Naruto isn't treasured by a thousand people just because of his strength, that is madly WRONG! Many people can't see it, but I do. T isn't the fighting the only reason that makes you watch that manga, it's the atmosphere. The romance, the laughter, the sadness and undeniable anger is the reason, it shows you all your feelings deep inside your soul, from the bottom of your heart. My country isn't much, not much things that we can brag about, and my school friends crazily adore Naruto just because of skill, and when I want to tell them that more valuable isn't his skill, but his amazing lion spirit that never gave up, that what truly made us smile. But seeing all that hope, inspiring shine on my friends eyes makes Me understand that they treasure they're version. So, for now that's all I have to say. Ananomus

Dude Naruto is just so awesome it makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it makes me happy, it makes me sad, it makes me excited, it makes me feel the pain of all the characters... In short it just makes me love it... I've read many other mangas n watched many other animes as well... Bleach, dbz, fairytail, one piece, n which one not?... But this is the one my most favourite because it's so inspiring, the story is so epic, the drawings are perfect, the characters are so amazing... It actually sometimes seems so real!... I mean just look at it... A guy who is a failure, he is hated, he is feared, he is even considered an animal not enough worthy to live... A guy who has known much more than defeat n suffering... Who has known pain but he wants to prove himself n working really hard for that.. N the best of all things HE JUST WOULD NEVER GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT!... Then there are other characters in the series who have their own stories n dreams... N the overall story of Naruto is also so deep ...more

Who feels like: Man, good times '~'. Ever since I was introduced to the original series I was hooked. And followed every Manga chapter and anime episodes of Naruto. The series had something that few manga and anime have. Like almost every character as his own story, that you feel emotional attached to even if its just a fictional story. And the fighting scenes are one of the most memorable moments to me, it has not only attached to its Asian culture but almost supreme badass martial arts moves. That's only the manga. The anime series has one of the best soundtracks composed by Toshio Masuda (original series). And Yasuharu Takanashi (Shippuden Chronicles). Sure, many people have complained about the anime series for its ridiculous long filler episodes, but I have no problem with it. Sure It may be not animated from the manga but it makes the anime more interesting, such as background stories from not only the main characters but also the supporting side characters and it gives a long ...more

Naruto is so deep, it gives a set of character each with their own flaws, and has them evolve in their own inventive way, either for better or for worse, all characters each have their own purpose, no matter how minor, they help at least one character evolve further, and there are so many characters, and Naruto is the very symbol of all of that, crossing paths with so many, and showing each and every character the light whether or not they accept it, causing that character to further evolve, and the universe is so deep when you get into the 4th great ninja war, all generations get thrown at you and you see just how deep the world really is, and by chapter 570 you get so emotionally connected it's impossible to breakaway

Naruto is a special manga to me. One thing is it always show scenes of the past so that you wont be forgetting about what happen back then since it consists so many episodes. Another thing is Naruto is not only is an adventurous manga instead it gives us many signs of true humanity and we often learn things from Naruto. He also changes many of the characters' lives including the enemies'. Lastly it also shows a lot of touching scenes that really makes me overwhelmed and cry. For instance like the episode where it shows the story back during the invasion of the Nine Tails and Minato and Kushina sacrifice for Naruto on the 1st day he was born. I cried for that and its one of the most touching scene no doubt there's more touching scenes. I really love Naruto this manga so much.

Naruto is the best story I have ever read or watched... I really like how the story continue and how it take, not just that I like the never give up Naruto, with his funny attitude that can change a lot to the cool one, pure heart and true friendship, true love that will do anything for his lover to be happy even if the happiness of his lover means to be with someone else... Wow the writer of this manga is the best... Such a good job... I hope the ending will be just how I wish it to be...

It has the most complex storyline, everything that happens is connected with each other. all characters have a backstory which make sense and make you realise why this happen etc. you only have to be patient, the anime is really slow but the manga is the best. I believe you also have to be quite intelligent to understand the story and most of all have a heart. there are so many heartbreaking moments in Naruto and it has got the best morals. which are to never give up, never seek revenge, accept death, friends are really important, parents are really important, every villain in Naruto has been good at one point which shows you that nobody is evil you just have to know which path to take, what love means, success is only achieved with hard work, failure do happens, and lots more. I chose Naruto because these lessons you learned from Naruto will help you through your lifetime.

Naruto is the best manga series ever! It's wide range of mixed emotions help make it a wonderful series for everyone! Naruto is so considerate of others and will never ever give up, even if it costs him his life! Naruto is also an awesome series with awesome ninja techniques and the like. When you read Naruto or watch it, you feel close to the characters that sometimes you feel part of the action. Also what happens to the characters, has affects on you too! Naruto is also really funny at times and can make you laugh constantly. The series also has many great morals that we can relate to in real life. Naruto should ba rated the best manga series in the world!

The best all round manga I've read. It encompasses every aspects of Shounen manga but still maintains a touch of reality in itself. Philosophically, Idealistically and Realistically it is a perfect balance. Kishimoto is a genius, indeed. The fights are something I can watch over and over again and again. It's something with which I also feel spiritual connection as well like the way it uses every religion mythology, culture, etc. is quite unique in it's perspective. The worldly complex issues and subjects like Love, hate, power, peace, war, loneliness, solitude, happiness, bond, friendship, etc. is portrayed in a brilliant way if anything. Though the lack of female character development is a issue, but then again Kishimoto himself admitted that he don't actually know how to develop a female character in her best, so instead of making cheap effort he rarely give them a spot, and that's what makes him a true writer. All in all it just needs a perfect shounen ending on a really strong ...more

