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41 Now that I Know
42 Can't Take that Away

Like so many others, My Granddaughter Rebecca wants to be a singer. When she sings along with Mariah to this song, it breaks your heart and warms it at the same time! To know that she feels it with such emotion is hard for me, knowing that anyone could ever make her feel like that! She has such a beautiful spirit, and I'm thankful for her strength! This song does reflect that, and my hope is that she never loses faith in her dreams! If you haven't heard this song, I encourage you to do so. Powerful song, Powerful voice MiMi! It is deserving of the #1 spot!

Along with Hero and Bye Bye according to me this clearly Mariah's best song "They can say anything they want to say try to bring me down but I won't face the ground I will rise steadily sailing out of their reach, oh Lord they do try how to make me feel that I don't matter at all but I refuse to flater in what I believe or lose faith in my dreams 'cause there's a light in me that shines brightly they can try but they Can't Take That Away From Me! "

This is just a very powerful song. Showcases her vocal prowess and the melisma near the end was just incredible. It's also a very galvanizing song about strength.

Her best song ever. This gave me the courage to never ever give up only because some people try to bring me down

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43 Prisoner

Simply her best song. Really good verses.

44 All in Your Mind

Just listen. All of it.

Mehn! I don't know why this song is largely underrated. It is beautiful in all ways and the whistle at the end is incomparable. Listen and you wont regret.

45 Till the End of Time

Truly the most beautiful piece of music every created. The instrumentation, the vocals - it is the sheer perfection of Mariah entering into her singing legacy.

46 You're Mine (Eternal)

This really should be Top 20! It's one of Mariah's most powerful ballads and it has an excellent vocal showcase.

Best Mariah song

Very col... and beatiful voice

47 Fourth of July

This is a hidden gem! love how vivid of a scene Mariah paints on this with her pen. Completed with one of Mariah's most angelic vocals, makes this song a masterpiece!

48 I'll Be There

I love this song. It is very soothing

49 Alone in Love
50 When I Saw You

Pure magic... No big music arrangement, no high C... No elaborate production... I love her more whenever she sings so relax... Only God can give,! Love you Mariah...

One My Favorite Song! This Song Makes Me Cry! Very Perfect Song For The Couples That Has A problem! THis Song Is one of her theme, I don't know why this song is not very popular during mid 90's.

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51 Against All Odds
52 Endless Love
53 Stay the Night
54 My Saving Grace

A Wonderful Song That Gives A Message To the Christian That God Is always With Us And He Himself Give Us OUR Saving Grace Just Like Mariah Sings It

It So powerful Song That Only Mariah Carey Can Sing!

55 The Art of Letting Go

This Is Song Touched My Heart Love This

This Song Is So Beautiful I Love The Gospel

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56 Make It Happen

Mariah lifts my spirits very time I hear her sing this
Emotional song with the strength only Mariah controls.
Yes, you have to make it happen for yourself and Mariah
DID. I love you girl! And I'm 62 years old!

I cannot understand why this song is here.This song tells the STORY of Mariah Carey and how did she make all of her achievements...oh god.
I realize that it is not a song that blow us away or maybe yes, but it is all about her faith and how did she get the fame...Hello?
I love her and I still do not know why it is the 56th.

57 Don't Forget About Us
58 Faded
59 Almost Home

Love this song! Its got great range and vocals as well! It the perfect backdrop for the "Oz, The Great and The Powerful" movie! Amazing comeback, Mariah!

Beautiful! One of the Best Voices Ever heard ♥

I love this song whole heartedly

It's brilliant & wonderful ♥♥

60 Open Arms
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