One Piece


The best manga I've ever read.

It's the only manga that can keep me waiting impatiently to the next chapter, that can make me so thrilled so emotional at whatever happens in the story. I'm so happy I gave it a try despite the fact I was so reluctant, and unwilling to read it because the art seemed too odd.

The One Piece universe is a universe which endlessly keep on expanding and present new possibilities, new characters and new developments - this in itself can present a problem which is having the author suddenly give an answer to a problem in the series but it's not like that, in one piece it doesn't feel like Oda just made up something in order to solve a problem - it either feels like it was planned from the beginning or it doesn't feel to farfetched.

One of the things I love the most about One Piece is that a detail which seems so small and so minor might be a really big hint that foreshadows the events to come but usually you won't notice it the first time ...more - NewWorld

I've read most of the manga in this list and I'm up to date with 2 of them: One Piece & Berserk. While Berserk is WAY darker than One Piece & people always praising it as the best of manga I have to say (in my opinion) One Piece is WAY better than Berserk. Why? Simple. One Piece surprised me more as series. It might look funny or even silly to you at first but if you look deeper into the series you'll find that this series isn't just some typical shounen that you might came by, its story touched on some heavy subjects several times, like: society, moral, war, slavery, racism, betrayal, corruption, notions of justice, etc. But in the same time manage to have a common subject which is friendship (remember at its core One Piece is a shounen series). Friendship (like most shounen manga) is heavily influence the story of One Piece. But unlike some other shounens that handle the friendship theme poorly One Piece handles it like a pro. You won't see some random power up out of nowhere just ...more

I would say One Piece is amazing, but all the comments probably already said that. One Piece has the power to make you laugh until no sound comes out and you sit there rocking back and forth, clapping like a retarded seal. One Piece has the power to make you cry until you realize that you are soaking the book. You don't just read about the adventures of the Strawhats, you actually sail with them and spend your time on the Thousand Sunny, watching their conversations right next to you. If you start this manga, be warned. You will never be able to stop.

The most likable and awesome characters ever conceived. Odd was so creative it's unbelievable. He takes a power like a body of rubber and makes it so unbelievably amazing and thinks of stunning ways to make it a hundred times cooler than any other ability. Plot is extremely engaging and is hilarious. Watching the characters get stronger over time is great. It is the only manga that ever drove me to tears but don't get me wrong it's not a sad manga. (AACCEEE! ) it is so captivating I just became obsessed I read al 813 chapters that were out at that time in a week and a half and proceeded to watch the entire anime because it was just that great. He made such genius decisions in weighting this all the details really make the story. Like how Sanji is the cook and therefore only fights with his feet, so awesome, normally I see cooks in other manga fight with knives but Sanji understands their purpose and it's so cool! The manga is the highest selling manga in history with over 380 million ...more

At the early volumes, One Piece may seem really odd, as it have an odd drawing style. As the time progresses, the style just keeping better. Compare the first volume and the latest volume.

Also One Piece has a thick plot, many huge plot twists, but they're interesting, and keeps you impatient waiting the continuation of the story.

Oda has great imagination for the plot of One Piece. Even the 'tiniest' thing that you saw while reading the manga might be a sign of a huge plot twist, that you might not notice until you have read it the second time or more.

Unlike other mangas that I have read, they seem somewhat boring when I read it the second time. One Piece is still interesting.

What makes One Piece stands out from other manga series 'might' not be it's art, but it lies in it's plot. Other mangas like Naruto, Dragon, and others, the story might be interesting at first until at the middle of the series, however, towards the end of the story, the story seems ...more

Everyone tends to compare One Piece to Naruto and Bleach, calling them the"Big 3". I used to love Naruto and Bleach, heck, they were my first manga. But it is true that nothing can compare to One Piece. It's art may seem silly at first, many things may not make sense and it does have a slow start. But this manga is the one that made me optimistic for the future again.

This manga, made me laugh. It made me cry, it made me angry, happy, confused, exhilarated, this manga... I can barely describe it. It has great story telling, great characters, wonderful art (once it gets going), great set up, hilarious humour, heartbreaking sorrow. This manga made me develop an emotional attachment to a BOAT.

