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41 Gosick

It's ne of the best detective kind story! The main mystery is awesome, and all the other mystery are also crazy. The characters are amazing and lovely, and there is no complains about the plot too. It's is a story to dive in and enjoy!

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42 Toriko

I think the reason Toriko isn't in the top 10 is because of all the hate it got for the anime (which was so terribly done its appalling). In my opinion Toriko deserves to be in the Top 10, if not Top 5 spot. Intense battles, with power scaling as ridiculously strong as Dragon Ball Z. The setting and plot are also out of the ordinary, where the world revolves aroung "Gourmet Foods" and "Gourmet Ingredients". The protagonist is a hunter of Gourmet Ingredients, and these ingredients start to become insanely powerful. Also, the more food they eat, the stronger they get.

For sure a recommendation if you looking for a manga similar to One Piece in terms of plot and action.

Toriko is by far my favorite manga! The anime is probably the worst I've ever watched, but the manga is pure genius! There's a variety of weird characters, the gourmet foods are so creative, the fight scenes are engaging, the storyline is interesting, the jokes are funny, and I can never guess what will happen next! I think everyone should read Toriko!

Really is just as good as one piece and Naruto, can't believe it's so far down, advise everyone to read!

Zonge sama!

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43 Blade of the Immortal

Guys, this is the single best manga that I have ever read. A man with immortality forced on him has his ability to survive and protect others tested over and over. Beautiful, brilliant, sad, and superbly drawn. Please read and love this.

Masterful artwork, beautiful storytelling and world building. The best Samurai manga of all time by far

This is one of the best. Hiroaki Samura's drawings are great! He uses sometimes pencil instead ink. Anatomy is great, details are terrific and story is a lot better than other popular mangas. If you want to see good artwork, you should read this one.


44 Black Cat

Great Story with a great protagonist. The characters have amazing powers, this is quite an original anime.

It's a really good story and has some awesome action. Love Train aka Black Cat. I also miss Saya, wish she didn't die.

I love this MANGA! Ggrr to however disagrees with me I will send my eyeliner after you hehe eat my bubbles! Hehe laugh out loud! Never knock it until you read reading it! Its one of the best mangas to read EVER! Muah I kissed the manga hehehe! Love you black cat series!

This s is the best!

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45 Blue Exorcist Blue Exorcist Blue Exorcist is an anime series directed by Tensai Okamura and produced by A-1 Pictures, which adapts the Blue Exorcist manga written and illustrated by Kazue Kato.

But anyway this manga is seriously amazing although it's a bit underrated for some reason but it's just so interesting and awesome and Rin is just awesome and he's really an amazing character and the other characters are really awesome too (especially Shura! She's so cool! )
It has an anime too and it's really epic although there's only 25 episodes and they made some changes so that it would end in a certain way but that never happened in the manga, plus the manga isn't finished. The way things are going now I doubt it'll be ending anytime soon.
BUT ANYWAY. AMAZING MANGA. DESERVES TO BE IN THE TOP 10 SERIOUSLY WHY IS IT DOWN HERE? I am telling the truth when I say it's on par with Fullmetal Alchemist.

Seriously people this manga is just amazing, just you wait it'll be up there on this list. It's REALLY interesting and the main character, Rin, is super cool. He's had it rough and you can really connect with him and feel his pain. Seriously guys, really great manga, it'll keep you hooked.
Plus there's an anime--it's completed because they changed the ending, but it's still really good. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT (duh that's why I'm writing this)

It has most original and interesting plot that I had read up till now, personally I would prefer the anime but the manga has more stories which make it even more interesting~ it's just AMAZING!

This was pretty good

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46 The God of High School

When you read God of Highschool (GOH) you will fall in love with it. The action scenes are... just so amazing. Every time I see it update I literally tremble with anticipation. Their moves are in slow motion kind of, and you can perfectly see how they do their moves. So those times where the character does a complex move but you can see only so much of it, GOH doesn't have that problem. Every characters are astounding. They are really strong. They have this slick way of fighting and their moves are just honestly something you shouldn't miss out on. The main character is Mori Jin. He is the cool, smart but dumb, easy going, protects what's close to him and just wants a good fight type of guy. God of Highschool is amazing. Amazing. Really amazing. It is really amazing. You will love it. It is just amazing.

This is a superb color manga.

