Pandora Hearts

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Damn! This manga has everything! The plot is rich, the characters develop in a very beautiful way, the twisted mystery, and the art is beautiful. Oh! Don't forget the amazing feels it brings.. at first it looks like a light-hearted manga but after reading a couple of chapters it becomes twisted, complex and dark and the way how it slowly solves the mystery connecting every detail of the past to the present.. It's so amazing that my praises for this manga isn't enough, I don't even know why this manga isn't very popular! Tsk. for people who haven't tried this spectacular manga yet.. please try it, I highly recommend it for people who love deep and complex plot!

Good art. Great multi-dimensional characters. Great variety of characters. Morality is complicated and not just black and white (which is great). Plot is complex, interesting, unique, and insanely well planned out. Seriously you notice so many things when rereading it its ridiculous. And the plot twists like HOLY CRAP! Did I mention the characters are great? Because they are. This thing messes with your feelings so much in so many different ways. Honestly pretty much everything is great and its not just in my top favorite mangas, its basically in my top favorites out of EVERYTHING - which is a crap ton of stuff! End rant/rave.

WHAT?! Pandora Hearts isn't in the top 10?! It can't be. This manga have an incredible story with amazing characters. The artwork is magic, and the anime is well-done (my advice : watch it in Japanese with English subtitles). The books are, God, full of action. No one can regret to read it.

If you are a Naruto or a strong-emotions fan, Pandora Hearts should be on your must-read manga books list.

PANDORA HEARTS IS AMAZING. IT SHOULD BE NUMBER 1. NO JOKE. It will take your feeling, rip them apart, smash them, and then return it them to you in PIECES, never to be repaired. I'm sorry to say, and mean no offense to other opinions but this by far exceeds anything in my LIFE. And It is my most favorite FANDOM, not just manga or anime, FANDOM. People if you have anything in your brain you will immediately read this. MUST READ!

This manga deserves way more attention than it has. Out of all the manga I've read (and that is a lot) it has by far the most well developed plot and character chemistry. The art and details by chapter 30 and forward is completely astounding.

What I think averts potential readers from actually reading the series though is it's slow start, information heavy content and slightly smudgy art. But if you keep in mind that this was the mangaka (Mochizuki Jun's) first long runner and keep reading it will actually pay off.

It is quite sad that a lot of good reads get lost to the popular and in my eyes overrated big 5 (Naruto, Bleach, Once Piece, Dragon Ball, Fairy Tail)

PandoraHearts is an extremely underrated manga. People give up on it early because of how confusing it is or because they think there's a lack of character development, but what they don't realize is that this is all part of the plot later on. The further you go on in the volumes the more things are explained, and the more things that you perceived as mistakes and flaws make sense and become things that seem to have had a purpose. PandoraHearts is a beautifully psychological and deep series, and unless you read between the lines and are able to figure out what's below the surface you won't understand the true enchanting nature of this manga. PandoraHearts always finds a way to break our hearts, whether it's with character deaths, plot twists, or that bittersweet ending to the last volume. This series deconstructs everything you thought you knew about human nature and reality. (And guys, this isn't a rip-off of Black Butler. The two are completely different despite some general ...more

It is really awesome! The best manga twister ever and every chapter, it really can't predict what will happen next that makes it more awesome and thrilling! Jun-sensei, you're the best author ever! ( high-five )

Pandora Hearts will play with your feelings and twist everything you've ever come to believe in in life into shreds. Prepare yourself. This is not a manga to underestimate.

I love it! My two favorite manga are Pandora Hearts and Fullmetal Alchemist. So they are equally perfect in every aspect-plot, characters and art! The beginning is complex and hard but once you get into it, there is no way out!

I am literally obsessed by it. Love the art love the characters love the story plot and I keep on refreshing manga reading websites hoping the latest chapter has arrived

It's really saddening how this manga isn't well known like the others, I mean it's better than so many new animes right now, and people don't realise what they're missing

Pandora Hearts itself has good plot and interesting characters. It's one of the best fantasy story I've ever read! Sometimes it's funny or moving, also the story itself is interesting!

This is ten times better than Naruto or Fruits Basket or any of that junk.
Pandora Hearts has Developing Characters, a good plot with a lot to it but not too confusing, great setting and everything is done so well. read it, trust me you will enjoy it. Also check out the anime, it's also really good.

The best and this novel is so deep! This should be #1! The anime has AWESOME music, the story plot is FLAWLESS and the drawing is FANTASTIC! I just couldn't get enough of it!

The last few volumes just... All of those plot twists... Way better than the anime, it actually have the excitement in it and left you on a cliff hanger every chapter.

THE BEST MANGA I'VE READ EVER. Period. And I have read a lot. Most of the titles of this list and more. The quality in the drawings and plot is unbeateable. Nothing here is what it seems. Plot twists everywhere. Thrilling and enchanting at the same time. The best of the best.

Cried so many times. You have to read Pandora Hearts. It's full of emotions and the art is great.

Pandora Hearts is extremely well orchestrated and has a very creative plot. Every character's death is heart-wrenching, and the backstories were very intricate. The art style was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, and the plot twists were almost impossible to foresee, but very interesting.

Broke my heart. I have never known a manga to do this, and yet here it stands.

Evey chapter of it will make not your eyes cry but also your heart and soul! Pandora Hearts is the best manga for me!

You will love every character and regret it by the end.
This story is really good if you like action as well as comedy, but prepare for some feels.

Favourite manga of all times. It's art is beautiful and the plot is simply amazing, tragic and deeo. All the characters are fairly important and unique

Most amazing manga I've ever read In my life.

This is absolutely brilliant. The manga surpasses the anime by a huge margin. The art and the depth of characters is unparalled by anything I've read so far. Such a well constructed story-line. The Mangaka who created this is truly blessed. This should be number 1 on the list. I am shocked it's placed at 36.

This is one of the best mangas I've read in my life. Thie story unlike many stories doesn't have good vs. evil, the reader has to guess who's the villian and who to cheer for. The characters are complex.. each and their own surprises, not to mention the story line is not only heart-ripping but very touching as well, and this manga was one of those that made me tear, laugh (VERY HARD), leave me in awe and confuses me to unbelievable extent that I can't wait to get my hand on the next chapter.. but unlike many mangas it makes me THINK, and wreck my brain out.. and that's a sign that the mangaka was successful in making me extremely attached to the manga that I took my time to wreck my brain out for it... and last but not least, the CHARACTERS.. even though you'll find yourself not caring for characters the mangaka will make you feel all the emotions for them that you usually let out for you favourite character...