Even though it is wonderful, it does take time to read/watch, as it is currently over 700 chapters long. But if you only stick with it, if you only give it a chance to suck you in, you will get the best payoff that a series can give. And that is the satisfaction one feels after having ...more

One Piece is an excellent story; comedy, adventure, fantasy, romance (of the sea), just the tip the iceberg. It also uses puns and different language dialects for characters and moves alike; and unlike a certain manga/anime series where you can wish someone back to life, characters stay dead and more importantly it invokes one of the greatest and most terrible things in story-telling; the concept and transference of loss. Even though the story is a comedy/adventure series, you can see that many of the characters have experienced loss in the past or in the present; and as a reader I feel their pain even though I have not experienced watching someone die but have experienced the death of a loved one. This story is far from over, and I can't wait to see the battles with the four emperors and their crews, when the end come I hope all we dedicated fans and readers are more than satisfied with the end.

One piece is just simply amazing. It doesn't lose its humor even up to the latest chapters. Events from the past become surprisingly relevant in the present and it will make you say "I didn't see that one coming! ". Every character has a personality, they have their own story (and well written too! ), and everyone of them isn't left out. It can go great lengths from humor to drama. Every chapter makes sense, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Naruto is a fairly uninteresting story with really sad progression. One Piece manages to somehow keep it interesting at all cost. The characters are almost a little to well developed, and the way he paints the surroundings kind of makes you wonder how he manages one chapter every week. Oda is an amazing artist and will probably go down in history as one of the best, and he has earned it. Dragonball was a part of my youth, but comparing that to One Piece is ridiculous. - nonofyall

Really have no words to describe how GREAT One Piece is. It has everything you want from a good manga Action, Adventure, Comedy, Touching Moments, Morals and cool kick-ass Characters! Only thing it lacks is a bit of Romance.

It starts of slightly slow paced, but gets very VERY interesting and amazing as the series goes on. The storyline is GREAT and well planned out too. Some may not like the art work, but after you get used to it One Piece is simply LEGENDARY!

Greatest manga I ever saw, This was my 2nd manga and my 1st GOOD anime (2nd if I call Pokemon a GOOD anime) other manga just can't capture the spirit of one piece, I feel too many people hate one piece because of it being too good and better then their manga, some people think it's stupid but capturing monsters or using toys as weapons (like Beyblade) I hate it when people judge one piece beautiful art style (do they want clear fighting panels or scribbled mess!? ) Naruto had an big world but it got repetitive sometimes, one piece make you think "will they come back their again? " Most manga have fan service and a lot of boob falls but one piece had barley any of that isn't that amazing?!.

One piece is funny and really innovative like using pages that spread one chapter to another into mini stories, the mini stories are also one reason I ant the next manga to find more funny bits like that.

One piece is like Dragon ball or dragon ball z in North America it ...more

The reason why I love one piece is simple, it's because when I read other manga series, like Naruto and bleach, I felt that they were were interesting, just like many others out there, and when I read the first volume of one piece, hell, the first chapter of one piece I felt as it was a great manga too, but as I proceeded forward in the story, what I felt slowly overtook anything I had felt before, while reading countaless mangas. The mix of various emotion that I felt, which were all extremely well defined and strong, left me mesmerized. And the best of all, I mean, the thing that stunned me the most, were the characters, all of whom could have easily made for the protagonist in any other ordinary manga, and the real protagonist, luffy, who bound them all together, and led the manga to somewhere untouchable, made me get addicted to this series.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is, that othermangas may be good, they may even be great, but this one is in a league of its ...more

I have read some great manga but this is really good. I am really emotionally involved with the characters. I laughed and I cried with their stories. I have learned so many things from them. In life, if you have a dream go for it. Do everything you can to reach that goal. But don't forget that you have people around you who can help you achieve that dream, However, don't be selfish, as you go through your journey in realizing that dream, there are obstacles but try to surpass it without hurting innocent people. at the end of the day, don't hold grudges. let us just be happy!

In my opinion, there will never be a manga as good as One Piece. It has got the best plot EVER, the best characters, the best EVERYTHING... It changed my personality. It covers a really really big variety of topics, such as friendship, determination, loyalty, and notions of right and wrong... They all make you think a lot about society. But it also makes you think A LOT about other kinds of things, such as racism, corruption, social differences, hunger... And the best is that after reading it, you want to change things, to make them better. It is, certainly, the best history I've ever seen.

