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1 Warriors of the World United

great song and lyrics! totally awesome! I think we all fight for something, so we are all warriors, warriors of the world! Absolutely brilliant!

The intro is brilliant, and I couldn' think in a better lyrics. "Many stand against us, but they'll never win. " "We are the hammer of the gods. We're thunder wind and rain". Simply awesome. It makes me feel like one of the metal gods.

Sell your car, buy a horse and march

Well I have a lot of homework and I love listening to manowar.

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2 Battle Hymn

This IS the greatest MANOWAR song. Epic classic from beginning to end. No cheese, pure perfection.

The Time To Strike Is Now... Kill... Kill... Kill...
Very Good Song... Emotional Song With Great Lyrics
And Is Coming The New Album (Battle Hymns MMXI-2011)
With Great Covers Of This Album

It is the best song of Manowar, no it is the best song of metal! In my opinion it must be the first, Manowar rulez! This song better than "Warriors of the world united"!

I can't understand why "Warriors of The World United" is at the top. Ok, this song is awesome (it's Manowar after all). But come on Heavy Metal fans! Battle Hymn! 1982! When I listen to it, I can put off all my clothes and scream naked with Eric: "BY MOONLIGHT WE RIDE, TEN THOUSAND SIDE BY SIDE" No one did more epic in Heavy Metal. Other bands play, ManOwaR Kill! =T=

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3 Hail and Kill

Hail and Kill is jast awesome! Perfect for Eric Adams to show his voice talant, perfect for Logan and DeMayo to show off guitar skills and, like Die for Metal, perfect to shout:
''Hail, hail, hail and kill'' on concerts.

This song embodies the essence of what Manowar is. It is a song of victory and bravery that makes one's own blood palpitate at the very first listen. It astonishes me that this is only number 5.

BEST-SONG-EVER! I get goosebumps every time I listen to it. My favorite song from my favorite band. All hail Manowar! That chorus is simply huge! HAIL-HAIL-HAIL AND KILL!

The essential Manowar song. Manowar at its most Manowar.

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4 Die for Metal


Absolutely amazing and this song fires you up.

This song can calm me down. This song can give me courage. It was there when my friends weren't. I can listen it forever. M/

Best Metal Anthem ever!

NO WAYS... This song should be #2 at least!

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5 Kings of Metal

Choosing between Kings of Metal and Blood of the Kings was hard. There are also other good songs like Warriors of the World United and Fighting the World.

this song should be the one. after this song I belive that MANOWAR is The KING Of METAL. Like in the song they are the kings of metal. For Last: MANOWAR KILLS!

The True Kings of Metal

Hard to pick the best song, but this is my favorite. Gotta crank it loud for this one!

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6 Bridge of Death

A personal favorite, and live this song is even better. And it's essentially a ballad!

The most epic song from their majestic masterpiece Hail to England.

7 Blood of My Enemies

Strong winds, magic mist. To Asgard the Valkyries fly! High overhead they carry the dead where the blood of my enemies lies.

Great opening for Hail To England with great imagery and raw power!

8 Metal Daze

This is at 16?
This song has a intro that blows your mind away.. And it is one of the best songs to cover too!

9 Call to Arms

This song gives me goosebumps.

Songs is totally awesome! The best with no opponents! Hot as hell, mighty as a thunder, strong as Thor! MANOWAR!

Awesome song, reminds me of "A Game Of Thrones" book series a lot, laugh out loud.

Great riffs. First song I heard by them. - 906389

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10 Heart of Steel

Should be top 3

Burn the Bridge behind you!
Leave no retreat!
There's's Only One way Home
My heart is shaking. Hail Manowar

I Can Listen This Song Everyday... - BaTuLicA

I'm not afraid to die, always one more try, brave words men

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? Fight Until We Die

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11 Die With Honor

This is Manowar best song!

This second only to Warrior of the World.

Awesome song. What makes it awesome? The lyrics are the best and the fuitar is so awesome. I cannot believe it is at leat in the top ten.

12 Gods of War

Why is this song so low on this list? It's one of the most truly EPIC songs I have ever heard!

The chorus gives me chills. LOVE IT! - 906389

13 The Power of Thy Sword

Uplifting, inspiring, makes you wanna fight. The double bass drumming and Symbol work here is phenomenal

This song is absolutely amazing. It gets me going every time especially the sound of unsheathing blades!

You r guys! Rock on...

14 Kill With Power

The most thrash’s song I ever heard from Manowar ablostulety a classic and deserves to be top 5

Kill with Power! Die! Die!

Hahaahaha Kill with power die die

15 Hand of Doom

Best song by Manowar. Hand of doom is fast pace and hard hitting. How could it be this far down? Hand of doom, house of death, warriors of the world and call to arms are their best songs.

This song is amazing! It's unbelievable that this song is not in the top ten. The most amazing warcry forever!

I love this song, if you want a good video go to 'total destruction' on YouTube

For me one of the best Songs, totally power!

16 Dawn of Battle

Shocked to see this classic so far down but I'm sure it will rise up from the chaos and it will rise up from the grave and reach the top ten... See what I did there - wolphert


It's the best for me - Juanda

"By the total damination of the world at my command" sounds good

17 Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy In 8 Parts

This should be a top ten as well.

18 Sons of Odin



One of the best Manowar's songs ever made. What a power!

