Fullmetal Alchemist

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Fullmetal Alchemist is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same name by Hiromu Arakawa. It is about two brothers, Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, trying to restore their bodies after failing at bringing their mother back to life. It aired in 2003 and was remade as Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood ...read more.


Full Metal Alchemist (the manga, not the original anime-- Brotherhood was the better of the two) is probably the most emotional story I've ever gone through and stuck with. Originally I wanted nothing to do with it because of it being a mainstream choice and having a bad rep for the first anime version. When I went back and actually looked into it, I was sucked into it. The fact that it takes two almost anti-hero's and puts them through struggles similar to what adolescents face as they mature is not only remarkable, but it is also eye opening. The ultimate antagonist is by far the best I've come across. FMA (B) taught me that we cannot hope to be perfect-- there's just no such thing. We must revel in being mortal while we live and appreciate the time given to us. No matter how many times life knocks us down, we MUST push through. There is always a better day. I don't know.. But while Naruto is on the top of my own list, Full Metal Alchemist quickly comes in right behind it. Go read ...more

By far, this was the most educational manga, one of alchemy and the travels of the young and short Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric and his brother, Alphonse. These two, when they were about 10 and 9, attempted the forbidden alchemy to bring their mother back to life. Didn't work so well... Ed lost a leg, Al lost his body, Ed uses his arm as return for Al's soul.

Now, equipped with automail for his lost limbs, Ed becomes a state and then national alchemist at only 12, to try to gain something that could restore their lives.

Full Metal Alchemist is excellent in many ways. While the story sometimes gets very heartfelt and serious (there are a couple of sad moments that might stay with you for a long time), there is always room for humor and optimism. Every single member of the cast is interesting and appealing, the plot is unique, strong and well-written. The quality NEVER breaks down neither story-wise nor art-wise and keeps you on your toes until the end. Can recommend to everyone. One of the greatest mangas ever.

I've got to find another shonen with such a deep and rich argument; sincerely, there is few manga like Full Metal Alchemist: when I started to read it I thought it was going to be yet another one of those mangas which are fight after fight without any character development. Not only was I completely wrong, but it has shown to be a fascinating piece of art, with amazing style and a storyline only second to, maybe, Death Note. Love it!

Out of all the manga on this list this is the only one with the perfect ending the rest either dwell on, get distracted, or simply fail to pull through. Not to mention the rest of this manga is just as awesome as any other. It has great action, deep characters, real world problems, deep emotion, and so much more. While others are amazing I think this manga is the only one that meets all expectations and never leaves anyone dissatisfied.

A heartwrenching series, Fullmetal Alchemist lives up to every expectation set. It's funny and enthralling and moving and action-filled. There's never a boring moment in this series. It has an amazing script with beautifully fleshed out characters. The feelings in fullmetal alchemist are poignant and dynamic. When I read this, I am as desperate as Ed or as ambitious as Roy. I am as determined as Al and as loving as Winry. This manga is hands down my favorite manga ever, followed by Death Note.

There is no power arc at all which makes this manga the best because the characters are limited to their own skills and this makes them realistic as they have time to develop great personalities. If you contrast this with eg One Piece Naruto Bleach or Fairy Tail the power arcs in those stories is just plain ridiculous which hinders the development of characters. To conclude FMA is a masterpiece on art at its own level as all the characters are not OPed and have genuine personalities and feelings which allow one to really dive into the story and walk beside each character to experience a work of art.

This Manga is completely amazing--i have no words to describe it! The art, the story plot, especially the theme were deep and just plain perfect. The characters are funny, and the relationship between the brother's is touching. It has action, thrill, comedy--EVERYTHING! For real--there are no words for how amazing this manga was.

I haven't read One piece so no comment on that, but I have read Naruto and I believe fullmetal alchemist is 1000000 times better that it. I am not saying Naruto is bad but FMA has a much dense and engaging plot with so much enjoyment, I don't think anyone can hate this manga. If you have not read it then do it now, I am still sorry for keeping a cold shoulder towards it because thought that it was just overrated, but when I started reading it, I was instantly hooked.

This manga is a masterpiece, a true work of art, this is the best manga ever made! It has amazing characters, an epic story with many plot twists that make it beyond addicting, and incredible character development. I fell in love with full metal alchemist ever since I first saw it. FMA is the Shakespeare of manga and it is definitely a MUST READ to more than just manga and anime fans, but to all people who love a great story and incredible characters.

It is by far THE BEST manga. It has everything a reader can expect. Emotions, action, Drama, Plot, Humor and the best part is that they have never once overdid their plot with all those melodrama and all that. They stayed true to their story line and and have delivered a truly great story.

Fullmetal Alchemist is honestly, the best manga ever and should've been the first, it changed my life in a span of two chapters, and the Brotherhood series too. It's the best Japanese manga and cinematic reveal ( speaking about Brotherhood 2009 anime) in all history of Japan, and it always will be

How in hell is this not number 1? Perfect, logical story with Arakawa-level drawings, a fight to stop one of the most evil of plans ever schemed and sudden twists and turns which all eventually fit the plot perfectly. WHAT COULD YOU ASK FOR MORE?! (except for a kiss in the final Ed/Winry scene)

It is definitely the best manga I have ever read. It shows you how horrible the reality can be. Great characters, great plot and the art is absolutely astonishing! The only reason why this isn't rated number 1 is because all of the little kids that can't handle the cruelness of reality.

No other manga has ever extracted as much emotion out of me... At some parts I laughed until I cried, or just plain cried, or got tingles at heroic parts. And I thought about it even long after finishing... So much depth and meaning!

Oh my god I really love this anime and even the manga. The character and the story is so amazing, I really like the alchemy that Edward use and the title that they had given as full metal. It is also tragedy story that mad me so touching about their mother that had died. This a brilliant manga + anime.

Absolutely heart wrenching watching Ed and Al go through what they went through. I too lost my mother at a young age and had to look after my lil brother while my father was at work a lot.

This made me relate to the manga that much more. This will always be my favorite manga.

I love it I love it I love it. I remember when my sister and I used to watch it together. When the series ended I almost cried, it was one of the best animes I have ever seen! It has some comedy in it too, which makes it even better!

The plot, the characters, the way it keeps the reader of wanting more and more. This manga is a masterpiece. Love, action, suspense... Anything you can think of. This manga has it all. A MUST for everyone!

Fullmetal Alchemist is rightfully in the top 3. It has the best story line, complete with characters, their histories, emotions, monsters and action. Every character has an important role. The best read ever. Highly Recommended.

An amazing adventure that hides within some of the deepest questions about people and life you'll ever find in a manga or comic book. You won't find flat characters that are written just to take up page space, but fully fledged personalities in each and everyone of them. Naruto and One Piece may be more mainstream, but in my humble opinion neither of them will reach FMA's level in terms of story.

A fascinating manga in my opinion. It has a great plot and art. It is also funny but serious at some times. The ending will move you like no other too. If you are looking for a manga/anime to read/watch then I highly recommend this to you.

Fullmetal Alchemist is just an awesome anime/manga. I love the story and the characters. Everything about it is amazing. It's one of the first one's I've read and it made me love anime.

Oh my goodness how is Fullmetal down here?! Maybe it's more popular as an anime but I know a lot of people who know of the series and don't even watch a lot of anime or read a lot o f mangas.

I love this manga. The characters are awesome, the story is awesome, and I recommend this to anyone I want to turn into a manga-slave (like me! ) It's a great first manga to give a really good impression about manga story standards.