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61 The Art of Letting Go

This Is Song Touched My Heart Love This

This Song Is So Beautiful I Love The Gospel

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62 Make It Happen

Mariah lifts my spirits very time I hear her sing this
Emotional song with the strength only Mariah controls.
Yes, you have to make it happen for yourself and Mariah
DID. I love you girl! And I'm 62 years old!

I cannot understand why this song is here.This song tells the STORY of Mariah Carey and how did she make all of her achievements...oh god.
I realize that it is not a song that blow us away or maybe yes, but it is all about her faith and how did she get the fame...Hello?
I love her and I still do not know why it is the 56th.

63 So Blessed

I love this song, so very much~ I love you

64 Faded
65 Don't Forget About Us
66 Almost Home

Love this song! Its got great range and vocals as well! It the perfect backdrop for the "Oz, The Great and The Powerful" movie! Amazing comeback, Mariah!

Beautiful! One of the Best Voices Ever heard ♥

I love this song whole heartedly

It's brilliant & wonderful ♥♥

67 Open Arms
68 Music Box

This Song is Beautiful My Favorite From The Album Music Box

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69 Triumphant (Get 'Em)

I Hated This Song Since 2012 But Then I Tried To Gear This Again I Felt Wrong I'm So In Love With This Song Now

70 Fly Like a Bird

The song fly to my heart like a bird

71 Bliss
72 I Am Free

This Songs Remember My Childhood Just Like Cinderella Times, I wish It Could Be The Theme song Of Disney Princesses!

73 Sent from Up Above
74 Clown
75 Jesus Oh What a Wonderful Child
76 Up Out My Face

The most underrated Mariah song I know,
Definitely in my Top 10 favourite Mariah songs

77 Circles
78 Bringin' on the Heartbreak

One of the difficult songs of Mariah Carey. The Song is also nice to listen and hard to sing. And I can get relax by listening to this song. It gives me pleasure and peace. Let's Vote it :D

I love this song.

79 Thank God I Found You
80 Joy Ride
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