I love it, I love manowar, you are the best in the world... This song is one of the best songs by Manowar. The thundering guitar riff gives it more feeling, and makes it a pretty decent workout song. It is also Eric Adams' voice at it's best. The guitar solo, while tapping, is awesome too. - datonucubidze

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19 All Men Play on 10
20 Thor (The Powerhead)


Long before Quorthon was shouting GOD OF THUNDER WHO CRACK THE SKY, SING YOUR HAMMER WAY UP HIGH (another amazing song/album by the way), these guys were already invoking Thor to grant them the power of true metal.

21 The Gods Made Heavy Metal

That song is as powerful as thunder, it makes me shaking.

Metal creation, that's the real thing

This is the song that introduced me to Manowar. It gets more airtime on XM Radio than their other songs, should be higher on the list in my opinion.

Also heard this on XM radio. First Manowar song and my favorite after hearing other songs by them.

22 House of Death

I like it!

23 Brothers of Metal

Brothers of metal here in the hall, vote this song number one. Hail from Madagascar, hail from Africa

Brothers of metal it's the union of all

This song is for me number 4

The best "Metal Defender" song. I vote for this becouse deserve to stay up in the list.

24 Fighting the World

This has to be. You hear this song once and it's in your head the rest of the day!

The chorus is very catchy, and I play this when I'm running. It's Pure Awesomeness.

25 The Power

Kill all those who stand against you, look into their eyes
Drink their blood and laugh as they pay for all their lies.

Desn't get much better than that, does it?

26 Black Wind, Fire and Steel

Holy Christ! Is this real? Why isn't this in the Top Ten? - MetalGurja

Every time I listen to it it makes me cry from glory in my soul.

This song makes you wanna ride a dragon!

The whole song is just great

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27 Dark Avenger


There is no way this should not make the top 10.

One of the best for sure

28 Metal Warriors

23! I don't believe that. Wimps and posers leave the hall!

29 Carry On

Carry on! My sons forever! Carry on! When I am gone! Carry on! When the day is long! Forever! Carry on! One of their best. Powerful and motivating ballad.

Inspirational feeling and positive vibe on this track.

Favorite manowar song of mine

Why isn't this higher

30 Sleipnir

The fact that this awesome song didn't even crack the top ten speaks volumes about how good Manowar is

A hidden gem in the Gods of War album.

Man! Why is not this song the 1st?

Damn this song is catchy, cannot stop relaying it some days.

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31 William's Tale
32 The Crown and the Ring

Definitely Underrated. Has no guitars but this is the best last stand song ever. - Aguythatpeopleignores

This song may not have guitars, but it sure as hell is epic, with the chorus and everything.

33 Mountains

best song ever.
So tall, silent against the sky
Up through the clouds where eagles fly
Wind and rain beat down on one so strong
They cut but never change, what stood so long

Tall as a mountain, I'm gonna tear through the sky
Life's for the taking

Like a man is a mountainside
Greatness waits for those who try
None can teach you, it's all inside
Just climb

I am in the ground, I am in the air
I am all, I live in the hearts of men
I am the call to greatness
Not all can hear

I awaken the creator in those who dare
And the day will come, when we all must die
And enter the mountainside

I have no fear
Death and Glory
Both draw near

This is not only the best Manowar song, but probably one of the greatest composition in music history. When you listen to it, you are like carried away into another world, you can feel the atmosphere of high mountains and empty spaces between them. Incredible.

Guys! This song deserve much better place I guess!

The lyrics... The music... Everything...!

Not fair. Mountains should be much higher.

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34 King of Kings

Best Manowar song in my humble opinion

What the hell, how come this song is not in top 10?

Can't believe this song is so low. Its epic!

Best song in my opinion! Very epic!

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35 Manowar
36 Courage

40? Really? 40? This is totally disgraceful. Courage is one of their best. I actually enjoy all Manowar ballads up to 2002, but Courage takes the cake.

Without a shadow of a doubt their best ballad

31 already up but it needs to get up to 2nd or 3rd

This is the best manowar song.

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37 Thunder in the Sky
38 Master of the Wind

My favorite Manowar song... Just like, one of my favorite songs period. Number 29... I so do not understand. An absolute gem!

My son had Manowar when he was a kid. I loved Master of the Wind. I memorized that song and sang it all of the time

Best Manowar ballad... By far.

39 Blow Your Speakers
40 Kingdom Come

Magical track that brings me back great memories from my childhood.

41 Swords In the Wind

34? How is that possible? This song sands shivers down my spine every time... Absolutly amazing!

42 Fast Taker
43 Shell Shock
44 Death Tone
45 Gloves of Metal


By far the most metal song ever made

46 Number 1

Born to be win... Born to number one

This is the song that I listen to when I�'m running. It makes me run harder and make a stronger effort.

47 Blood of the Kings

Majestic ending for their awesome Kings of Metal album

If this song doesn't pump you up, I don't know what will.

Death to the false ones!

48 Blood Brothers
49 Wheels of Fire

God! Why wasn't this even on top ten!? This is one of their greatest songs! The bike start... That chorus *. *! Wheels of Fire Rise! m/ - joaocarvalho

Very underrated song

Joaocarvalho is dead on! This is na awesome song and desearves to be in the top tem!

50 Defender

One of the greatest Manowar songs and yet overlooked because it’s on a underrated album that many fans don’t like but I enjoyed this album

Wow! This is my favorite Manowar song. The narration at the beginning helps the song build into one of the most epic songs ever. This deserves to be at least in the top four!

Manowar created kind of a original song including that dialogue between a fallen father and his son, whose is fighting for continuing his father's dream. Orson Welles voice elevates this song to a legend. A must to every single Metallist out there.

Simply epic song. The song builds and builds and the ending is explosive.

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