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341 Baki the Grappler
342 Black Haze

Yeesh, ranking so low?! I really like this manga, it is one of my favorites and has lots of interesting twists. A good manga for lots of people. Have fun!

How is no one smart enough to put this.
I honestly believe that this manga is equal to or maybe better than One Piece. And let me tell you I finished the entire One Piece episodes in a month! I mean seriously about 550 episodes in a month. I spent my entire summer break on watch One Piece. And I am willing to say that Black Haze is as good as or better than One Piece!
I don't know why this manga is SOOO under-rated but I hope that it would be more popular since the author is working their ass off to make this manga. Plus it's good work!
If anyone happens upon this then READ THIS! (the manga)

343 The Irregular At Magic High School The Irregular At Magic High School

Well this is a rare good magic anime. It might be a bit confusing at first but when you get the gist of the anime you can't just help but to go back to it and repetitively rewatch it.

344 Captain Tsubasa

Best sports manga ever... Way better than prince of tennis

345 Saijou No Meii

It is very education, epic, awesome, and unique in its own way. How the mc does his own thing to save someone is awesome in itself. There MIGHT be a little romance but it depends on how you look at it.

346 The Ruler of the Land

Well I read a lot of manga and at moment this is on my top 3

347 Voices of a Distant Star
348 Penguin Revolution
349 Fushigi Yugi

I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate this stupid anime I really hate it don t watch you will make your life biggest mistake there is no point of this anime at all

350 One Outs

Interesting plot, a non-typical sports manga involving bets and based on money and baseball (right? ).

351 Piraku Piraku
352 Durarara!! Durarara!!

I think this is one of the most creative stiory plots I've read to date. I highly recommend for every manga reader to give it a chance and see what you think. This show/manga will take you on a wild ride from information brokers, yakuza clans, biker gangs, the headless rider and so on. I promise you'll never get enough of it! Durarara!

I loved the anime and I bet that the manga is just as good and it as the manga "The seven deadly sins"

353 Star Wars (Dark Horse)
354 Shakugan No Shana
355 Spice and Wolf Spice and Wolf Spice and Wolf is a Japanese light novel series written by Isuna Hasekura, with illustrations by Jū Ayakura.
356 Monogatari Series: First Season
357 Monogatari Series: Second Season
358 Fate/Zero
359 Baccano! Baccano!
360 Twin Spica

This is such an underrated manga. It's about a girl who's mom was killed by a rocket crash but still dreams about going to space. The artwork, storyline, and especially characters are amazing! Everyone should read this. - bubbleteaknj

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