Not one piece but worth a read

As of 1/14/2017 I have read all 293 manga things it was very good. I give it a 9/10 rating I loved the premise of the story I wanted one part to be more drawn out. I only have one question when do I get an anime adaptation cause that would be a great show. It is one of the best Mangas I have ever re ad. h ttp:// mangaco ol.s e /read-manga/the-god-of-high-school/the-god-of-high-school-1 here is a link to the first chapter I highly suggest reading it the story is well thought out and executed very we ll. p s I am American

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47 Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul

How is this not higher? This has the perfect balance of darkness and beauty (and plenty of sadness, may I add). I loved and still do love all of the characters. They all seem so unique to me! However, try your best to avoid spoilers. It may ruin the experience. Try to read the manga before watching the anime, too. The anime doesn't follow the same storyline as the manga, which disappointed me. But, the anime is still worth it. After you finish the main series, I recommend reading :re. Don't do much research on :re before finishing the entire manga, though. I learned the hard way. In summary, give this manga a chance! It is absolutely worth reading.

If u have watched the anime and think its amazing... Well, then behold! The MANGA IS SO AMAZING! It's the best manga I have read that shows how the main character goes through a psychological change. Plus it's beautifully displayed that tells about human eating creatures(ghouls- not naked titans ) that tells about how they interact with the humans. My fave line in the manga is that the main lead ghoul female character says that they aka ghouls only want to live because there is no way of their survival unless they eat humans... ANYWAYS BE SURE TO READ THE MANGA! ' Even if it has a slow start, DON'T STOP READING!

Why is Tokyo Ghoul down here?!?!?! This manga clearly deserves to be in a much much higher rank in the top 5 at least. The plot is so good that I guarantee. I just wanted to read a few chapter at first, but then it got addicting and then suddenly I can't stop reading and I couldn't help but feel annoyed if I can't read at least one chapter a day or five!

It's a Good Manga it's so Much More than a Manga Its My Life

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48 Nana

Epic anime. I especially love the plot which is one of the best in mangas, anime also was quite well made but the most interesting is definitely manga.

Nana is the greatest anime that I have ever seen even if it's touching in the last chapters but still so good and I'm already dying to read chap 85 :'( really it should be in the top 10

The manga and anime are both good although the manga is incomplete, it shakes your heart and I love the plot and music. Just beautiful!

Worst experience in my life concerning mangas - "Nana" may not be able to have continuatioN. One of the best emotional rollercoaster mangas out there. It literally changed how I look at life

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49 Akame ga Kiru

Love this manga. Got me into the whole manga scene after strictly watching only anime. I love the dark messed up scenes that make your heart turn into a knot. Or how they get the pace of the story to being a real up lighting tone then your suddenly forced to watch your hopes come crashing down as you share your despair with the characters. Can't get enough!

Be prepared for some blood and generally depressing scenes. It's really sad. Don't get attached to the characters.

For me its in the top three

Besstt one

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50 Rave Master

Rave Master is definitely one of the best manga ever, it spawned Fairy Tail afterwards! It inspired so many after it. How it's so low, I don't know though...

This is the best manga ever. My most favorite. The plot is great and the ending was just... Awesome. This should be in the top 10.

I've read this three times and it should be so much higher on the list. The character development is awesome to watch as well.

Rave Master was my very first anime. Elle(3113) is my favorite character! Love love!

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51 Uzumaki

This is such an under appreciated series... The way Junji Ito captures the atmosphere is perfect. It's absolutely astonishing how he can turn such common concepts into ones worst nightmare. This manga is honestly top 10 for me, and should at least be in the top 35 of all time.

This is an amazing body horror manga about a town that gets haunted by a spiral. I know it sounds stupid but hold on. Shuichi's dad gets obsessed with spirals and it goes so far that he breaks al his bones and curls his body into a spiral. It's really horrifying imagery and is sure to make you say what. A lot of weird things happen in the town from now on ibcluding: a girl gets a spiral scar that turns into a giant hole that eats her entire body. Slow people start turning into snails. Pregnant women drink human blood to feed their babies. A lighthouse emits a weird light so powerful that it burns people up. It all ends when a hurricane comes to the town. They look up and find that the hurricane is a giant eye and is watching keika. 6 more hurricanes come and completely destroy the town, except for the old row houses, which are completely unharmed. Nobody can leave the town anymore, and ships and airplanes that come get sucked up by whirlpools and tornados. Weird things happen in the ...more

52 X

What is it really called x?

53 Beast Master

It might look normal but it has a deep meaning in it:Everyone has their monsters in them.

