Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail is a manga franchise created by Hiro Mashima. The manga has been adapted into an anime series produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight, which began broadcasting in Japan on October 12, 2009. Additionally, A-1 Pictures and Satelight have developed seven original video animations and an animated ...read more.


THIS SHOW BE AT LEAST NUMBER 5! AND WHY THE HELL IS ONE PIECE NUMB ONE!?!? Well I am a little surprised that its high that Fullmetal Alchemist if you know what I mean.
Anyways... In the Fairy Tail full of many things like...
Humor-when the guild is being, well, Fairy Tail, you can't help but laugh

Sentimental moments- The backstories and them being revealed is always gives you that sad+angry+happy+hopeful feeling
Action- a lot OF IT! Its not cheesy and you can't ever guess what will happen. With Natsu and his team's destructive power... No building is left standing:)

You can totally tell a difference in the art work. Hiro Mashima went from ok to unbelievable in the past years. His style is unique with a teenage anime twisted with chibies and a dash of realistic.

It never looks mess and the characters are not too long with limbs or too big with heads. Plus, I like that the edges are not too rough.

Also, I LOVE the names. I am so glad he didn't go ...more

The attitudes and emotions of all the individual characters are realistic and unique.

The storyline gets straight to the point, there's no messing around. Every chapter has a distinct purpose and feels like a lot more happens than in other manga series.

It's far funnier than the all the manga I read whilst being able to maintain a high level of seriousness when it counts. A balance that most manga get wrong.

All in all this is my favorite manga because it prompts the right emotions in the reader at the right times combining the notions of fun, family and community with badass fight scenes. It reminds me of when I was a kid wishing I was a super saiyan. Only now I wish I was a Dragon-Slayer.

Too Good to be in 8th spot on any manga list.

Absolutely brilliant. The story catches you from the start, and is very addicting. I enjoy how, unlike other mangas, Fairy Tail has a way of building the tension to extremely high levels before coming out with a brilliant realization or ending that slices out tension while maintaining enough to stay interested. For example, one of the most brilliant subplots was Lisanna Strauss, which will probably be remembered by Fairy Tail fans as one of the best, and most intriguing stories of manga history. It is amazing to see the pieces come together. You'll notice that many times in manga/anime such as Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, they try to fit a square shaped peg into a circular hole; making a feeble attempt to create tension while creating an ending that causes me to stare at the screen and say "What the Heck? "
But not so with Fairy Tail, which has an interesting storyline backed up by strong and loveable characters, along with great artwork and a terrific experience.
Fairy Tail is ...more

This is absolutely, bar none without a doubt top five Manga/Anime! The art, the different stories and character background stories. The main plots are crazy cool, the way they mix action and the emotion into the series is wicked tight. They have fun, mad, sad, romantic, comedic, inspirational moments, and a plethora of juicy one liners that you will remember and think back to quite often. I especially love how they don't wear the same outfit's for long and change hairstyles as well. The character growth Is beyond fantastic! There is a character for each and every human being on this planet that you can fall in love with. Also the fan service is just the right amount for viewers of all ages. I can go on & on I strongly suggest this series to anyone who likes DBZ, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach.

Is awesome, perverted with all the girls' big boobs (BOING! ), and deeply unique, with all of the realistic yet different characters: the reckless Natsu, who'll do anything for his NAKAMAA; Lucy, the timid yet unafraid girl who'll stand up for her friends and won't let anyone talk crap about them; Gray, the stripping hottie who would die for his guild; Erza, the valiant redhead who loves Fairy Tail and would protect it at any cost, for they took her in when no one else would; and all the other amazing characters...

Fairy Tail is a true, amazing, to-the-point masterpiece.

If you people have a life I know fairy tail should be first just watch it, then you will see what it is about. Fairy tail the best anime show ever. Things happen there that can't happen here. They learn how to bond really close. They have a special connection. They learn how to work together. They all share the same feelings. The reason fairy tail is for each other. Fairy tail has magic powers that I can only dream about. Fairy tail has even tied with my top favorite show named winx club. I have been watching that movie sence I was 3 and ne ER could have imagined that a show can even tie with winx club, but it has. There 6 people in the group there names are Lucy, Natsu, Erza, Gray, Wendy, and Happy. Together there are the strongest team ever. Fairy tail is amazing. If I can have anything in the world I would chose to be part of fairy tail and learn what they do and make some real friends. So this is why I think fairy tail is NUMBER 1!

I can't into words how obsessed I am with this manga. It makes me cry, it makes me laugh... At some parts I just bury my head into my pillow or stuff my hand into mouth because otherwise I'd go insane. And the friendship between the characters always makes me smile and drives me forward, and the characters have so much depth... Natsu and his team are my idols, literally. It's kinda sad because this is just a manga... But it's actually a lot more then that. This is my first place, (though I haven't read one piece, Naruto, or Bleach yet).

I love Fairy Tail so much why the hell is it ranked 6th it's worth more than a 6! Everything about it is awesome--the characters, the plot, EVERYTHING. And the best part is that I don't think I hate anyone in this manga! I mean there are some that sort of bug me a bit and some weird villains that pop up only once but Fairy Tail has this thing that all of the bad guys turn good. And it's not the cliche way some like other stories, you actually turn out to like them a lot despite hating them at first. I can actually remember hating Gajeel, Laxus, Ultear, etc but that completely changed after a while. And just all of the characters are so likable, even the sort of weak ones (cough cough Lucy cough) are still likeable for their own reasons. And all of the characters have their own unique personalities and just everything about this manga is amazing, I could go on but I don't want this whole page to be my comment.

