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These Mangaka shaped what we see in anime today. Which do you think is the best? If your going to add a mangaka please put there full name and the manga they are best known for.

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21 Minami Kanan - Kyou koi wo hajimemasu

This manga was one of my first and the plot and character development is truly perfection I loved every single page of every single chapter I couldn't take my eyes off of the manga

22 Hiro Fujiwara - Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

Her art is beautiful and her work Kaichou wa Maid Sama is incredibly well put together as an overall manga

Kaichou Wa Maid-sama was absolutely amazing! She is an extremely talented mangaka!

23 Kaori - Himitsu no Ai-chan
24 Sorachi Hideaki - Gintama

The plot isn't fed to you but it is there. Every character is amazing, even some characters you may not like at first and almost every character will show up more than once. The story of the arcs are great and they have great morals and endings. Lets not forget what makes Gintama, Gintama. The humour. Sorachi is hilarious, Gintama has made me laugh more than anything in my life! Sorachi is an amazing man, he definitely deserves to be in the top 10!

His art isn't the highest level, but Gintama is just insanely good in every other aspect.

Great "story", probably the best characters (diversity, memorability, etc.) ever in a manga and epic humor.

Sadly rarely know in the west, Gintama is a huge hype in Japan. Sorachi Hideaki was even featured in Bakuman and definitely deserves to be Top 10.

The best Gorilla ever. He's hilarious and talented. All the characters, even those characters that only appear once, are so awesome. I can't even predict the story plot, it's too amazing the way he draw it. He's lazy to draw background but when he did, it so epic. My favorite quote from him : 'I want to be a cheesecake.'

Gintama is the best! a chapter can lift your sad soul up! thanks Amachi-kun! "JUST DO IT! "

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25 Matsuri Hino - Vampire Knight

My only mangaka fave.

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26 Toboso Yana - Kuroshitsuji

Toboso has created the best art quality I have ever seen in my many years of watching anime and reading manga. With all of her hard work and dedication, she makes every new piece absolutely beautiful and exciting. When looking back at her older works or even the anime, her improvements have put them to shame. Every time I see a new chapter or sketch, I can't help but just stare at each panel or work for minutes straight before moving onto the next one. In addition to the graphics, the story itself is not one to fall short. Its deep, thorough, relatively dark (as expected from being names after a demon butler), and highly enjoyable for someone like me. The character development and characters themselves are downright lovable with their gorgeous designs and personalities. Its almost impossible to believe that one person came up with all of these events and ideas for characters. To wrap this up as I suppose this may be too lengthy, Toboso, by far, is my favorite mangaka, and everyone ...more

Her art is so detailed and I can't help but admire each and every one of them. She even has books of her black butler artworks and I totally recommend buying it! And if you haven't read the manga, please do. Everything there is just gorgeous and I'd say that it looks much better than the anime. By looking at each drawing, I can tell she puts a lot of hard work and dedication to produce high-quality artwork and in my opinion, did a splendid job at it. I love the way she draws Ciel, Vincent, Lizzy and of course, Sebastian.

Should be way higher! Amazing art style, amazing manga, amazing storyline, amazing characters... She is a genius!

Her style is beautiful and she have created a really complex yet magnificent story, with characters that have deep backstories, I love too see her sketches and such, her artwork is really amazing.

27 Kouji Seo - Suzuka, Love Plus

I like his all manga especially the character... so hot

The art and story is good. PLOT TWIST KING

His art is simply beautiful..
The storyline is also very weel written throughout though some beeing to draggy..
I wanna see more of his work..!
Reffering to Suzuka,A town where you live and Fuuka

Kimi no Iru Mach is excellent! :D
Best Romance author to date

28 Sui Ishida - Tokyo Ghoul Series

I. Love this manga and I need a new season of the anime and more chapters why isn't he in top 10 I love this manga

He's probably the one mangaka I respect the most. Living in a America is one quality that many fangirls would shun but this this is a very loved manga.

Was looking for this man. Amaazing story, so much hype each chapter, best character development I have witnessed amongst his characters and oh, the FEELS!

Definitely will become a big hit once his series becomes well known and probably complete.


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29 Ken Akamatsu - Love Hina, Mahou Sensei Negima
30 Mitsuru Adachi

I love all his manga. My favourite being Touch, Katsu and Cross Game. His drawings are rather simple but he is a genius at storytelling. Great characters, who you will remember and fall in love with. Plots will make you laugh, cry, be shocked, very touching.

A true genius. Touch and H2 are the best sports manga ever. Realistic and with touches of "slice of life", all around, the greatest manga artist of all times.

Best slice of life author ever. His characters are so lively, you might think they are your friends IRL. Don't believe he's all about sports, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll enjoy your time with his mangas. Highly recommended.

31 Katsura Hoshino - D.Gray-man

Truly beautiful artwork. In the beginning it was slightly awkward, hands being disproportional and all, but it has matured well over the years into the truly beautiful art that it is today. She is also very talented in developing characters, by just the right amount at just the right moments. Brilliant artist, and D.Gray-man will forever be my second favorite manga.

Her art is really great! One of the best! Totally good at detailed art!

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32 Kouta Hirano - Hellsing

This guy is one of the best. Why is he so low

33 Oneyusuke Murata - One-Punch Man

Yusuke has the best stories I have ever read and a cool drawing techniques

One punch man is actually thé best manga I ever is really very cool and the drawings are amazing Not to talk of the MC whom is actually the strongest but his force is stories to everyone perhaps other heroes acknowledge him

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34 Tadatoshi Fujimaki - Kuroko's Basketball

This is a good sports anime that is a sure hit, it never fails to make me laugh! I feel that anyone watches this will feel the importance of friendship and have a good laugh as well!

A new manga series that is seen to be the best in the near future. The anime has stopped as first season while the manga is still relleased

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35 Tsukasa Hojo - City Hunter, Cat's Eyes, Angel Heart

I like his work I really like city hunter cause tsukasa hojo did drawn ryo and kaori very well and the story is very good

He must be, the best of all those mangaka, He has the best style of drawing. Thks Tsukasa,

36 Higuchi Tachibana - Gakuen Alice

Love! Love! Love! Higuchi Tabhibana is so selfish that she didn't put a good ending on both manga and anime.. Tsk!

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37 Yoshiki Nakamura - Skip Beat!

One of the rare manga where the female main character is the one to give up because things are not working according to her.

38 Obata Yuuki - Bokura Ga Ita
39 Arina Tanemura - Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

, her drawings are just... I have no words. She is an amazing mangaka!

She's just amazing. Her stories make women more important in mangas. Like, her female character are beautyful and also strong to face their problems alone without men's help. Her drawing skills are so great and modern! You could hair and eyes very detailed! I can't believe she is at 42nd

40 Peach-Pit - Shugo Chara!

Shugo chara is a renovating and a refreshing anime and is mainly focused towards shoujo. It is a refreshing break from all those serious anime and manga that you see all the time. So for me it is a huge getaway and well its awesome!

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