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161 Black Clover

My favorite manga.I like the art and the idea.

One of thr best manga's

162 Kimi Ni Todoke Kimi Ni Todoke

I think that Kimi Ni Todoke should be in the top 20 if not in the top 10 it's such a amazing anime and manga and I love how there romance develops sure there are some sad times when you would want to cry but try it and vote for it's the most awesome anime and manga ever.

One of the best romance animes/manga ever.

A very heartful read! A very good shojo manga (+anime). Only bad side - It is kinda slow!

163 Koe No Katachi

I don't get why is this Manga on 179 place. It has a wonderful and emotional story that makes you heart beat faster every time you scroll through the pages. But the ending is kinda disappointing it's happy but it seems rushed and you can't get an epilogue chapter anymore since it's been a year since the last chapter. I recommend this rather than the fan-service Mangas that constantly shows erotica

One of The Best Manga I Ever Read..Really Waiting for an epilogue chapter :D..hope I can find some manga with such a beautifull stories like this again

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164 Samurai Deeper Kyo

Yes! This manga has everything- appealing art, a thoroughly enjoyable and fast-paced plot, and the best character development I've ever seen in manga. It's absolutely hilarious and still extremely heartwarming. Somehow, despite the repetitiveness of battle after battle, each character brings a different atmosphere to the table. There are no two battles alike, nor characters, and each event serves a purpose in the character's growth. Definitely worth the read, and definitely deserves a higher spot on this list!

Go read SDK. You won't regret it.

Love this manga! It is full of action, excitement, a little funny and more. Its not that long only 38 volumes but it will sure take you on a adventure

Great story, nice art, sweet and epic at the same time. Should've been more popular.

One of my favorite mangas, but I wish the anime could be rebooted to be more faithful to the manga. This series will always have a special place in my heart.

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165 Eureka Seven Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven has everything! Romance, action, AMAZING characters, mystery (about Eureka and the scubs), beautiful art and music, and an overall incredible story line. It's just so epic! For me, Eureka seven is definitely my number favorite anime of all time. Everyone should definitely give this anime a shot :) Watch the whole series, you will not be disappointed. Then you can start watching the sequel. Eureka Seven AO! It's not as good as the original, and takes a couple episodes to get interesting, but so far it is truly great!

EUREKA SEVEN for the win!

The manga might have a downer ending, but the anime is the best I've ever seen and the one that's affected me the most. The realistic characters, the story, the butt-kicking robots, humor and action, everything blends together so perfectly. The anime is defiantly a must watch for any hardcore otaku

With touching scenes and awesome story you wont miss it and it has ROBOTS!

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166 Blood Lad

Have no idea why this one is so low down - brilliant - fairly new though

167 Hamatora V 1 Comment
168 Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
169 Zombie Loan

It is awesome! I loved it so much! But a lot of things happen that are not in the anime which is far as my concern bu still this manga is awesome and also watch the anime that's pretty cool as well!

This manga's meaning has impacted me. If you can be a singularity, always be a singularity.
The ending was extremely satisfying, and I loved the main heroine.

170 A Town Where You Live

What is this manga doing here... This is the manga I love the most after One Piece. It should be in top 5... it really is the best slice of life, romance and real life manga out there... the best

Incredibly Emotional Manga! Should be much, much higher on this list!

Awesome story about 2 lovers! The thing I love about this is that this continues even after the all the drama of the two mc's getting together!

171 Seraph of the End Seraph of the End Seraph of the End (Japanese: 終わりのセラフ Hepburn: Owari no Serafu) (also known as Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign) is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto with storyboards by Daisuke Furuya. It is published by Shueisha on Jump SQ more.

Its kinda new and it definitely not a top tenner but I really do think it deserves some recognition. Its story line is epic and its characters really stick. Like I said its fairly new compared to others on this list and it only has 9 books out (as of this comment) but I think it can go along really well if it keeps being epic

I watch this show as much as I can. I like the storyline, characters and to put short basically everything about this show is EPIC. Please take your time to buy the first manga volume or at least watch the first episode

My favorite manga yet it's so awesome I love it so much maybe one day it'll be top ten maybe...

172 Mekakucity Actors

I don't think it's the best but it should at least get in the top 20. Honestly, I think ONE PIECE IS THE BEST.

Great anime but seriously the only reason I saw it was because of a blue hair twintaled angel (she kin'the was a headcase as well) named ''ENE''

173 Monster Musume
174 Lone Wolf and Cub

How could this be so low on the list? One of the best works in not only manna but all graphic novels.

Classic, historically perfect, most know for all mangas fans!

175 Ai Kora
176 Ichigo 100%
177 Negima! Magister Negi Magi

Best magic manga series I've ever read, not the best ending and beginning, I admit, but the meat of it is delicious! ^. ^

WOW. This isn't number 1? This book really is a magic harem anime, manga. This was one of the first anime series I watched and I really reccomend it! It made me laugh so much.

My favorite harem manga yet! The characters are extremely fun to bond with ^. ^
What a great magical ending

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178 Planetes
179 Blame!

One of the Best no other words necessary

Not a Big Fan of Mangas, but this one.. was just so good and original! Art is amazing and so is the story.

Tsutomu Nihei is a master of drawing. As a fan of mangakas with extreme detail (Akamatsu Ken fans know what I mean), Tsutomu Nihei is the king.

180 Ubel Blatt

Bloodshed, swordplay, and a plethora of in depth characters, betrayal and revenge, this manga just keeps improving the further you get into it. It starts out slow, but I am always excited to see a new update!

Awesome being betrayed and taking revenge on those who stabbed you. not like some weak main person. genre: Fantasy action

This manga is deep and has a serious aura about it. Try it out if you are looking for something that will take you for a full ride.

This manga is a bit perverted but it's a pretty interesting manga revolving around a certain person's revenge.

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