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221 Variante

A rather unknown piece of work, and it's been quite a while since I read it, but of what I do remember it was astounding, with beautiful art, a complex story, and it was short enough for me to read in one sitting, although my "sittings" are often half a day at least. If I knew where to find it I would purchase it immediately.

222 Seiyuu Ka!

Its really nice basically there is a love triangle. The main character hime kino never gives up.

223 I Am A Hero

For a zombie manga, this one is much different than all of the others. fleshed out characters, unique illustrations, and an incredible story have put this manga into my top 5 easily.

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224 Sugar Sugar Rune Sugar Sugar Rune
225 Natsume Yuujinchou

You feel calm whether you watch anime or read manga, there is a sense of calmness and everything feels peaceful.

226 Haikyuu!!

It's funny, and heart-warming! Sport at its best, and don't be deterred at the fact that it is sport! Hinata and Kageyama, at first enemies, become partners who wish to (along with their team) rise from the fallen crows that their school is known for, and become the best!

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227 K-On! K-On!

This is one of my personal favorite manga. It's well pace and written. Very very funny. But what make me love it are the characters. One of the few manga that made my cry tears of joy and sadness. Those who think it's just a moe manga. Give it a second chance because it more than just that.

The best manga that I had ever read! You guys should read this too!

228 Rainbow: Nisha Rokubō no Shichinin

A dark story, but I kinda liked it. The story advanced rather quickly, so I watched it within a day. Sad and lots of 'violence', but really interesting.

229 AKB0048

A really fun manga

It's really interesting.

230 World Trigger

Have any of you even read it? You should.

231 Ghost Hunt
232 Aku no Hana

This has to be one of the best manga that I've ever read. The characters in this manga are very interesting, in which that would be Kasuga and Nakamura. Kasuga seems to have no personality, making him like a puppet so to make him more "lively", Nakamura pulls his strings, and by that I mean she interacts with him in a way that affects his behavior (she mostly abuses him). The story mostly has to deal with the complexities of adolescence, puberty, and psychological horror. I highly recommend that you read it, it's really good. - AO1-H1KAR1

One of the best manga out there. Unique, shocking, unpredictable characters and plot. On top of that the artwork is awesome.

233 A Bride's Story

The artwork in otoyomegatari is some of the best and most detailed I have ever seen. The setting is unique. The story is interesting. All in all it is a wonderful manga and I am shocked that it is not on the list.

234 Six Half
235 Chang Ge Xing
236 Doubt

A very dark and gritty manga series that is absolutely fantastic, and keeps on your toes from the beginning to the end. Everything about it rocks, and as such, I think it is one of the greatest manga ever made, and easily one of the most underrated. - MasonOcker

Please read this manga series if you haven't already, it's so good!

237 .hack//Sign

Its pretty god

238 Wandering Son
239 Heureka!
240 Air Gear

This is an amazing story. Goes from a simple and innocent desire to this crazy twisted race to the top. Great art and an awesome story. Makes you wish you could somehow join them. If you haven't read it all I can say is, what are you waiting for?

Best manga I have read so far. Starts with a simple and innocent story and turns into this crazy twisted race to the top. Amazing art and an all around great story. If you haven't read this all I have to say is, what are you waiting fir?

I love air gear the main character he is just some one that you can feel the story through it is the only manga that I have been crying for because it was over it was so sad...

Air gear has great suspense

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