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241 Fruits Basket Fruits Basket

This series was amazing and so sweet. It was cute, and had such a rainbow of emotions so beautifully splayed out. The romance was perfect, it wasn't overdone for the series but obviously such an integral part, and as one person commented, also its very hilarious!

I can't believe this isn't in the top ten. I adore this series! I do like on other manga better (Kaze Hikaru) but its not listed so I voted on this. And really, Furuba should be higher.

It's very touching and sweet, I loved it because it made me very happy and also it helped me to learn the life's perspectives and Torhu is very strong. Also it's very hilarious.

I love this manga so much " for those who've only watched the anime this is a heartfelt and sincere PLEASE read the manga. there's so much that the anime couldn't cover that's in there
i think the reason why this series was so popular is because it expresses a timeless theme " kindness. and the author made everything realistic. she expresses human emotions really well, and didn't make the main characters perfect (i was really annoyed at tohru at some point) so it was really fun to read.

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242 Hellsing

This book is awesome! I'm so adicited to this book I want more but can't find any at my school

I love it so much, it's odd, at times but it's really awesome

243 Trigun Maximum

I love it. It's poetry, I guess

244 Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

Do you like Martial Arts? Well developed characters? Ecchi? Then you should be reading this, right now.

This storylines the top class
As awesome as Naruto, bleach,1 PIECE FAIRYTALE, inuyasha. All the qualities you find in the above mentioned manga is here in this manga. It should be in the top ten or above.

Kenichi is the best ongoing battle manga!

This is the best manga I ever read.

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245 Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

I love this manga! I'm not a fan of most of the mangas on this list, they seem so... I don't know, but people talk about them a lot and they all seem the same, some people may feel that way about "When They Cry" but I love the twists and mysteries! I feel in love with all the characters, and at one point I was angry at all the characters, but in the end, I cried for all of them. This manga is amazing.

Deep, puzzling gore mistery. Really needs a place in the top, next to Death Note and Code geass

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246 Gin Tama

Gintama is a manga that once you read it you will cherish every moment of it. Every character is so unique and full of greatness that you just can't help but to just smile every time you see them. And did I mention that Gintama is absolutely HILARIOUS! I'm not kidding. Even if you think you are a cold blooded person who can't be moved by things that are to be funny, you will laugh after chapters or episodes of this (by the way Gintama is an anime and an manga). You may think it is boring in the beginning and you don't get Gintama, trust me. READ MORE! As the story progresses the characters get stronger both physically and mentally and the bonds they hold are strong. Even during tough times Gintama never fails to make you laugh and smile. I may be biased but if you read Gintama you will understand.

Gin Tama is a funny manga that mostly consists of short stories, but includes many important arcs, some serious, some made for people to laugh at.

It's just plain crazy! Gin-chan is hot, and the others are a bunch of cool but idot character but that what makes me love them, cool and stupid at the same time! The quality of the video also the best! The comedy and parodies are extremely funny!

Gintama is the best I love it!

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247 Skip Beat Skip Beat

Reasons why we love it:
1. The art! So awesome. Yeah.
2. The character! All of them, even sho. They're developed well and have mysterious side too. Reen, love you!
3. The storyline! *gasp. Read it. I can't explain it. And you can not imagine how awesome the plot
4. No insta-love. There are reasons why you would fall for him or her, not mentioning about their good looking.
5. Many, many, MANY. I can't mention all of it. But this manga is much WORTH to try. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
oh I can't wait for the next chapter!

This was the best anime I watched and the best manga I ever read in my life.. It's fantastic and incredible.. LOVE IT

This manga is awesome. I love the development of Kyoko throughout the manga. The are is also great. There are so many great characters with interesting relationships especially the bond between kyoko and Sho.
The protagonist isn't the stereotypical heroine so it makes it a more interesting read rather than cliched.


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248 Love Hina

The first manga I've ever read. It has it all and you will fall in love w the characters.

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249 High School of the Deads

Come on this manga should be well up in this list if not in the top 20 at least. The story is fascinating and the characters anazing. The art is fantastic I would recommend this manga to anyone who enjoys a thrilling, slightly sexual story. It truly is a great manga and hopefully the hiatus will be lifted soon.

The story is very good and very original. Its probably so low here cause it stopped getting publised.

250 Welcome to the N.H.K.
251 Love In the Mask

This is my all time favorite shoujo. The main heroine earns all of your love as she is deprived of everything. You really do love the ending, no matter who you wanted the heroine to end up with. SO many tears were shed, and I hope you'll consider giving this manhwa a try. The characters are all memorable. Have fun reading!

Heart breaking manga. The best one I read in my entire life. The scenes from it keep rotating in my mind even though I read it a month ago.

252 Toaru Majutsu No Index

Nice mix between sci-fi and fantasy, supernatural powers and magic built around a boy whose right hand is able to cancel magig and supernatural powers

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253 Zatch Bell Zatch Bell

I loved the anime. You will love Zatch, his friends, and all the other characters. If you have nothing to watch watch this, super entertaining, funny, and a plot that's original. Watch this. Believe me I am picky when I choose to watch anime, but watch this. It's good.

This is the anime I love the most the adventures of kiyo and zatch

Nostalgia - Penpineappleapplepen

Shin Beruwan Bao Zakeruga!

254 Claymore Claymore

Claymore is in its own league. The characters have depth and you will fall in love with them. The storyline is gripping and keeps you wanting to more about the world Claymore is based on. Each chapter is filled with great content that keeps the reader interested. It's a nice change of pace with women as the powerful characters, and that they can hold on their own. Overall it is an amazing manga and everyone should give it a read at least once.

You guys are unfair! Claymore should have been in the top 10!
I can't believe that some unknown manga above has a higher rate?! Maybe some people don't like the fact that most of the main characters are women? It's too shallow to think that way!
Just read this manga trust me it worth your time!

It has an awesome Plot and badass Characters, and the dark atmosphere and the medieval touch makes this manga an must read!

It's the best manga I'have read so far, trust me I ve already read one piece, fairy tail, fullmetall alchemist, death note and others in the top 20. It has glory moments were you just start to cry because...its just...beautiful...

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255 Bitter Virgin

Awesome romantic manga. Fun, laugh, cry etc all mixed in§! My favourite manga!

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256 MAR

This got me into manga and anime along with DBZ. Great stroyline great characters. Perfect gateway to get people hooked!

257 Gakuen Alice

This manga is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, EXCITING, ROMANTIC, AND FUNNY. I love the story line it amazing. There is emotional scenes that will make you cry and some will make you laugh your head off. So please read it but my advice is also watch anime. SHOULD BE ON TOP TEN SO WHY IS'NT IT... UGH I'M SO UPSET! The characters have such interesting powers and it just drives me crazy to wait for the chapter. I've read it like 3 times and it still makes me want to read again so please read. - animedreamer

Friendship, courage, power, unique capabilities... I'd say you really want to read this, and watch it for you can never be the same for what its worth. The story line for the anime is a lot more for the kids but the manga is preferably for the all.

Seriously.. This manga is a must read! Please if you haven't read it yet no matter what age you are you have to read it..
Even this manga's picture's are gorgeous... NOT TO MENTION THE STORY! This is the manga that got me addicted... After this no matter which manga I read they didn't even get close.. So,


This is the best manga I have ever read. I read mangas but I usually stop tight in the middle when I lose interest. But with Gakuen Alice, I enjoyed every page of the manga. The story is really awesome. I don't know how many teara I've shed for this manga. It's really awesome!

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258 My Heavenly Hockey Club
259 Zig Zag
260 Aishiteruze Baby
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