reread it. It's got a special place in my heart- as well as on my shelf.

seriously, the cleverest manga I've ever seen, no second-plot stories or stupid delays and the twists are just brilliant. it's for the really demanding ones

According to me it is the most psychologically thrilling manga ever made. Just the mind games being played between light and L makes you drool on the screens. A definite must watch