I love naruto it's literally the best... I'm so happy to know that there are so many others who agree, sure you have your own opinion but naruto really is the best... Naruto's attitude really wins your heart and his story is just so good. Masashi kishimoto did a good job of bringing a new world/creation of manga to us, just talking about it gets me stoked but anyway Naruto's world and story is beyond and it made me cry laugh and brought serious moments... Naruto is the brightest lightbulb and gives energy to the rest of his comrades, I'm so sad though because I finished the manga and heard spoilers from boruto that... Read at your own risk.. That naruto... Dies! My heart will fall so much more than it already is if this is true... But I really recommend you read it... It gave me so many ups and downs and cheered me up when I was down, I'm glad there are so many fans who support the naruto series, keep on supporting cause that's my shinobi way! Haha I'm glad it's in the top spot for ...more

In most of the series like bleach and one piece there is a lot of blabbering and the most of the time villains tell their abilities to the heroes :P also the amount of story progress is half compared to naruto.. One piece has already reached 715 manga but still it looks like its just 50 manga's to me.. :P I know everyone has there opinions but for me none of them is as good as naruto.. :) (just mentioning I have already watched bleach and one piece and I like zoro too also the dumbness shown in the show.. :D but still as a whole naruto is better)

The best manga ever. The story line is just unrivaled. It shows how to stand firm in any difficult situation with limitless courage and pursue one's dream no matter how difficult it is. It's also teaches that a man should never give up no matter what hard and cruel reality is. I also love one piece and other popular manga. But without a doubt Naruto is the BEST manga ever.

Naruto is kind of manga you can really relate to. A person with a dream striving for the top but never forgetting what is important in life: all the people who have supported him. The main character's dedication in whatever he does (and whoever it is for) is really amazing and it is because of this attitude that the reader "becomes one with Naruto"; all of his emotions are transferred to the reader. Aside from that are the epic techniques used and the brilliant plot idea all expertly drawn by Masashi Kishimoto.

I love Naruto because he has help me grow up some just by reading everything he went through and how he was treated and how he got through it as he got older. All the tough times the he went through and his friends always standing there beside him and then the turmoil of losing them. I related to all this so it helped me by reading the Manga and watching the Anime. Naruto is the best Anime I have ever seen put out in a long time. This is why Naruto is so important to me and why I love it so much.

One Piece is a great manga, but there's honestly no comparison. Naruto has everything. Awesome drawings. Original story. It can make you laugh, as it can make you cry. This is so emotional. This is so true. And his attitude. It's not just a stupid manga about a stupid love story or teenager life. It's about never abandon your friends. It's about those f pain, and that infinite hate cycle. It's about never giving up.
Naruto is just.. Amazing.

I think Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are the BEST manga and anime in the whole world, not because its got a lot of action and suspense, but because of its epic story that's got a lot of depth and really makes you wanna change the world, but before that, change yourself. The awesome emotion and inspiration its got, can never be matched with any other anime or manga... Naruto is simply the best n GREATEST!

I find that one piece's story line isn't as intriguing as Naruto and I find that I get really attached to the characters and everything about Naruto is just truly amazing especially the fact that it gives you life lessons like "never give up" "protect what you hold dear" "live your life with no regrets" and so on.

I don't know how people say one piece is better than Naruto the story line how every last detail connects from first season to shipuden a well thought out plot far beyond every other anime keeping a single plot from beginning to end not to mention the great detail of how tech nieces work just true work of a genius far better then eating a fruit and suddenly having powers whack...

I think this series is by far the best. I have laughed and cried, got motivated and learnt a lot from it. I love the way the writer illustrates the fighting scenes, so clearly and well, like no one out there. I also love how the writer makes every character a bit different and doesn't make a perfect character. The series teaches a lot about the human politics, human nature, care and happiness in life. This is just a perfect series.

In Naruto, everything connects together like a pattern, the suspense and action is literally intense, and it can be very heart warming at the same time. When Naruto 1st came out, it was mostly about drama, but now, this world war is just out of this world. I think Naruto is the best manga I have ever read, and all those techniques are way more advance than just regular ninja stuff

The feeling of a complete and ultimate universe that is Naruto/Naruto Shippuden is astounding. The plot, character development, and insanely awesome fights with the back story as to how/why they may be happening keeps you wanting more at all time. Plus, the fact that Naruto himself isn't completely OP makes him seem a bit more humanly tangible exuding that 'never quit spirit' I'm sure most wish they had at all times.

The best story ever, so many heavy themes covered in a brilliantly constructed complex plot with tons of characters from the past and present. Even when it covers morbid themes like existentialism, death, abuse, war, manipulation, genocide, etc it still has a side of hope. "Whoever there is light there is darkness" Naruto has created the most compelling and awesome characters in fiction and deserves the number one spot.

Naruto, Literally, changed my life! I first watched it when I was younger than ten years old, yet ever since that moment I've been hooked on it like nothing else! I can literally say that it shaped my entire life and morals of life! It's been my favorite for years!

Naruto is everyone's fab really there just to scared to say so no one likes other manga really like one piece and dragon ball and bleach I mean come on who would Kishimoto is awesome as well I mean if it was not for him Naruto would not exist and that would be the end of the world for me and for a lot of other people but for me the most because I'm the biggest Naruto and kakashi fan on earth believe it don't you dare let Naruto end soon Kishimoto lots of kids and adults who like Naruto including me definitely rest on your shoulders is you drop Naruto we will die no also kakashi Hathor is awesome and no one not no one will kill him again pain just got lucky that time that's all

First manga I read and fell immediately in love with. I connected with the story from the start and have been ever since. Love the plot, the character development, the action and well Naruto himself laugh out loud. Through out the whole manga it has been an emotional rolercauster, laughing at one chapter and literally finished a pack of tissues in another. I read many other manga but first to recommend to anyone would be Naruto. Its something I grew up with and will always enjoy