Dragon Ball


Wow, it's honestly pathetic that Naruto can be ranked higher than this classic piece of work. Masashi Kishimoto himself has stated that he viewed Akira Toriyama as his inspiration. Naruto is too damn long for it's own good. It's tried so hard to reach to a wide audience that it has transformed from a manga/anime which did utilize the "never give up" aspect of life into a drama! Seriously and Bleach? Are you kidding me? I can understand Death Note because of the whole mental concept of the manga and One Piece because it appeals to a wide audience without needing to be a soap opera but seriously, what the hell is Naruto and Bleach doing here? Anybody that seriously thinks that Naruto is the best manga of all time is obviously a 12 year old that has never watched any other anime or picked up any other manga. Wow, over a class like Dragon Ball... Hell Detective Conan and even YU YU HAKUSHO IS BETTER. Fanboys these days, really...

I know that opinions are individual and can't be judged by others.. BUT, FACTS might have some say in the matter. The thing about DBZ is that it was the most influential anime EVER. No other was such a phenomenon of popularity and, seriously, I think we will never see something close to it. I remember that students where massively skipping school to see the episodes and it was even reported on the news. DBZ was not only BY FAR the most addicting manga ever but he was responsible to project this kind of anime to the world. Every person who is voting for Naruto and Bleach are nothing but kids who never saw anything else. And I am not biased because I grew up with the DB saga, from the 1st to the GT. I say I am not because when Mangas like Death Note came out, I really accepted them as the most elaborated anime I ever saw. But the thing is that DB swept a generation years. DB was not a simple anime but A CULTURE BY ITSELF.

Dragon Ball (which technically includes the Dragon Ball Z sires going up to vol. 42) is one of the best post-modern pieces in not just manga, but in literature itself (in comparison to the Chines folk tale the monkey king. I know this is an extremely bold statement but the sophistication in writing and illustration are almost untouchable compared to other authors. In addition I believe that Bleach, Naruto, One Piece and fairy tale are at the top because of the of the age groups that group up around them especially in the US, while Dragon ball hit its peek of popularity in the US in the early 2000's. Even en now while I am in my twenties I still have the same appreciation that I did being ten and reading the series for the first time!


It's the most famous manga ever, thus It has to be in number one, I know there are a lot of mangas that are good enough too, even some of them are better. However thanks to Dragon Ball, not only Japon folks like manga; thanks to DB much people around the world are willing to see more series and look for more and more. DB, specially Z series, is the most influential manga and anime ever, without it, manga wouldn't be what is now, and some great mangas like Naruto, ONE PIECE, BLEACH, SAMURAI X, DEATH NOTE (that I like as much too) wouldn't be that great

Dragon Ball Z has served as a role-model manga for all the other popular manga's such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, etc. I have thoroughly read all of the top 5 manga, and to say that DBZ comes 5th is utterly atrocious. It is the most nostalgic, blood-pumping, heart warming, action filled manga of all time. You just can top the prestige this manga (and the anime, don't forget the anime) brings.

Dragon Ball and One piece should have the top most people overlook the fact One piece is an large story which is hard to remember small details even for the author, but still can and Dragon ball's author is quite opposite even thought they have many similarities, but Dragon ball is my favorite a true shonen-battle that has inspired countless manga's. THIS IS THE BEST MANGA!

It took me all this time to finally get round to reading the Dragon Ball series, but boy was it worth it. Unforgettable characters, humour, plenty if action and one big huge adventure all wrapped up into one package that never fails to entertain. Dragon Ball is without a doubt the most inspirational manga/anime series of all time and an absolute joy to read.

Dragon Ball has a story and adventure everyone loves! A lot of adventure, action, and comedy it was one of the best anime and manga of all time! Telling the adventures and life of Son Goku and the rest of his friends who are in their team called the Z fighters! From the comedy it gives to them saving the earth dragon ball is the best!

Dragon Ball 6? This is an insult to the history.

Its got an amazing adventure and fun and action and friendship and it's the greatest anime and manga of all time Goku is a funny kid to watch and he was stated to be the strongest manga character of all time I mean Naruto one peace all took inspiration from it

Dragon ball is a classic it is number one.
the creator of naruto was inspired by Dragonball. No dragonball, there would probably not be naruto or one piece and a lot of other manga.

Dragon ball is really, the first anime I have ever watched and the first manga I have ever read. I have never wished SO bad for something good to happen in an manga/anime like in DBZ. This should be the first place! This manga is thrilling!

It helped to define fighting-manga and make it accessible to a new generation, and that is why it is internationally the biggest manga ever published. While I have not read all the manga in the world, I believe that this would certainly be a contender, but One-Piece isn't too shabby.

Honestly Dragon Ball should be 2nd, not 6th. This series was a foundation to many manga series like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail. But the reason I only would rank this 2nd is because One Piece is better than Dragon Ball in my opinion. Personal preferences.

How can you even put dragon ball in this list? If it wasn't for dragon ball, manga popularity wouldn't be so high right now. Dragon ball is the all time best and the top 10 list should be a list about the top 10 without counting dragon a ball because it would be unfair.

Dragon Ball is THE manga. Of course, it's the prequel to Dragon Ball Z, which has inspired many of today's manga. Authors of many mangas have said that they were inspired by Dragon Ball Z. So I guess you could say Dragon Ball inspired everything on this list

dragon ball is the greatest manga that was ever written. I grew up with it. It taught me a lot and I am grateful to Akira for making such masterpiece. Sorry for my English;p

Dragon ball is the greatest manga ever! I think Dragon ball is the manga who made all the other manga artist's so good. Without Dragon ball their wouldn't be a Naruto, Bleach, One Piece.

Dragon Ball is awesome. I like to see that Goku never show off and his believe in himself and the friends and family around him so he never ever give up what makes a TRUE FIGHTING SPIRIT with in him; I must say that's the way to be a true hero.

I started reading the manga when I was 14, and now after 20 years I still have it in one special area of my personal library.. Whenever I felt unhappy or stress, I read the manga and somehow it made me felt happy again..

It's great for all ages. Dragon ball for the young, Z for the older viewers. There's comedy, action, and a bunch of other stuff I'm too lazy to write about. All in all, a must read. It used to be number 1, and still is for me.

Seriously... I can literally list out pages of ideas that Naruto, one piece, fairy tail, bleach and a few more manga copied from dragon ball. Dragon ball has inspired countless people. still beats everyone

I love Dragon Ball, it was the first anime/manga I ever saw. It made me laugh when I was sad, for the first time I loved it to watch someone fight and it has a special place in my hart. Akira Toriyama is a genius!

Classic! Just makes you dream. I bet a lot of boys when they were young they all dreamed of having the powers after watching the anime laugh out loud