What made one piece a great work is that.. 1. It has moral lessons 2. Can be dealt with intelligent and not so intelligent fans because it made a twist which makes it extra-ordinary... 3. Scene developments was made in a chronological but irrational (in a good way that it pulled so many fans to acknowledge its unique plot) 4. Luffy may be your usual anime hero... But nothing beats the classic-traditional shounen protagonist... I'd really recommend it to those who were looking for an anime that is packed with action, complex but clear story, drama, and most of all like what I said "moral lessons" I just wish that there'll be more oda to come in the future generations...

First off let me say this manga has made me cry on more than a handful of occasions. I'm a guy and I hardly do that for anything else. The humor, the justice, the plot, the character developments, the consistencies, the real life comparisons like weapons of mass destruction and racial issues... One piece has it all. I actually didn't even want to read This manga in the beginning Since I didn't like the art but now even the art pays homage to great artists from the past. This opinion Is strictly for the manga, I don't watch the Anime.

Even though the story is so long, from the beginning the story connects with the current chapter it has it ups and downs like every manga but the whole one piece universe is makes sense. I love this series because it can make you laugh until your jaw hurts and it can make you cry until you go blind, it can make you cry at anything no matter what it is because it is so well written, let me give you an example, people cried at Going merry when it took its last sail, it's a BOAT.

The Going Merry, The Thousand Sunny Heading For The New World (Shin Sekai), With The Legacy Of The Straw hat Once Owned By The Legendary Pirate-King Gol D. Roger & Carrying The Ultimate Dream Of Finding "One Piece", Monkey D. Luffy & His Nakama Are Living The World's Most Greatest Adventure Of All Time. Tears: Smiles, Love, Fighting Spirit, Strong Feelings & Dreams, One Piece Is really "The One Piece" One Of Its Kind, Thanks Oda-Sensei

Immediately after you start to read One piece, you can't help but start to like Luffy and his easygoing nature. Later you meet the rest of his nakama and all of them has their own unique character, that plus the great plot, emotions and teamwork they all have which I rarely see in other manga makes it the BEST! If I were religious I'd thank god for making Oda.

I never get sick of one piece because rather than the main characters just going on adventure for no particular reason, all them are aiming for some sort of 'impossible' goal that happen to be on the same path as each other. Also, the pacing and character development is the best out of all the manga and anime I've ever read. I also love it because it's funny, has epic battles that inspire you. I like how the manga/anime frequently sends the message that friends are there to support you and it's always better to solve a problem with other people.

One Piece is the all time highest selling manga in the world for a reason. leading the second best seller by OVER 100 MILLION COPIES... And the second best seller is dragonball.. DRAGONBALL... Yea... It's safe to say that One Piece will most likely NEVER be removed from that spot. You aren't a manga reader if you don't read One Piece, and if anyone says otherwise, THEY'RE LYING.

Out of all the manga I've read, this is definitely my favourite. It has a good plot and a lot of twists and turns that literally get me so excited that I'm actually jumping up and down to try to contain it. At the beginning it can get the tiniest bit boring but after a bit, it's like the best thing you'll ever read... EVER. It's just the most amazing manga I've read and I if you haven't read it I don't know what you're doing with your life.

I read some fighting-adventure like Dragon ball, Bleach, Naruto, Shaman king, etc but none can shake my emotion more than One Piece. This manga make me cry like baby and at other time laugh so loud with its wild story. What makes me chose one piece over Naruto is that the story flows more natural with less flash back (to cover hole in the plot) and characters much more "human", no perfect - super man like character which I still see in Naruto.

Best manga ever no doubt. I have read this for over 10 years and I'm still a loyal reader. Every character even filler characters are all so dynamic and full with emotions. Its funny well animated and full of action. Definitely the best manga/anime series of all time. The Impel Down/ The white beard war was the best ARC of the entire series. 10/10

I am a hug fan of Luffy, he is so relaxed and lost but gets the job done. With his loyalty what else can you do but believe in him. I lose myself in the readings as if I were him or even just standing there watching as he grows and matures into the great pirate we all know he will become. Even his crew of extreme to almost child like powers, all play there part in making their family hole. I hope they continue to surprise us for years to come.