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261 Legend

It is awesome it is a story about a seven blade sword and all these things happen like some people have been alive for 1000 years just for their love of their life but neither of them get who they like it is so sad but the ending is kinda happy so read it!

262 Oh My Goddess!
263 Hetalia: Axis Powers V 1 Comment
264 Lucky Star

No plot whatsoever, but SUPER FUNNY nonetheless :3

I have just started the anime but it is really good

HOW DARE THE PEOPLE WHO PUT THIS DOWN HERE! I personally am like the biggest lucky star fan EVER! I love how funny it is and I love how different the girls are.


265 A Certain Scientific Railgun

The most wonderful anime its storry is the side ine of to aru majutsu no index where mikoto the only known electromaster of academy city passes her life watch this anime if you wnt to know how mikoto and touma met and some other stuff - minanaru

266 King of Thorn
267 Appleseed
268 Shigurui

Absolutely not for everyone, grotesque illustrations, and even more grotesque characters drive home how disgustingly brutal the samurai era truly was. if you enjoy the violence of berserk, but don't actually want to root for anyone while pieces of the human body are struck apart this manga is for you. immense fights and rivalries, poignant, fleshed out insanity and brutality might make some call this a horror manga.

269 Alice in the Country of Hearts

What this manga is the best ever why is it not in the top ten I love the story how alice got kidnapped by the rabbit and the problems and struggles of the characters and how alice wants to leave but loves them so doesn't want to they battle and it brings a whole different meaning to the title alice in wonderland

I don't understand why this doesn't get more credit! It has a VERY interesting plot of the simple fairy tale 'Alice in Wonderland'. It is VERY well written and performed in the manga! The perfect manga for any reverse harem loving girl!

I Just love this Manga!

P.S. Who do you like better Boris or Peter? I Love them both sooo Much

270 Nagatachou Strawberry
271 Magic Shoe Shop
272 Sugar Soldier
273 Nine Puzzle
274 Iris Zero

It is so mysterious like Arise and the is still ongoing but saw fur it is good the bad thing is one knives

275 Saiyuki

Saiyuki was one of the best manga I've ever read, it started in 1990's and I bet it had inspired many mangaka by how original the story was. When other mangas revolves on friendship or romance or 'how to be the best of the best', this manga offered a special kind of friendship and family: 4 people on a journey to the west chased by their personal problems-their dark past-but the author made a fine thin line between the four that made the story deep and interesting

276 Whistle

This book is about a boy who has passionate for soccer and didn't know how to give up.

An amazing soccer manga made by the inspirational Daisuke Higuchi

277 Trinity Blood

An awesome anime full of comedy vampires and best of all it is better than naruto

278 Rin-ne
279 Cyborg 009

Didn't even make the list what

280 One-Punch Man

Great manga. It belongs in everyone's top 10. Great comedy, amazing action, superb story, and some of the best art work that I've ever seen on my life. It has greatest manga potential and is so addictive. Put all this together and add the regular but completely overpowered protagonist, saitama and you've got something amazing. EVERYONE MUST READ!

Great manga. Every chapter makes me laugh. Just when you think a totally badass guy shows up he's suddenly no match.

It's hilarious was one and my favorite manga of all time sure there's o couple of cool ones like Naruto or fairy tail or you know bleach

What is it doing so low... - Penpineappleapplepen

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