The manga is very fanny and romance the story is very good and awesome

One word amaazing

54 Vampire Knight Vampire Knight

Intriguing and arresting, this story fascinated me with it's myriad of detailed, realistic and relatable characters. The central and passionate love triangle is not the only thing that will keep you on your toes!

The artwork is the BEST I've have ever seen in ANY manga. Like no joke! The plot might consist of a love triangle between oh Bella/Edward/Jacob types. But it is very respectable in it's own way! However despite this the main heroine is a mary sue and a plain jane. She has practically no personality even though she isn't specifically described as a tsndere. Still besides this I LOVE it!

I literally finished Vampire Knight in 2 days because it's so wonderful to read and just pure happiness. Vampire Knight has all the emotions mixed into 1 story. Sadness, wonder, romance, excitement, anger, happiness, suspense and SO MUCH MORE. The story line is so sweet and the way the characters are so gorgeous. I can't EVEN BREATHE. And it's still a better love story then Twillight. HANDS DOWN THE BEST. It's A MUST READ.

This anime make me like vampire.. Aumm! Tee-hee

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55 Rosario + Vampire Rosario + Vampire

Rosario for the win! Best series ever if your up to date. It's my favorite many a and always will.

On of my favorites! It has a very interesting story, awesome battles, and above all - Fan service! - You won't regret it!

This manga is silly, funny, filled with action and an amazing storyline.. should be at least in the top 25

I love this show it's so romantic.

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56 Elfen Lied Elfen Lied

Unsure why this is only 22 on the list, this manga really does a job on your emotions. Some may get turned off by the violence, but the story of the manga itself is compelling, and over time will capture your heart and play with your emotions. This will leave you thinking about it long after the story is finished.

It shows many aspects of life in a way that is out of the ordinary, a perfect combination of humour, action, adventure, tragedy. I just can't understand why it's in such a low place on this list

I am shocked that Elfen Lied is only the 19th in this list, because I imagined it to be in the top 5 at least. On the other hand (! Maybe! ) there are many people who shouldn't read it, because it is such a emotional manga (the anime is also pretty good, but I don't like the open end =/). Just think of yourself being depressed and then you watch little battered baby dogs, it's like a punch in your face.
Although I was depressed for at least one week it's a great story and I am still happy that I read it.

It's the best story just not for kids

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57 Battle Royale

Awesome story, Amazing characters in a countless moral debates. Yeah, it's very gore with a lot of violence and nudity, but don't be deceived by appearances. Very deep messages and action that will catch you since the first pages.

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58 Trigun Trigun

No comments on this one? Well... Vash the Stampede is a wanted man in this story, with a huge bounty on his head. In the past he was a very dangerous individual, feared by pretty much everyone, but now he has amnesia and forgot both his past and his fighting skills, while chased by both bounty hunters and an insurance company who wants to try stop him; he is single-handedly responsible for most of their claims. With this ridiculous setting and a loveable cast of characters, Trigun is the best western anime/manga I've ever read - that's right, even better than Cowboy Bebop.

Anime is amazing but the manga... is crap

59 Maximum Ride

It's the perfect animated/manga book series in the entire world! It is the perfect starter for anyone and I've already read the whole series more than ten times! Plus, I'm am trying so hard not to explode while waiting til August when maximum ride book 9 comes out! I loved and hated how the ending of book eight well, ended! Anyway if I could recommend it on a scale of one to ten, I'd give it a ninety seven! Good luck if you read them and have fun!

Why is this so low!?!? In my opinion, this is seriously the best manga I have ever read! It has the perfect amount of comedy, adventure, and drama to make this such a lovable story! I definitely recommend for you to read it!

It is very good. It is also interesting because they have no parents. Then all of a sudden, monsters chase them! But in the end it was all just a dream... They wake up and find they are gonna be killed!

If you are a true maximum ride fan than you'd know that they only made it sound like a dream but max had the scar to prove them wrong, so if you give info tell the truth

60 Neon Genesis Evangelion Neon Genesis Evangelion Neon Genesis Evangelion, commonly referred to as Evangelion or Eva, is a Japanese animated television series produced by Gainax and Tatsunoko Production, and directed by Hideaki Anno.

After crossing all the thoughts in my mind, I would like to rate this Anime/Manga best on the basis of:-Three words: "Depth of imagination". Enough said.

I really like their story with these futuristic robots and all that futuristic stuff.

One of the deepest anime, where it takes multiple viewing just to know what really is going on

Come on, that's a terrific one!

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