I love this Manga a lot, I like how it shows each character's weakness to a certain enemy. How one character may lose a battle, and have to retreat, then comes another who can take it.

I don't really see an "Absolute Strongest" in this, and the Strengths and Faults are evened out pretty well.

I also really appreciate the message in it, and how they stand up for each other, no matter what. It really touched me in a way beyond words.

This should be a Top 3 Manga

I've like Fairy Tail ever since I watched it. And, how come it's TOP 13?! Fairy Tail is like the best MANGA there is! I'm so addicted to FAIRY TAIl that it's the only ANIME that I've watch! HOW DARE you NO VOTE THIS ANIME? Sure, that Naruto is cool but, FAIRY TAIL is cool, too!

This a story that changes one's feelings. A story that can seriously make one feel sad and happy for the characters. Lucy Heartfillia is the main character in this manga book and I would like everyone to read this! Lucy meets other comrades and joined a guide (the strongest guild) named Fairy Tail. Then they go on and fight. Lot's of action in this!

Unlike other manga, this manga really depicts the challenges and events that are currently being played into our society. If you actually take a deeper look into the manga, then you would realize similarities between fairytail and our world right now. Plus, it teaches good morals and ideals in my opinion. I think it should be considered at least in the top five and I feel like this manga takes the best out of one piece, Naruto, etc and combines them to create what you see in this manga.

This anime could really bring goes bumps into your heart and always make you ask for more. In my opinion this manga should be on the number 3 spot because it has it all. And the character and their powers are just great... To the author of this anime keep it up your making lot of people happy just by making fairy tail

I love this storyline and the characters that are woven into it. Every single arc is unique yet they are all cleverly connected like a web. The characters are all fascinating and are easy to love and laugh with. This manga has got to be in my top 3 or even less! Whats it doing down here?

It's an awesome manga! Definitely the best one I've ever read! Specially now with all what's going on! It's getting so intense. All of Fairy Tail's, and its member's secrets are getting revealed. I really don't know why it's currently ranked so low. In my opinion better than one piece, but we all have different thoughts and opinions so I guess it's fine if you don't think the same way. But for me, Fairy Tail will always be the best!

How the story arcs creates far more tension than most other mangas is what really is the superior element in Fairy Tail. You don't realize what's going to happen on a chapter or two, yet it seems so obvious once you have read a bit longer. It's incredibly entertaining with great characters.

Fairy Tail is a wonderful example of a combination of action, comedy, sadness, longing, and happiness. Almost every emotion you can think of can be felt by reading this. The art is amazing, the story is wonderful, and you can almost feel the characters' emotions.

Best anime ever. It's the most fascinating show of all time. It's better than any anime show I seen. If you haven't watch it than you must be crazy not too. So it should be the number one show of all time.
The characters are amazing. I like how some of the villains have something good about them.

Fairy Tale is awesome! The artwork done by them is high quality and I really love, how they get into a new battle so quickly
I just wish they can ease it up a bit, and put a bit of romance in it with some of the characters. I mean you can kind of tell, but they should just let it out there!
Fairy Tail!

This is the most awesome manga ever. If you like action without too much blood, it has it. If you like close relationships without lovey dovey crap, it has it. It's also really touching and includes themes of sticking together with your friends, which I think is awesome.

Fairy tail manga is a magnificent story as you can see already in online manga reading sites it's already number one. fairy tail started really good but then in the middle it a bit off that's what made the readers upset I don't really get how you can get upset over a filler people! BUT fairy tail came back stronger than ever after that arc! It became a more stronger emotional funnier and addective than ever! Naruto and one piece have many many chapter so their story progressed more! Give fairy tail a couple of other chapter and you will see what strong actuall means. so until then hide yo wifes hide yo kids fairy tail is coming for you

Why the hell is Fairy Tail all the way down here? It's WAY better than Death Note, and although the top 6 are good, the only one that gives Fairy Tail competition is One Piece, which is also an awesome manga. I've read all the top 10 except for Detective Conan, and Fairy Tail should be number one or two!

I am a huge fairy tail fan I know that sometimes it can get a little cheesey and stupid if you just give it a cance you'll realize that it's got great action, a bit of romance, it can get really funny (especially with natsu, grey, happy, and Ezra around) it's more than just a bunch of wizards and magic it's also about (hate to sound cheesey and stuff but its true) friendship and loyalty towards everyone around you and to treat everyone as though they are your family (i might be going a bit far with things but I really do like this show) give fairy tail a chance and watch it because if you do I promise you won't regret it!

I love love love fairy tail! It's the best anime and manga out there! It has great music and really likeable, well loveable really, characters. It makes you feel good and inspires you to do things It's crazy funny and everything else you could possibly look for.

I love fairy tail. The manga is really amazing, and the anime is so amazing! It is really heart touching and the music is fantastic. It's funny, sad, motivating and just the best story I have ever read or seen. It's my #1, and they need more episodes! Vote for Fairy Tail!