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81 Betcha Gon' Know
82 H.A.T.E.U

For me this is such a masterpiece, her whistles, the lyrics, too beautiful.

The most heartbreaking song ever

83 I'm that Chick
84 Mine Again

Such a underrated song - should've been her 17th number 1

Truly UNDERRATED Masterpiece

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85 I Stay In Love
86 Get Your Number
87 It's a Wrap
88 Outside

This has great meaning and so powerful.

89 Twister

Probably one of her most meaningful songs EVER! Written for Glitter, the reason for is a suicide of a very close friend of hers. A ballad so emotional, that could make tears fall from your eyes.

90 Long Ago
91 To Be Around You
92 I've Been Thinking About You
93 O.O.C.
94 There's Got to Be a Way
95 All My Life

Sexiest song ever - DaWyteNight

96 Inseparable
97 I Feel It
98 Camouflage

Love the harmonies and the heartbreaking sound!

99 Make It Look Good
100 It's Like That

Great song, Great video, Great Lyrics, Mindblowing Rap Things, Surely one of the best Song of the Biggest selling female artist Miss Mariah carey, Ms. Mariah gives this songs Catchy R&B rhythm.

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